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  1. Holland 4 Trump

    Vote Trump ukup.info/loft/sb60Z4N4qZJ-r4E/v-deo.html

  2. TRAVEL 108

    Trump was billionaire before become president, Biden want to be president to help his family become billionaire.

  3. Sarthak Asthana

    The reason for failing in India is simple old design car with not so impressive features and shittiest after sales service sold at ridiculously high prices compared to competition.

  4. Funny For Fun

    Riding the Dragon Documentary! WATCH IT!

  5. San Antonio Slim

    We are tired of political crime families getting fat and rich by doling out our hard earned tax dollars to their "friends" in other nations. The Clinton family, the Biden family, the Pelosi family, the Cuomo family. @ @

  6. Maxine McCartney

    His 15 million is what he reports to the IRS. what he doesn't report is the shell corporations in which his commissions from family business enterprises in communist countries are funneled. He sold access to the United States government and US commerce.

  7. Sumin Park

    People who find Spam disgusting are those people who lack culture and varieties with their culinary cuisines! Except if you do not eat pork.

  8. Pick Flick

    The introduction with that music is so ridiculously stupid

  9. Kyle Rathbone

    Cujo Bidens a Jo kee🔑💦 ☠🗯"R" / Joker

  10. Updated Humanity

    CCP..to be blamed..and WHO🤦

  11. S W

    I am from the future. Paypal now sells and stores bitcoin.

  12. WeCameFromAbove 25

    joe Biden lollol. Alright. Biden has nothing. He keeps trying to slay Trump while keeping his composer, which by his body language is 0. Trump is stating facts while Biden only brings up numbers of how many deaths there has been from COVID. What a joke lol. What's Biden's plan then? Is Biden saving lives by talking trash? no. Does Biden have a plan? no. wake up people. I cant say I'm on a side , or that ill even vote because ill leave it up to God. I'm leading more and more to Trump to be honest. Who knows, they can be working together for all we know and giving us the illusion that we all have a choice. governments will always be Governments. Especially for the US.....

  13. Aaron Down

    🤔 Walmart + sounds pretty similar to Disney + . 😄yes I know they offer different things , but I just think it’s funny. Walmart could have picked any name and they pick one that sounds pretty close to Disney + name, if not for the word Walmart at the beginning they would have the same name.

  14. Lord Of Keebs

    Ah yes the brexit 2.0

  15. Sandra Pisu-Jocic

    Hallo I have so much test and politics go dont. Not one dish make right. And we have maybe you enymy we are so much victims. Look front of my house. I get this and not stop what. The fake lagrande. It are clans in you land and he. He make big influenca. It is all, all what is in secret Sardinien and you atomjunks.

  16. TheOerdin

    Pass a law which says clothing cannot be burned while no unsold merchandise may be thrown away. Instead it must be donated.

  17. Craig Shealy

    If you give a Democrat a fact that goes against his or her narrative your a “bot” If you share your opposing opinions with a Democrat you’re a “troll”. If you want to get out of an argument with a Conservative you can use either. So which one am I? Because EVERY argument You have with A Democrat inflames them. God I miss the old Democrats.

  18. one badmoto

    It went global a long time ago. Not in 2019

  19. Pushp raj Rao

    Thank god india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳has much cheaper medical bills with more skillfull doctors one thing where my country don't compromise much

  20. M S

    I don't need Union.

  21. David A

    Who made the cages? New song to replace Who Let The Dogs Out !

  22. Jesse Maynor

    God bless America

  23. Niels Jonkman

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  24. halley oey

    AI making news now

  25. Jong Cook

    The moderator keeps on interrupting trump

  26. John Dormer

    Democrats, “party of the working man.”

  27. John Dormer

    So much for middle class Joe.

  28. Natan Sid

    Excellent video content! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you heard about - Rozardner Mind Tricks Reality (search on google)? It is a good one of a kind product for revealing the trick to get the mind of a millionaire minus the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my old buddy Taylor after a lifetime of fighting got excellent results with it.

  29. Mike Gerrie

    Her mic is louder than the president which makes it easier for her to cut him off or talk over him. A not so subtle trick.

  30. coconut girl

    Yes! "Biden & Harris 2020!!" Make China & Deep State great again!!

  31. Viking Studios Z

    He's a script kiddie

  32. Buck Nasty

    Who wouldn’t feel anxious? You have car salesmen who’s trying to nickel and dime you every single time.

