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  1. Spursfan 17

    ...pop sucks as a coach now...up by 17...and doesn't call a time out when they were up by 10 and losing the lead and he kept mills in at that time...i really hope he doesn't come back next season...2 years of him declining is enough...i don't want this team to be the same as the past 2 years...we didn't improve from last season...despite having more experience...defense sucks didn't make a change they play the same way...pop is going to coach the same way he has and that's not a good thing for the team...

  2. Daniel McNamara

    Nuggets just too good for the wolves. To be honest, Jokic might be the best big in the league. He's highly underrated. I hope you guys go far. Getting that 3 seed would help.

  3. Dreamwake

    With the amount of traveling Lopez does, he can go back in time and visit Side Show Bob.

  4. Jake Kaufman

    As a proud Bulls fan, the fact that we only beat THAT Raptors team by 12 proves that we don’t deserve to be in the playin

  5. Lagos Fury

    Mc Daniels is pretty good

  6. Red Vanderbilt

    Can't believe this guy actually replied to my comment before

  7. Donald Mckinney

    Straight embarrassing SMH. This was a huge game and we don't show up

  8. Marchello Hawkins

    Go yogi

  9. Kenryu Wiley

    hey NBA, pls bring back.... NBA Action.....

  10. Zxmb

    Can we all talk about how much Julius Randle has progressed in his NBA career?

  11. dez

    The weakest commentators of all time this is boring

  12. Bo Rood

    Hawks- Heats 1st round

  13. Anthony Edwards

    Anthony Edwards (my) stats: 29 points 8/16 fg 7 rebounds 5 assists 2 blocks And just 1 turnover

  14. Bo Rood

    Looks like Knicks-Bucks 1st round.

  15. stanleylaurent1


  16. iinejii

    someone tell the audio guy to turn marvs mic gain down god damn lmao

  17. joesakic91

    The Rick Adelman curse is still real in Sacramento.

  18. Erik Hopkins

    Tobias Harris is in the thumbnail...🤷‍♂️

  19. Kurt Casares

    Let's Go NY Knicks✊✊

  20. Anthony Edwards

    hey look I’m on the thumbnail. (KAT and D lo usually are)

  21. Micro Bully

    Todays bball is TRASH LOL

  22. LaValle Barlow

    We're going to win the East and The Finals

  23. King Beasts

    This is not the KAT that i saw 5-6 years ago.,back then he has the dawg in him but right now he is soft as sh*t crybaby

  24. tol po

    Heat baby

  25. Nora Gearhart

    The real denim collectively scold because witness postoperatively succeed toward a lavish celery. dear, wiggly myanmar

  26. Gino Maluya

    Spurs still playing old school 2pt game lol that's how you erase 16, 20, 30 pt lead

  27. Ricky Echevarria

    F*** them b****** clipper

  28. Edward Jimenez

    Randell getting MVP chants was a perfect example of where the Knicks are right now 😂🤣💀 having to hype up mid level guys while looking over at KD Harden and Kyrie must be tough

  29. Zach Crennen

    Why the commentator breathing so hard

  30. Brick Astley

    Watched this live and just listened to Reggie and Marv breathing lmao

  31. Joel Millares

    Imagine scoring 6 points in a blowout loss. #NotMyMVP

  32. Andres Cammayo

    Oh man Butler n Herro sparks the heat.

  33. Trevor Regay

    not sure which is better .....300 lb James Harden or the new 400 lb version????

  34. RoN Ambee

    Jokic is a power forward 😂

  35. J Facts

    3rd quarter barret is different, im tellin yah🔥🗣

  36. mrjvheat

    What was up with the audio?

  37. Bo Rood

    I think Philly will play Boston in the 1st round. I think Washington will run the table to the 7 seed. They only need the Knicks to beat Charlotte @ NY.

  38. mikail shakes

    How are people surprised about the whole 5th consecutive Finals thing ? We already knew the Trailblazers would lose

  39. Crypto Mojako

    I will bet big on Miami Heat to win again on the EAST. That's gambling big money ahead.

  40. KINGRTGT666

    I remember that day he died. We was in Walmart and got this notification that he died 5 min ago And all the employees was saying he died in sadness ! It was very sad . Rip

  41. Porozil

    I can get behind Jokic as a power foward

  42. SHERB TV

    Danny Green: I'm joining the Heat next season..🤣🤣🤣

  43. raja mangubat

    lamelo is really special

  44. Edward Jimenez

    As a spurs fan THANK YOU 🙏 hopefully y’all get the 7-8 seed so we don’t have to take you out in the play in

  45. Leonel Becerra

    Why my mad breathing so hard😂

  46. adz klee15


  47. rjcomedy123

    Overrated, no clue how he’s the logo

  48. 95mjl

    I see the nba shortening the highlights because they know Marv Albert is raping our ears when he’s callling games

  49. Peter Orsmond

    Shouldve been an MVP

  50. Lagos Fury

    Marv sound like a prank caller on that mic

  51. Daveson Iñigo

    Even w/o porter and Murray this team are solid !

  52. joesakic91

    The 1977-1991 Los Angeles Clippers meet the 2006-present Sacramento Kings.

  53. Porozil

    How do you let a 40 year old man beat you, PATHETIC !!!

  54. addison james

    Man they can shoot lol lol these dudes are awesome

  55. lamarlovingood

    Kat need to step it up

  56. help me

    Now tell me he doesnt deserved to be MVP. He is doing it all for Nuggets without his damn partner but still winning games. And and and without other All Stars. Not like some other players out there, jeez

  57. Nba quest

    I feel like Miami can pull off something. Bro last year they made the finals, idk whats next


    who in the east fina stop the heat

  59. In54321BOOM

    Damn y’all really need the money from the ads? Y’all fucked up huh 🤣

  60. Anthony Abagay

    Not even close. You can bias your casting to your shitty team. But what can a #8 in East can do to #3 in West with such a Many many 3 pointer. 🙄😒

  61. IronJohn28

    Such a cheap thing to do by fouling at the end. I lost respect for the Knicks hc

    1. IronJohn28

      @Anthony Valentino I’m not a fan of either team. It’s a cheap thing to do and I think there should be a rule to stop it. Knicks are first round goners anyways

    2. Anthony Valentino

      You play to win ! Not to give free chances for the other team to win.. If the spurs did the same thing would you still be upset?. The spurs should have made more shots an got defensive stops an they wouldnt have lost..

  62. debaser

    marv needs to retire 5 years ago

  63. King of Theifs

    Knicks 102 Spurs 98

  64. Jayson Calumpit Deleon

    Hope the raptors resign Bembry

  65. Vincent Jackson

    Good team. Defense still in question but good team

  66. Nba quest

    Bro the Knicks have made it so far in 1 season. This team could be hella scary soon

  67. Frederick McRoberts

    “Ohh, they’re slowing it down!”

  68. Marcos Johnson Noya

    anybody else think shaquille harrison takes too many shots?

  69. alex malabanan

    Jazz gotta work on their defense, specially on the fourth on clutch shooters and that turnovers are far too many

  70. Ismaeel Badoolah

    UD is a LEGEND. Number 2 player on Heat's franchise. I don't think i have to say who's number 1....

  71. Ming XD

    why the hel yt recommend this after 7yrs

  72. Andre Preston

    Its crazy how much Randle has improved, He's asserted himself as a leader.. Love to see it