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  1. Galin Atanasov

    What I find most impressing about this acomplishment is that neither of his goals was from outside the box. P.S. Credits to Dwight McNeil, some sublime piece of assisting there

  2. Arex v10

    It would be great if you put whatever the commentators are reacting to in the video as well. Makes it much more entertaining!

  3. Dion Walker

    Ah, I remember when he was still a pup and came close to scoring a famous winning goal against Italy at the 2010 world cup as a sub... one of the few Kiwi talents that went on to properly fulfill his potential, way to go lad!

  4. 1990

    And to think that some people on forums criticise him. The best target man Burnley have had since Andy Lochhead.

  5. Blair Williams

    Shame NZ doesn't play enough attacking football to utilise Chris like this.

  6. jack ferris

    The amount of times you hear "Burnley lead! and its Chris Wood!" is unreal


    Pede. Mna antara Burnley vs. Leeds united

  8. Jan Jan

    Am a Manchester United fan but I like Chris Wood

  9. Lil Rice

    Fulham fans found this video anyway

  10. Lil Rice


  11. efootball PES Cambodia

    Hi Burnley

  12. GamEsport Do RST

    McNeil + Wood= GOL!!!!!!!!

  13. fútbol clips

    This is just funny that how the quality of this video was somewhat 360p and the quality of adds was literally 4k hd

  14. Francis Akrong

    i miss the fans in the stadium 🥲❤.

  15. Ya dads bald head

    Give him the money Alan need to tie him down

  16. Christophe Oosterwijk

    the new zealander lewan-goal-ski is what chris wood should be called!

  17. Ankit 1

    Zealander is most consistent striker in league 15 goals for last 4 seasons.

  18. SubZero589

    Always gives his best for the shirt and a cracking player, here's to 50 more in the Claret and Blue shirt. UTC

  19. D J

    Top lad is Chris, used to be a critic but this guy continues to impress me, we need more creative players on the wings, we need different options to supply this guy, massively underrated!

    1. D J

      @CHRIS P Facts! He’s exactly what a team needs no matter the style of play 15 mil was a bargain for him

    2. CHRIS P

      probably the most underrated striker in the prem right now. His recent goalscoring are up there with the top and is even more impressive doing it for a 'defensive' Burnley side

  20. Fabiano Martins

    Meu centro avante matador 🙅🏽‍♂️💪🏼🔴🔵⚪👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  21. A Wright

    Tremendous achievement but also highlights just how good McNeil and Westwood are.

    1. Andrew Chippendale

      Burnley boys we are here. No nay never mind the clarets

  22. Fabiano Martins

    Chris Wood sem dúvidas 😻👊🏼🔴⚪🔵

  23. Johnny Boy

    Heres to 50 more hopefully!

  24. Varoluşsal Sancılar

    Def the best and most consistent mid table striker of the past 5 years

    1. 1990

      Well put.

  25. F_Y TV

    So amazing

  26. Jorge Enrique de Esesarte

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  27. claretbuck1882

    UTC kiwi power 💪🏻

  28. Brummie kel

    A class act

  29. KEN ZEN

    Chris wood is a Beast

  30. Jermaine Larmond

    chelsea fan and i love sean dyche he just knows how to use his team . Someone asked me if burnley would go down and i said no chance

  31. DeBuDDi

    wp burnley

  32. Sopheap Horm

    Burnley good


    Chris Wood should be called up to England squad..A proven goal scorer! Opps..he is New Zealander.

  34. Gareth Storey


  35. Anthony Kelly

    What an amazing goal by Woods.. Beaudiful 😏🙌🏼

  36. Baron Von Greenback

    Would Laura Wood like to interview Westwood and Wood, it would be good.

  37. Thrasher 121

    Chris Wood is probably the most underrated player in the Premier League. I mean, how many other strikers do you know that score 10 or more goals in 4 straight seasons?

    1. Baron Von Greenback

      Agree, he's so far out scoring in the Prem = Rashford, Sterling, Mane and Aubameyang

  38. Thrasher 121

    My favorite team... Gonna go at it again for the 21/22 season! Wood gets his 50th in amazing fashion! I'm starting to think next year is the year we win it all!

  39. JT Conlon

    In Dyche We Trust #UTC #heretostay

  40. GamEsport Do RST

    Mais um ano! Mais um ano!! Mais um ano na premier league!!!! Vão ter que nos aguentar hahaha!!!!!!. Chupa Blackburn nem nos playoffs chegaram kkk.

