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  1. oliver vazquez

    i think are die due to cringe

  2. Greg Mills

    Yo I have this game and it can go on UKup I’m so glad

  3. Little Cupcake

    What song is THIS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. jose moreira

    Can you please have a shout out please please please put the cherry on top

  5. Neil Turkington

    in the twelth one,is the person named sora sora from inquisitormaster?

  6. Akemi Mizuki Chan

    Im the thumbnail id chose mom cause she has money to pay back the diamonds

  7. beep and boop

    Moral of the story: don't mess with Sabine or u will get the frying pan 😃

  8. Tehrangelines shop


  9. niño lacreoh

    This one I don't like it 1:44

    1. niño lacreoh

      I don't not like it

  10. Mexican Dream

    The 14 video IM EDGY BOYYY

  11. jᎬsҬᎬᏒs ᏒuᏞᎬs

    Ngl thought your name was moon bread for a moment

  12. cute pie

    So cute occ

  13. Pandagirl_Gamer

    8:58 they ar cousins

  14. miraclous dupein chxng :3

    I don't like number 6 she does not match wi thg yellow wings.

  15. Mocha_gacha


  16. Mayar Mohamed

    These are kinda relatable but my mom told me if someone did that or if we are walking on the street and someone touched me i just scream the word she told me and he (or she) would go to prison ehehe

  17. Goat- -Queen

    3:58 if you dont know what that means, they turn into the voice actors for katsuki and Izuku

  18. Yosaira Y

    I love it

  19. Ichis O

    Eu amei

  20. Tahani Omar

    11:36 Vincent is not Chris and Elizabeth's dad, William is-

  21. Mariana Martinez

    9:20 it’s different the mom is supposed to be blind but they now

  22. Hani Noerkusumahdewi

    It's so cute ^-^

  23. Emilia Caldera

    My fav is the first one aka the only one I like

  24. Nyanaguek Jok

    In the third one adrin had blue eyes if u dint konw

  25. lilia c

    Lol I know the song now

  26. Gabby Johnson

    amazing intro


    Is this even our community now what happen to saving our community huh SMH

  28. Gala3 Sam

    It's so *sad* ! 😭😭😭

  29. Andy Chiu

    In every story their mom at first and then they grew up the mom didn't know which one is blind

  30. e m i k o

    4:50 is engine else confused on what happend there

  31. 林大雨

    Who is ur fav chater in it

    1. 林大雨

      Mine is todoroki

  32. It's Me Emmi

    Volphina is alya not Lila

  33. Spence family

    This makes me feel proud that not a failure all my life TY

  34. Flo The Potato

    This is what i sing when my parents forgot my birthday

  35. angelita guachilema

    6:06 xq tan grande El Bb(」゚ロ゚)」

  36. Noel Dharmadasan

    Lets just say they lip synced

  37. Joshuah's Videos

    Blind person: *Doesn’t have a walking stick* Dumb Person: A person with white eyes??? BP: *Gets walking stick* DP: A BLIND PERSON??????!?!!???

  38. Madison Epps

    0:59 its spots on and its tikki not tikky yall need grammarly

  39. ·purple_mouse·


  40. ÛwÛ Kyra-ChanGacha ÛwÛ


  41. strwberrology

    fun fact: corsets were used to help with posture not to make you look like a hour glass :)

  42. Awa De UwU 2

    ¡Veneno! (Traducción)

  43. Crazy Fruit

    ur intro is awesome

  44. Obito Uchiha

    The parrents are blind ;-; poor kids

  45. Dani karlson Milk gang

    Some of it suck some of it is Noice

  46. Liz Rodriguez

    Me: watching this Also me:blossoms sisters are to the rescue Edit:it's also karma

  47. Kevin Large II

    Dis is makeing me sadddd

  48. Kyiri-Leigh Doucet

    Idk why but I love ur into so much ;-;

  49. Kiwi gacha

    4:05 Aaron: I ONLY BELONG TO APHMAU Me: SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Ashley Dean


  51. Elora Balukonis

    Is no one questioning the fact that everyone knows lie la's name?

  52. 「 A Idiøtic Persøn 」

    On the ones that like- Chloe said “you can be princess bee because I’ll always be queen bee” I mean- princess bee is better then peasant bee Also the ones that Chloe saw ladybug give the bee miraculous to Zoe, she dint even tell Zoe that she used to be queen bee

  53. Çhøkkęi megusta

    I would probably rather fall than grabbing that pole while falling backwards.Like while you're falling to he'll it's getting hotter.you don't want to grab metal in a hot area.like even tho you died, you still can feel.Feel the pain. o.o

  54. •Alixii•

    This is kind of heartless of them for not caring for Lila because lila's backstory is terrible her mom doesn't love her she doesn't have a dad so she lets her anger on Marinette cuz she has such nice parents lots of friends a hero partner and amazing life while Lila is living terribly.

  55. fabiane ferro

    Vei qual o nome dessa musica ja q e a unica -,-

  56. Like bacon pls

    Alya: have you ever slept in your life Marinette: No Me: Wiwjvwjagis

  57. Lovely Dovey

    Pretty sure Kagami would've gotten akumatized after that. No way that would've ended without breaking someone's heart.

  58. BlueMoon_Angel

    2:30 is that Elizabeth

  59. Boba_ Simp

    𝓝𝓮𝓱𝓮𝓶𝓪 𝓻𝓪𝓱𝓶𝓪𝓷

  60. kynsley_cookie

    Ooooooooo bakudeku

  61. kynsley_cookie

    Ahem first one no kiribaku no but bakudeku if fine

  62. ImHimWhoIsNotHim ?

    What your not supposed to do with dream team: Don't ship them. Don't make them gay. Most of all.... don't do any heat wit'em.

  63. Gaby Aventura

    8:4 waht

  64. Chicken Nugget

    8:45 was kind of weird

  65. Mia The

    At 0:55 she copied my old oc!

  66. Erik Gonzalez


  67. Sierra Duncan

    Why are they making lie-la the good person or making Marinette like lie-la like bro yall clearly have not see the show

    1. Sierra Duncan

      She does not deserve to die ik but like she could just stab you in the back just saying ;-;

  68. Dancey _bunny

    Who ever ships kirixbaku Wait till the end Are bootiful

  69. Shadow Cookies


    1. Shadow Cookies

      its the first one i saw btw-

  70. Lulu Moore


  71. Cute Penguin

    7:40, 8:00, i think on 8:23 were gonna ship them right? like they are cute

  72. Sarina Kanitha

    HI can you make another part of this because my friend lvnar she made a golden wings meme and she thought her meme would be in here so yeah could you put it in its okay if its no she and me understands also if you can't find her then type shinobibeary then you will find her

  73. Butterfly Fluttershy

    I love this....

  74. Brian Pantoja Martinez

    10:49 yeah I like that

  75. Cheesey Quaver :D


  76. •Tiki Tok•

    Я во время когда они поют хочу убить муху которая меня не оставляет в покое уже час

  77. Sonia Benton

    It makes me mad how Adrien didn’t even try to save Lila. 😡she has had such a hard life, she doesn’t even have a dad!