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On this channel we make things to amaze, entertain and educate. These crafts are complex in design and fun to use. We hope to inspire our viewers to build something unusual and cool and perhaps find a new hobby.

These videos are for education and entertainment only. If you copy anything you see in these videos, you do so entirely at your own risk.

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  1. Tiina Pancy

    Everything looks so realistik

  2. Tiina Pancy

    How do you get these ideas??💖

  3. •Bumble Beats•

    The ending tho 😂

  4. Патимат Омарова

    На добыло красный цвет🎨

  5. Deepani Priyadarshani

    Super bro👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Ofelia Mustapha

    Among us nice ❤

  7. Hellen Los Prohibidos


  8. Ana Andrea

    Hermosas heresmuy creativa

  9. Urvashi Harshil

    Give me one

  10. Lady Alvarado

    Like 👍🤩

  11. catfish in 2011 BURNETTE

    How's that even easy you make it look easy but I say it's hard cuz you have to have an even amount to where you putting the wheels on you make sure that you ain't got one bigger than the other or smaller

  12. josejavier cornejo

    Fgrrdsgtrjkhefghe fui hdjh🤡🤡

  13. john doronila

    Happy thanksgiving you and really have fun

  14. sahrawi f swed


  15. sahrawi f swed


  16. sahrawi f swed


  17. sahrawi f swed


  18. sahrawi f swed


  19. sahrawi f swed


  20. sahrawi f swed


  21. Avik gamer star and other

    Where is a pool please add it. It look nice

  22. chaudhary kishor


  23. Yeasin Shikder

    Wonderful l.o.l 💅👍👄🦱

  24. Hilda Tezen

    Me gusta ☺️

  25. Santiago Gael Cruz


  26. Smashthings1 STTeoh Gary

    Doctor Power!

  27. Hilda Tezen

    Me gusta mucho 🤩

  28. Hilda Tezen

    Me gusta mucho 🤩

  29. [FURY] yt

    ohhh i know the movie that you spray your mouth with paint i dont know what did you spray but i know the movie

  30. Brenda Heath

    the chicken...

  31. Rogério

    tens instagrola?

    1. علوش طلايب


  32. Renata Barros


  33. Bianca Ramos

    is. So. Cool

  34. Clean Ytp

    She didn't eat her cereal!

  35. Elsy Yojana


  36. Clean Ytp

    Is this created by the creaters of 5 minute crafts or not

  37. Alison Ariana Aragon Castellanos

    nueva suscriptora lo amee😍😍

  38. Emery Austin

    I hate penny wise

  39. Debora Andersen

    Me gustan tus video

  40. Gabriela Lagunas


  41. Areli Chan


  42. Madison Rabideau


  43. Madison Rabideau


  44. Daliana Millan

    Love you so much


    Georgia is not in that one at least the movie he’s in the first one remember your float to 🎈

  46. luis rodriguez

    She's is good at the house and the dolls so good and i love it

  47. luis rodriguez

    This girl is so good like extremely good really talented

  48. Meire Jane Magalhães


  49. Meire Jane Magalhães

    so cool🙂🙂

  50. Eduarda lu sc


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  56. N a m J o o n


  57. Jalea Pimentel

    I was watching this video and i was like Hmmmm............i am going to make this!!!!!

  58. Mariana Virgen

    Hola 🙋‍♀️ como isisteeso

  59. Mariana Virgen

    Hola 🙋‍♀️ como

  60. Mariana Virgen

    Hola 🙋‍♀️ como isisteeso

  61. Matt Kent

    Shit awesome

  62. Saymon Milhomem


  63. Eustacio mendes pereira


  64. Marcelo Vega

    Cute black lol

  65. Saima Kayani

    Scary huh

  66. justin ochigue

    nindot kaayo

  67. vem comigo Tok Tok

    Eu. Preferia. A. Com. Propia

  68. Lalle Bechir Diyana


  69. KayeRenee14

    How could you do this turning a black doll into a white 👎🏾😡

  70. jasmin ahmic


  71. Sica Corno


  72. Sica Corno


  73. Sica Corno


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  77. Sofia Cortez


  78. Rosaria Delucabossa

    Fai ma povera LOL