  33. Laura Crawford

    I've been homeless 4 years ...so sad

  34. Grant Nelson

    The cleanest air 🤔 the cleanest water 🤔..... trump where ????

  35. Palatine of facts

    twitter censored biden laptop article but you wont mention that. disgusting

  36. Alan Clow

    Ram isn't the problem or the future. Hello Tesla.

  37. Miguel Peraza

    Malarky comes outta Joe Binladen's trap ! With all his lies , and corrupt moves since 1991! Politician ? NO !!!! CROOK ? 1000% YES !!!!!!

  38. Emilio Bohórquez Vargas

    2:43 Doug DeMuro’s dad

  39. R D

    People need to learn how to debate and converse again with one another while respecting each others opinions and also acknowledging they are actually opinions and not opinion as fact. Also anyone who thinks it's ok to be violent or perpetrate violence against others for having different political thoughts are NOT AMERICANS and know nothing about the founding of the nation and it's freedoms.

  40. Storm 77

    Biden was polite and waiting to answer while Trump talks over everyone so rude Biden will win not for him for us all

  41. Miguel Peraza

    Did Joe mentioning his book how much of a liar he is ???

  42. Djuma

    Biden would have been a good characters in walking dead

  43. 科技小哥

    This host obviously prefers Biden and only interrupts President Trump. Like Wallace, he is a lackey of CCP.

  44. Zuber Kariye

    Clap for the lady that said most of them are their sides : -look-: now days while big companies getting everyday in 2020. There was not a lock-down at that time and look now. Wake up this is 2020.

  45. thefixxerr

    Call me crazy but I think the 1980s fseries is doing a better job!!!! Still own an 85 but can’t say I own a triton!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. its afii

    if you look into the history of Trump, he was bankrupt twice and made it!! now that's a man that says and does, unlike those who promise to do alot for their people and don't, if he hates you, he will say i hate you, but Joe is like i am your friend but stabs you under the table.. at least Trump did alot compared to the previous presidents for his people!!

  47. Chad

    If he wins let me guess.... Russian Collusion? Democraps going to spend another wasted 4 years on investigation's and tin foil hat conspiracy theories 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. 물리학자


  49. That's_Mr_Ass_To_You

    1:55 She claims here that she sent the Wall Street Journal 1000 pages of documents detailing research, testing, and capabilities of her testing machines. That is a complete and total lie, she never sent them so much as a pamphlet. It's obvious now. At the time of this interview, her machine could do a grand total of ONE test, the rest of the samples were sent out to third-party testers. For the samples that were too small to be tested, the test paperwork just flat-out fabricated. That's the real crime, these bogus results were being used to form medical opinions and diagnoses. There were a ton of false-positives and false-negatives that either unnecessarily scared the crap out of people or covered up medical problems by appearing to be all good. That is a travesty.

  50. Ezio Pichierri

    BTW President Trump I respect him. He has payed his dues to this country. He does not accept a dime from office. I heard that he had chose to donate the salery to a charitable cause. He loves this country he is for us. Hes a billionaire he does not need all this bs. He does not need to be in office to be the most hated man everyone once loved. Vote biden and watch how bad this country will get and how bad the job loss will be...

  51. Josh Hopp

    Buffett has changed my life and made me wealthier.

  52. Misty gingerich

    After been scammed I was introduce to worldvendor on telegram through him I was able to pay up my bills..he is real and legit

  53. Ann

    For those saying Trump is a racist.... Trump has done more for the black community than Obama: 1. Trump restored funding to black colleges. In contrast, Obama originally did not renew the funding for black colleges that BUSH funded lol. That’s $85 million. www.tmcf.org/events-media/tmcf-in-the-media/scold-in-chief-the-love-hate-relationship-between-hbcus-and-president-obama/ On top of this Trump has helped low-income communities, especially black communities. twitter.com/AdrianNormanDC/status/1073258881332084736 Trump announcing urban revitalization council in 2018 2. As a result of these policies, we have the lowest black unemployment rate of 5.9 percent in history and wages rising due to tax cuts and tax breaks. Trump expanded economic opportunity zones in the black community. $100 billion had been invested in opportunity zones under a federal program that provides tax incentives to encourage development in low-income neighborhoods. He did this the 2ND MONTH of office. This expires in 2028. Created under 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-signing-executive-order-establishing-white-house-opportunity-revitalization-council/ 3. For the next 4 years, Trump proposed Platinum Plan for building up black communities static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2020/09/platinum-plan-two-sider-v5.pdf Calls for a nearly $500 billion increase in Black communities' access to economic capital. It also designates the Ku Klux Klan and Antifa as terrorist organizations. Did you know about this? If not, then why do you think that is?

