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  1. Vic Hano

    This was so painful in the best possible way. Made me feel connected to an older part of myself. Dating is both stressful and desensitizing, especially if you're on the carousel for too long. This reminded me of that, and gave me some retrospective hope.

  2. Rob Chapman

    What the hell is this channel. What glorious nonsense have i discovered

  3. Rose Hall

    The dislikes all have health bars and are an enemy to themselves

  4. TheNamelessOne

    They look like they're bullying him in a weird way.

  5. Роман Бойко

    Good video, btw there is a small windows loading icon on the bottom right here - 4:01

  6. Dude

    Hey, it's me. Your guy. I just wanted to say that I hope you are doing ok. I know that a sudden boost in popularity can sometimes make content creators become their own enemies. If you ever feel like maybe your getting burnt out, getting imposter syndrome, or any of the social anxiety syndromes; it's ok to take a step back and take a break. I don't think anyone could disagree with that. Also, enjoy what you're doing. Anyway. Be safe and if you feel tired, pull over on the side of the road and take a nap. Remember, driving tired is just as bad as driving under the influence.

  7. frenchiveruti

    This without the context makes zero sense

  8. ReasonableAttempt

    But what was Oyster named after

  9. bzqp2

    This really captures the spirit of Daggerfall.

  10. Sylvia S

    This is the most realistic pro trail of children talking that I have seen in the media ever. lol 😂 great work

  11. Classic Shocker

    I don't know what I just watched but I want more...

  12. Rooster

    'I'd say I grew up in a pretty well off, upper-middle class family.' 'But did your dad hit you' Something about the delivery just fucking killed me man

  13. Frefre McGee

    don’t even bring up the subject. just order an extra large no toppings. anyone bitches can fuck off.

  14. reynoldsmathey

    Black and white, eh? Must be one of them fancy 'existential' filmies.

  15. Julie Lockyer

    It has... it has changed.. just a huge boom

  16. reynoldsmathey

    2021 - I think I'm gonna sit this one out.

  17. Rerun

    So when are you moving to Austin?

  18. Ethereal Marksman

    just watched the film and now @ 8:45 in the vid i just started crying.. :/ i don't think i can watch the rest

  19. Cave Canem

    Marshall the rat- "So anyway I started blastin"

  20. Ethereal Marksman

    was sleeping with your videos on auto play then this came up, and i couldn't sleep. 15 minutes in i kept hearings things so relatable and nostalgic that it woke me up and kept me from being able to sleep. I had to take a look and identify the emotions and faces and body language of the girls you were talking to. :/ this is relatable and unrelatable all at the same time, guess we all try to drown out our loneliness differently but through similar means.

  21. GJ kim

    please make more, incredible voice acting. great storyline and punchlines

  22. Ke baX

    SO damn good

  23. Bingbing

    There’s no way on God’s green earth would I just sit there and take that.

  24. achraf safi

    Rip best dad

  25. Rotzlöffel

    i want to spend all day with the giant at the end

  26. Grey Crimson

    He's like me

  27. Cyao Cat

    2:45 always has been

  28. MORGUE

    interesting idea to go for the bear hug gambit it's rarely accepted and doesn't gain much in terms of pieces

  29. Julie Lockyer

    The spirit of Picasso was guiding that paint brush

  30. warren byrne


  31. Cam Bryan

    So like, does everybody else's family also have a "Nathan" too?

  32. Adrian Coto Muñiz

    Such a great character development 👏👏

  33. Julie Lockyer

    Jeez... I’m honestly so so so surprised your channel didn’t blow up until now, I’m sure everyone here can agree with me when I say that we’re sorry it took this long to find you. On another note, this cry for help was by far one of the best I’ve ever seen. I am reminded of how alone I am in my own company. Thank you Joel :’)

  34. Oh it's a Turtle

    Does anyone know the music that is used in this?

    1. Clay SK

      Sounds like skyrim

  35. Alan Matejkowski

    Welp, 500k has been achieved so you're famous!

  36. M P

    Accurate af

  37. ascending deity

    “i no make song”

  38. Alan Matejkowski

    Lmao those sounds I can't even

  39. Benjamin Schallwig

    My UKup Comment Generator generated this UKup comment: Nobody: "I am the Teeth Thief" Dad at home: Hotel: Trivago

  40. SpaceJockey

    Are those deleted scenes from „Barry Lyndon“?

  41. Re!gn

    Wtf is that phone brightness level? My head just hurt looking at you look at it.

  42. turtleman 042404

    I love how the knight curses when it hits rock bottom just oh ok fuck um, or the health bar and oh fuck

  43. incognito james

    yes I'd actually like to be a villain in medieval RPG game someday

  44. El Rey Abeja

    RIP Mr Haver.

  45. Sammys Stuff

    yes, I do.

  46. Ben Roache

    It’s weird how Joel’s early films range from absolute masterpiece level to...this, with no readily apparent arc

  47. Glen S

    And reached 500k only a month later ! 😎

  48. Matrix Melter

    This didn’t deserve to be so funny

  49. dillon Parker

    Just discovered your content a couple of weeks ago and I love it keep it up! But it’s kinda crazy that this is in my recommended because on this day my mother had a major heart attack and was battling to stay alive as I gave her cpr she’s doing better as of now but you have gave me a better outlook on life and society just from your funny videos keep it up man we’re all rooting for you and someday I hope I can meet you:) much love and never stop!

  50. Matrix Melter

    Started to slap around cold

  51. Matrix Melter

    This makes me want to buy a second cat

  52. Hull_K0gan

    Lol. Why is the view count so low??

  53. Jayden Varghese

    This came out on my birthday. I am now destined to find true love. Thank you, Joel.

  54. Cristina M

    Im just gonna keep watching this till it hits 1 million views.

    1. Julie Lockyer

      Yeah same

  55. Shad W

    Dude these are hilarious! You da man Joel

  56. Ben Roache

    This sounds like ween

  57. Shingoke Shoryu

    Plot Twist:He's good because he's murdered enough people already

  58. Caleb

    I'm gonna sit this one out

  59. yellow potatoeee

    Can anyone decipher the conversation he had with his father?

  60. yellow potatoeee

    His mom sounds so disappointed