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  1. 이일용

    로봇 외형은 Yaskawa를 그대로 배꼈네 복제품을 너무 당당하게 홍보하는데?

  2. chris mclaughlin

    In the USA, convict labor is used for that.

  3. Georgi Vatev

    How does that work

  4. Jimmy Dean

    try cleaning the machine once a yr, thatll impress me

  5. Tomás Reyes López

    No Juanito picón ,el pobre operario no vivirá por mucho tiempo, ruido humo y demás...🕊️ Para esos trabajos nadamás unos cuantos años (Seguridad Industrial) 🇲🇽

  6. Jhonatan Carreiro

    Já trabalhei com isso em uma serraria

  7. Фарит Фаррахов

    Мнебы в гараж такого сварщика😃


    Does works with pee?

  9. fernando 91

    thats when no reinforcement rebar is added. Else it wont work

  10. Mike Beck

    Weld looks a little cold ..if you dont know what I mean you've never welded .

  11. Tomás Reyes López

    Noooo no hay control, hay se va 😄

  12. Tomás Reyes López

    Esto es peligroso para los pulmones por el humo que despide esas máquinas 🕊️

  13. 大阪健一


  14. Michael Coll

    How long before those things settle with the tips uneven?

  15. Aleksander Zaika

    Пипец зачем показали сейчас собянин миллиарды выделиться эти машины.

  16. Zzzetsu Live

    What is that metal, sodium? Jesus looks like pig metal

  17. Damir Saric

    Well shit! You can weld concrete now?! What a world we live in. Someday please kill me!

  18. Ari Huuskonen

    Wow i didn't know you could do that with a hydraulic pliers and broken reinforced concrete... Must be why they look like chinisium shit

  19. Виктор

    😲 Магия какая-то!

  20. Vebinh87 Minh

    Gạch không nung..hồi đi thực tập chuyên bên mảng kiểm tra xi với cát kèm điều khiển 😂😂

  21. Martin Z.

    Cleaning this machine must be a yearly event. Maybe they're going for the Mad Maxx look yet the machine reminds me of the Flintstones.............🤔

  22. Vinod Nayanar Vengayil


  23. Davey Dave

    CCP is very very bad

  24. Daetok

    Chinese tolerance bahaha

  25. Refik Xheladini

    Woch shum mir Seher Gut 👍

  26. Keith Keith

    Stupid video based on title

  27. daniel343ful

    People get paid for doing that. How much?Where do I sign up?

  28. Бакыт Куватбеков

    Вспомнил былое время. Хороший был человек мой директор. Если читаешь то спасибо тебе за помощь в ревтенском роёне свердловской область.

  29. Lyle Larson

    Looks like a blade for a sawmill

  30. Lyle Larson

    Mechanical saw blade sharpener 4 large band saw

  31. Kuoto Jogg


  32. Rod Luk

    Serviço horrível ! Brazil

  33. Серый Н

    Похоже на Чешскую республику.В этом плане чеши молодцы.

  34. Space Man


  35. kurdi stan


  36. Marlei Macharet

    Que máquina é essa!!

  37. Esai Bolderoff

    Where have you been ?? I've been looking for you my whole life!

  38. Donal O'Connor

    Ordering this on Alibaba, hi I'd like one of you large pliers please, ok my friend its no problem we sends you welder so soon ; 3 months later and then when you say you got wrong item you wanted the item advertised not a welder, ok my friend so soooorweee we send one more welder. Thank you so much for honorable business 🤣 painful. Now we email you every single day to see if want to buy more welders too ,

  39. Auktioneronline se


  40. Mic Krout

    Imagine being that guy. This seems so easy to bind and break. Duct tape the hose to the crane at the very least ffs

  41. Ant O'Toole

    He's asking to lose that hand.

  42. Munna Kumar


  43. Kamal Bouzidi


  44. Motivation and Inspiration for Life


  45. NotMyName

    OHH WTF!!! what the hell are we going to do for a living when all these cool machines take over !?!?

  46. Duff Dingelmeyer

    A truly amazing work machine

  47. Volt Amper

    Че делаеть?

  48. Армен Варданян

    Сколько стоит это апарат

  49. DAN W

    Shell casings ?

  50. DAN W

    And yet nobody knows what is being created but they probably use it for the better part of their life

  51. Andriy Shapovalov

    He doesn't wear safety glasses on his sprinkler😒

  52. prodigy750

    That’s one amazingly useless machine!!! What incredible engineering!! Maybe next time you can build one that actually does something!!!

  53. Keith Keith

    This is why your rocket debris is out of control and is gonna crash back to earth.

  54. Scout Wright

    Where'd my hand go?

  55. J Sheridan

    Stupid concrete!

  56. Никита Тимошенко

    Бедный станок

  57. ふじかわゆみ


  58. Al Ken

    It’s like popping the worlds largest zit

  59. MrRexyChomp

    I thought the machine was trying to make a clean cut using acid before messing up and committing suicide


    Засрали всё


    Весь лес вырубили а делать из него не могут нечего руки под хер заточены👎

  62. Mark Z

    Nah Id think id stick with my kneepads and whatever tendons, and muscles that are holding my spine together..

  63. millz -_-

    Mind blown!!!😠😠😠

  64. Jose Eustaquio da Silva

    Show de bola ...

  65. Kuldip kumar Jassal

    ਲੇਵਰ ਨੂੰ ਭੁੱਖਾ ਮਰੂ ਗੀ

  66. silvergrim

    Surely that machine makes it more expensive to lay pavers. And when I breaks, many monies will be involved. And another man paid to put the extra blocks in that the machine can't do. What's the point of it

  67. Valter Aparecido


  68. arvien saputra

    kuli jawa menangis

  69. Sócrates Casildo Capellán Rodríguez

    Estoy interezado en un Robot de esos. Por favor si alguien me puede ayudar. Proporcionarme información. Gracias

  70. J Sheridan

    Brains made of broken concrete.

  71. Dave C.

    Quality control in china

  72. Kader Kader

    Filletage metrique internationl i.s.o i have this job turneur but i do not have mony to buy this machine.

  73. DINO 711


  74. Morse Elbdewe


  75. Maximus Kiowa

    Just like that 5 men loose there job

  76. Bryce A

    Billy maze here with the revolutionary 80kw flange spinner. It’s a must have for meff stars of all mental compacity

  77. Gerry Zelles

    That's nice ☺

  78. Tibor Hadnagy

    change the Lathe knife because it's sparking no sharp

  79. Andriy Shapovalov

    Good job China. Now you can trash talk American swetshops

  80. Sydney Wiley