  54. Just busting your balls

    European cars are superior to American vehicles.

  55. Abraham Soto

    All I'm hearing is Biden wants to close down the country while Trump wants to open it up. Vote TRUMP and MAGA!!!


    Oh yeah the business that he and his family were 50% owner of with the Chinese until 1 was killed and tge other jailed. Money laundering through books like all politicians. BOOK DEALS is how they/politicians and FBI directors get paid off. They have to make it look legitimate.

  57. dmc mc

    there is NO confusion if you did your home work=because masks dont help in any way!!!!!!! we all know that-its just a power play. ask you local doctors-we all know you cant trust doctors on politicians payroll. all the doctors that are telling you the truths were cut off by yahoo, facebook, tictok etc why? because they are not paid by china/politicians and those medias are really own by china. fauci and his girlfriend h. clinton got involved he now changed his views to keep you lemmings in line and scared of this no big deal to healthy(most of the population) miner little virus that will never go away-its nature. so now since they own the Pharmaceutical trade they make money off the will be mandatory vaccine. the death counts were elevated to the get money(fact that we all know) $$$30,000 per death, 15,000 for a case. people who died from car accidents are being blamed on covid hence the massive lawsuits in progress. the real deaths came from the forced housing of infected people off the streets into nursing homes and assisted care facilities murdering our seniors( NJ. MURPHY/NYC DeBLASIO) known FACT.

  58. Sriniwas Ghate

    I am from India, I am shocked to see this much fees, I paid 500 dollars for all my expenses for 3 years of my undergrad degree.i learnt the same things that most american schools teach.



  60. Joe

    She did way better than chris wallace.

  61. Warrior

    We went through 8 dark winters when you were the vice president.

  62. justin wadsworth

    Imagine never doing anything again because "germs." Live your dam life ffs. This madness has to end.

  63. sonam dhingra

    M sure Americans will think before casting vote. They know more better than others countries/ people outside America.

  64. Baron Taylor

    “Tell him Ray Kmart sucks”

  65. Aryan Chowdhury

    After vivo it's dream11😂😂

  66. Ng Yang

    Pick Trump becoz he keep his word, he is the man of his word, he will make the America great again!!

  67. Warrior

    Joe laptop mattes

  68. randy heriawan

    People should see the BYD company in China, it runs really successfull

  69. Violeta Gonzalez Salazar


  70. Richard Richard

    The big question is why is the media working so hard to protect him 🤔. He’s obviously a crook and possibly a traitor and by the media’s close association and policy of protecting him from any scrutiny , they have shown their true colors ... and they are not Red, White and Blue but I think just Red. After this election we really need to take a closer look at the main stream media’s association with China.

  71. JohnM Abbett

    I have a family friend died from cancer, hospital wrote covid as cause of death. 95% of covid deaths are secondary causes and it's fear mongering to pretend it's the main cause, reality is most of the 200,000 would be dead regardless.

  72. b b

    Hell no. Keep Fracking Pennsylvania. MAGA 2020!

  73. Malik McCallum

    I wish that I could fly at the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere and spreading healing energy all over the world. And save everyone.

  74. Jai Hind.

    They don’t sell sell well in America. American cars are pieces of Junk. You think they can sell in Japan ?

  75. Eric Natividad

    Pence is working, where's Kamala!? Trump and Pence!!!2020🇺🇲

  76. Iam isiam

    I still prefer Mcdo's French Fries...

  77. levanat13

    There is only one reason - European cars are better. Car doesn't need to be European to be sold here, but it needs to be a quality product. Japanese cars are very popular here, for cheap cars it's korean brands.

  78. Grant Nelson

    NOBODY Trump funny as hell..... TRUMP.... i pay millions and million of dollars in taxes... fbi spent 48 million dollar trying find dirty on me and joe i would only spend 1 million and i will find everything about you NOBODY... 🤔 DAMN HIRE ME

  79. Conor C

    Quibi is pretty darn dank! Congrats guys !! <3

  80. LaLa Johnson

    #2020election got me here