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    It is so awesome 😎

  2. jbcooler ninja

    Jedi master right here

  3. •La Dona UNU•


  4. Sonu Shukla

    भाई बाकी सब तो ठीक ही पी यहां कचड़ा उठाने आया था या बस बोतल खोलने ।😂😂

  5. Janaea's chanel

    Bro so satisfying.

  6. K Leggett

    Help stop the spread of illiteracy. Start by boycotting rap.

  7. Mr Memer

    This is what the quiet kid at school would use if he were a carpenter

  8. Adars kumar

    You are cheating on third step Everybody knows your cheating trick

  9. Baseer uddin Ahmed

    It saves both, water and space....

  10. Abhishek Negi 4003

    BTW I still wondered that how this truck would be taking truck wouldn't it be crashed while doing so 🤔🤔

  11. MK Volkswagen

    How it feels to chew 5 gum:

  12. Marvin Perez




  14. Shaswin Shaswin

    Where can buy this

  15. otoniel calix

    I want one

  16. Nazakat Ali

    Nice ❤️

  17. Gavan Titanium

    This is the gayest game I’ve ever seen

  18. saucyXstrat

    I couldnt give a shit

  19. cho ees


  20. Nitin Krisna

    Iron man suit ka girls version release ni hua h ar wo girls is suit m ghusne ki kosis na kre nhi to suit andr hi andr maar lega ar bad m chla b ni jayega

  21. The ShutInPipsqueak

    Easier than it looks

  22. srushti mund

    I don't think you will be able to see the time properly under sunlight.

  23. gaster 5260YT

    Did he hack at the first part when it was spinning😱😱

  24. Ben Flokstra

    Two pence

  25. J Lil

    I hope it was free

  26. Maskies 999

    When my weed falls in that i am doing this!

  27. Ramesh Chattergoon

    I think it cost some we're around 850$

  28. rayane charif

    Hi I can get a little more time of the time you have done that I will get it tomorrow I can give them the time and I’ll get back home

  29. rayane charif

    Not going back to the day I have a frost bite to go home was a frost on

  30. I'm_Skyler

    Man i wanna say $15k idk why but its probably way less

  31. براكسن / Braxn

    باقي بربع واحد مكتمل 🤣🤣👎👎

  32. Richard

    How the hell do you get to the top? If it's steps, then it's a no for me.

  33. Muhammed Akbaş

    Çok iyi fikir su israfına karşı ☺☺

  34. AdionaraD Ramos Barreto

    Se eu descer de um lugar assim chego em baixo sem alma e sem o esqueleto fogem todos do corpo kkkkk.

  35. John Travis

    Interesting yet impractical.

  36. Lakshya Panwar

    100000000⁰000 stars

  37. Lo’Shiesty

    Like 85 to a grand

  38. Yukina-Chan._.

    The music please.

    1. Cyden

      North Memphis

  39. marc mavigliano

    Doesn’t work on US plumbing

  40. Wsoares89

    It should be $5

  41. VoidBl0x

    Vr 2 sorwded Zoro be popping 😳

  42. manu sarda

    I won't call it failed. It was a perfect backflip 😎 👏👏👏

  43. Aidan

    then it snags and breaks your finger

  44. Rita Jankutė

    798 thats how much it costs just a guess

  45. LuckyAceCard

    I bought a clock like this for 50 $, every day that passed it missed 2 minutes, so after 1 month it was behind a full hour, dont get these scam clocks

  46. Joel Barlow


  47. Gaurav Arora

    1000 out of 10

  48. Execution Creator

    “This watch gets a quite a bit of a attention when I wear it out.” We all know no one even notices it

  49. UnheardOregon

    Is this man Draven or something

  50. Heartlight

    Only a real man smokes

  51. Ram Baan

    Imagine he directs his legs towards the sides and he slips off the slide and falls down from that height -- free fall.......

  52. Suelaine Gonçalves


  53. Vinayak Bhandage

    What happens to his hand if it comes in between the process🤕

  54. Jaxson Stultz

    Do more stuff with your left hand

  55. Vedat Turkan

    When you are bored but still not creative

  56. muhammad hammad

    Teacher: There is a mistake Me: I dont see it Teacher:

  57. annie

    I will tell you all one thing how long is water ride, your back is more be injured sometimes 💯

  58. Ice K

    What's the name of it

  59. Raj Persaud


  60. Weasel

    Thats some ye ye ass burnin

  61. Miron Mikhalchuk


  62. Som

    Fake ha

  63. Huseen Omar


  64. DuZii

    $45K minimum

  65. Multani Dada

    knjr france knjr


    What this is called

  67. TheDiamondMaster

    Try to keep up with the beat by blinking. How are your eyes doing?

  68. GK GS Baba pathshala

    I think game Hoga ye..😎

  69. Lynette Owens

    I wanna give all you commenters the thumb's up for your hilarious comments 👍👍😂😂😅😅

  70. ANTI-MAN

    The way she mixes egg