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  1. kpkdhar 36

    It look like illegal construction, its not even completed nor look like it is used.

  2. Hacked YYY

    why they do this 😣... someone's hard earned money wasted

  3. ik vanachter

    Practical indeed

  4. Pool mann

    Der sieht stabil ais

  5. Marya Ningsih

    Oleng kalok berani

  6. mamat.01

    Vidio full nya dimana ya

  7. O Washi

    Eine richtige Umweltsau! Batterie noch drinn und trocken gelegt wurde der bestimmt auch nicht! Pfui!

  8. Rajan JAM

    Why they broke that house????anybody who knows?

  9. 白鴉


  10. Hector Lugo

    He's lucky his wiperblade was on, or else he wouldn't have been able to see.

  11. SiLvErWaRe0000

    Dude that must've been an intense Jenga game.

  12. reffoelcnu alouncelal

    It was a swat team doing a no knock arrest

  13. Joshua Russell

    Advertisement: With each purchase, you'll receive a 75" UHD LED TV and a Microwave oven. 👏 🥳

  14. kenjackben


  15. Dozer JCB


  16. Dozer JCB


  17. Mi chu

    日本だと即退場処分され 契約解除仕事は出来ない

  18. Yuan Marquez

    Accidents happen anytime so safety work ethics should be put coz life is irreplaceable,your working style is not recommended

  19. NSA Watchlist Bait

    Disclaimer: do not try this at home

  20. sapuncho gaming

    The house behind windows now dirty

  21. Sekar D

    Super video JCB

  22. Marley's Travels

    That's why China is surpassing the US. They obviously don't have all the rules and restrictions we have here.

  23. お尻ペンペン


  24. Sample text Sample text

    Real speed

  25. Tha Pume

    I have no doubts this videos are generated by bots. Anything generates views that's why the content doesn't matter.

  26. Jeetendra Computer Science

    Truck Driver is Wiser

  27. 熱っぽいの


  28. Death gaming


  29. Mu Rukogi


  30. Sw4mpShorts

    That's cool, were can I get a tire like that.

  31. turdymyturdy


  32. Pablo cristian Orellana michuy

    Eso no es crasy truks ...eso es idiotas al volante

  33. F F super star


  34. aboo twally sohomow

    Fire-crackers smock obliterated the best part!!

  35. Mungo Man

    Should of just lit a office fire on the second floor would of come down like building 7 if you know you know

  36. Omega

    Lmao the wheels look like the lego wheels on the bat-mobile

  37. Mr. Lox


  38. My favorite channel Status video


  39. Crazy lion Ongis Nade

    Prusak alam

  40. Simon O.

    drop some sand before this run 🤩🤩

  41. MVP_KZ

    Now cleaning that might take some time :)🤔🤔🤔

  42. Peter Agurkis

    Everytime I see a Chinese construction video I have to wonder how they get anything done. They have absolutely zero clue how to do anything correctly.

  43. Avvari Shiva


  44. Maine Mermaid

    Should have left the camera rolling. I was that close to a demolition, and the ploom of dust, absolutely covered us.

  45. Avvari Shiva


  46. Dipes Kumar

    Very tall house 🏘️🏠

  47. Bob TheBlob

    This is exclusively for mining

  48. what what what? what

    Wow, Hey guys see i can walk! Now give me likes.

  49. 大地神木


  50. Shubham Verma

    Worker who made it how they feel 🥲

  51. 정대리


  52. Avenger Nemesis

    Watch Kalari Transport B.Treble.. That is truck driver, maintained and a superb truck. Australia...

  53. Vladimir BZ

    Ахуеть... какой же там тоннаж?

  54. ดอร์โตแล๊ะ ์ยะฮีร์บาล


  55. B9x0esshqs바이어스

    왜 저런짓을 하는것인지요?

  56. King Osuka


  57. Youtube Account

    Damn China is bummy as hell

  58. M. Hall

    Looks like new Zealand got some new gear 🤣

  59. アナライザ

    aho chain

  60. Suprat Man


  61. Augusto Da Silva Neves Rêgo

    Cê tá doido motorista kkk

  62. Rammstein Korduner

    its free state

  63. Jesus Rodriguez


  64. taiyab hussain

    Just a waste of money. It could have been donated to people those sleep on footpath

  65. Wayne Griffith

    Fuck China

  66. LionTheHeart

    How do they get ships to float level!

  67. Todd Newman

    He would suck at jenga

  68. Brian Hudson

    Awww shit chemical water seat fucking dead.Awww shit so dead less than a dolla lmao.

  69. Nelson Bida

    Crazy truck driving? More like fail truck escort

  70. Muhammad Amaev

    Потом мосты меняй

  71. yue wang


  72. eric peinard

    Poor WORLD Poor PLANET 😞😞😞😞

  73. Tony Jackson

    Operators side job is doing heart surgery with an excavator.

  74. Kevin Broderick

    Thank you for not showing this video backwards and then claiming that this ship dry docked itself.

  75. Daniel Fuentes

    Made in china,

  76. Janel Elca