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  1. Dimitar Taskov

    Why the gold bar have nuts and bolts 🙃😕😒

  2. lagartin siempre el primerin

    Men tira

  3. Judy Turpening

    Wow so real😒😒😒 lol 😂😂

  4. Mustafa Ahmed


  5. Yulisbeth Maita


  6. OctoSpot

    I’d feel very uncomfortable doing this challenge with my mother

  7. Trevor Saunders

    Dude i highly dought an arcade would give away free gold

  8. heyCasey

    That's cap not to be rude-

  9. R6 LIONIX

    Y se sacó 1M el csm jajajaja

  10. helpy he the dab did you question word

    Hey I know that trick

  11. Letitia budhu

    Bruh he literally just ex it for a toy one

  12. Agnobaldo Moraes


  13. TomTom Nehring

    Stop That Type of Shit 😡😡😡😡

  14. Sofi V

    The chicken in the back is funny

  15. • K a w a i i P a n d a •


  16. ##JR Tubers##

    Stupid......fake video

  17. desmonetizado

    Lol its fake lol XD

  18. Carol Santo

    Meu Deus e Ouro xega ta brilhando

  19. Elenildo Luis de França

    Tô sabendo

  20. Trinity Ruff

    The squishy‘s are from Walmart

  21. Amanda Combs

    But good video

  22. Amanda Combs

    Is that really real I mean it look fake to me

  23. kimberly dos santos


  24. Laura Rodriguez

    China trick me I know how you did that if I did itb score

  25. Andre ́ Nobre

    Dassss war jetzt wirklich sooo schlecht Gefakt alter,und hör mal auf alles immer zu faken ja

  26. Walmart shopping KARTer

    Oh yes bushes stand up

  27. Devon Doharty


  28. Scott Anderson


  29. Sahrini wijaya

    fian pertell

  30. VortexGolden

    I didn't think it was possible to have such a smooth brain

  31. Walmart shopping KARTer

    This video should be called making people think there’s a terrorist attack going on. Edit I know it’s fake

  32. Wolver Fnaf

    Cradles is a good song, but in like every video this guys posts the song apers

  33. Sky Sky

    Да да конечно так мы и поверили🙄😒😒🙄😒🙄

  34. Zarahgeneva Garcia

    His the of guy who use his phone while in the bathroom

  35. Suad Yassin Nurhussien

    He’s the type of person to buy a PS3 and a PS2 and say he has a PS5

  36. JulianA Almeida

    É claro como ele troco por outra

  37. Perez Via

    eso no se verda😋😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😘😘😘😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  38. Ido Levin

    The comments here are infinitely funnier than him.

  39. SFS Froggi

    Please tell me that’s a joke

  40. Ido Levin

    I am truly ashamed to live in the same country as him. I guarantee we are not all like this. He is just a moron.

  41. Walmart shopping KARTer

    This is fake for two reasons number one you’re not even rubbing your feet on carpet and it produces no electricity .Rubbing your feet on the carpet doesn’t even give you enough energy to light up a lightbulb

  42. Stephie Eliacin

    I thought she was your girlfriend

  43. bagunçando com kamilly

    Vamo fingir que não é bola ante - estresse

  44. Faye White

    hes the type of guy that when he asked why his mom was hugging his sister and she said shes an angel but when he threw her from the balcony she didnt fly.

  45. Kai_ Bean

    This is so fake

  46. Faye White

    lmao ok lol

  47. Ido Levin

    I am asahmed to be in the same country as him. He is not representative of all of us.

  48. Songokuxd FrX

    This are si False don't give a fucket like todo him

  49. Jay Cee

    Is there gold in side of those gold boxs ? 👀🙄

  50. Toddinu

    this trash channel be like: ...... wHat?? no wAy! ......... 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  51. Rafael Rodriguez

    Eso es mentira 😝

  52. TheRealQuick Gaming

    Ok this is ummm.....

  53. Estefani Isabel rasca potos Antoniette Isla

    Esto es falso hasta lo intente -_-

  54. Walmart shopping KARTer

    No shit it’s hot Sherlock. it’s a fucking pepper

  55. FanofEverything03

    The guy obviously swapped the tomato with a red water balloon

  56. Thomas Ribeiro

    Ele colocou um negocio de isopor ou plastico para ficar com pouco espaço

  57. Xavier Sanchez arias

    Solo es un globo

  58. kacielly

    Tão real quanto meus amigos


    What no way never gets old

  60. Martina Gomez


  61. eli Chantre

    No creo seguramente en la pagita😐 que está el truco 😑y se no es eso pues 👏🏽

  62. ashley ortiz

    We know there’s already some in the other cups

  63. Arthur Silva antunes

    E fake essa porra

  64. Just Mariah💝

    The point you don't got money how about that

  65. Just Mariah💝

    Eat that that's disgusting thank rat

  66. Caden Phelps

    He is the type of guy who makes people say he is the type of guy

  67. Drumgun 101

    That was fake

  68. Levarjay Levarjay

    it fake

  69. AceGaming Jr

    He’s the type of guy to wash his hands after a shower...

  70. Isabella Rivero

    He is the type of guy who would see hes reflection in the water and think that someone was drowning

  71. Lisseth Gonzalez


  72. Gvkm Gf


  73. el cheems prohibido

    Se nota que es un juguete

  74. Aniol Bekteshi

    Why the fucj would there be a outlet on a window and it's also crooked

  75. Potato Cat


  76. Sarun Buon

    And I meant to say goes not Gold

  77. Sarun Buon

    I meant to say somebody can you tell me

  78. Sarun Buon

    Uncle somebody told me what the song is called I know what a gold like but I forgot what it's called. "I love everything fire spreading All around My room at once so bright it's hard to breathe but that's all right hush"