  41. 정효

    vydra talented

  42. Jose Pablo Hernandez

    What a game! Please play all the another season matches like you play today

    1. 1990

      @Jose Pablo Hernandez Clarets everywhere. Good man.

    2. Jose Pablo Hernandez

      @1990 Costa Rica

    3. 1990

      Where are you from, Jose?

  43. Jonathan Sheppard

    I feel like every time wood scores westwood scores as well and vice versa, the power of the woods

  44. robert kalema

    Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh Yeah

  45. Romealdo Shtjefni

    I'm gonna sum it up in just one word: "Wooooo"

  46. Paul Murray

    Premier league 21/22 here we come...👍🏆 Well done lads and Sir Sean Dyce...👍 from Australia

    1. Paul Murray

      @Fabian Saunders Come on Burnley...🏆👍 Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...👍👍👍

    2. Fabian Saunders

      @Paul Murray yeah me too, I was born at Burnley General Hospital in 95. Lived on Healey Wood Rd until I was 9 then we moved to Brisbane

    3. Paul Murray

      @Fabian Saunders I was born there over 50 years ago Fabian and lived in Brunshaw Road, close to Turf Moor.. Came to Australia as a child and barracked for Burnley ever since...So excited to see them stay up👍🏆🙏

    4. Fabian Saunders

      Always cool to see Aussie Burnley Fans

  47. Isaac Isenbarger

    Safety secured! Great game

  48. Dominik Pock


  49. JT Conlon

    Another season Phil!!!!! Let's go BURNLEY! Turf Moor stand up!

  50. claretbuck1882


  51. Ketut Surya

    Pls dont comeback again fulham , fix your stadium n squad

  52. Andrew Chippendale

    Burnley till we die. No nay never. Onwards and upwards.

    1. Andrew Chippendale

      @Gonzo we will cross that bridge. Like when we was in European tour. We are not man city. We are Burnley from the north.

    2. Gonzo

      Indeed, i do fear where ALK will take us though, saddled us with tons of debt already.

  53. Burnley Football Club

    Can't wait for the premiere? Watch now ➡️

  54. hassam saqib lodhi

    Great performance by Burnley ❤❤❤👍👍, Well played Wood 💪💪💪.

  55. Sumaiya Chowdhury

    Wood's 50th goal is a banger

    1. fútbol clips

      Woody is a Burnley legend 🔥

  56. Sumaiya Chowdhury

    Again it was the WOOD show

  57. p sk

    Wood has been phenomenal lately



  59. Rakib Hassan

    I am a Liverpool fan but I like Burnley a lot. Their determination, integrity, brilliant results without spending amaze me.

    1. Baron Von Greenback

      Totally agree, I've spent more on my lunch this year than Burnley have on transfers, amazing how they do it, now it will be six seasons in the prem.

  60. Helmy Syamsul Amry

    Forza Burnley!

  61. Luke

    Wood is actually good wtf

  62. Mari Membacakata

    uuuu uuuu uuuu eaaaaahhhh

  63. Eryk Jefret

    Ref is blind as fuc*.

  64. Nigel arthur

    50th goal for this shit club is amazing

    1. Dale Husband

      Bitter much 😂

  65. Mohmed Abdiqadir

    Burnley are such an underrated team

  66. Michezo Mubashara

    Get to know what happened May 9 in football history

  67. Cahinho

    Burnley plays weird I like it

  68. Gosiame Olyn

    Burnley's commentators 😂

  69. 6666 views


  70. Abhirup Nath

    Wood & Westwood lol

  71. Ujang Ukardi

    What a goal

  72. Muhammad sinan padanilam

    Chris wood all goals bernly vedeo aplod plz youar chanel

  73. All liberal non commies yup

    We sold woody for 10 Mill buy he is worth 20 now easily

  74. Niquan Ernest

    Burnley is a really good team I must say!!, a team with little or no signings looks so comfortable in the league relegation never seems to bother them it's always 1 or 2 of the newly promoted ones :)

  75. Felipe Moraes

    gotta love these commentators! long live clarets in the epl 🤗

  76. Davidson Vincent

    Congrats guys!

  77. Crete2Clayton

    Safe again, let's finish as high as possible 2 very winnable games out of our last 3 UTC ❤️💙

  78. Akbar Fe

    How many Wood do you have?

  79. Gareth Storey