Over twenty years ago, a story of success began in the Austrian town of Eisenerz. What started out as a one-person operation in a cramped living-room, became one of the biggest record labels of the independent scene. Fans of the heavier genres have long come to know the name "Napalm Records". As of today, Napalm has released more than 600 albums - many of which have reached cult status.

Napalm Records Handels GmbH
Hammerplatz 2
8790 Eisenerz, Austria
Fax: +43 3848 8117 4
E-mail address: [email protected]
Managing Directors: Markus Riedler, Thomas Caser

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  1. Atlas A.

    So good...

  2. Robby Hotchkiss

    Where the Fuck have i been all these years. 1st listen of Charlotte,today. Its her b-day:5/13/21. Sharon of Within Temptation(Love her voice,her too,and WT)tweeted a pic. I"ve listened to alot. This vidso/song saddens me because Marko is leaving "Nightwish" because of developed problems during his stau at home during this pandemic. I'm praying for him and very conderned. He's so great,and adds so much to the band. I will miss the Hell out of him. Great Song!!! I Love It,Dearly!!! 👀👂🎤🎸🎶♥💚❤♨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👏☝👊💪

  3. Zansky

    This song has a deeper meaning than it might seem.

  4. eyeless jack

    It's good

  5. dykov6

    By the way, anyone goes on 13 Aug '21 to Gdansk Poland Jinjer + Slipknot? Personally I go there more for Jinjer than for Slipknot XD

  6. Margoulinax

    Is this man Rocco Sifredi at 01:45?

  7. Duncan Hutcheson

    Holy crap. That outro hits like a truck ❤️

  8. dykov6

    WOW! What a performance! Every note is perfectly played and singed. Guys are real jazzmans - low setup on drums and high on guitars. That always brings good music :)

  9. M4yheM

    My wife left me because I was too engrossed watching this.

  10. Vincent Valentine

    Паночка помэрла, мы её хоронить не будем, пусть черти её хоронят.....

  11. muskatDR

    Everytime i watch a nanowar video i think ive finally seen everything Then nanowar releases a new video

  12. Fragtor Dk

    when you pop a Monster energy 0:27

  13. Ponera

    unreal. Such a good song. Gorgeous.

  14. Michael Smith

    My goosebumps started a rebellion all over the body when I was listening to this masterpiece.

  15. The Golden Knight

    WOW, your animation has IMPROVED!

  16. Andy Müller

    Sounds so good😊🙂

  17. FrankCoffman

    I, I curse the morning star And I, I curse the moonlit sky I trace the stars and map and mourn until my misery Its single light up in the sky, I'll bind it back to me I can't escape my destiny I can't escape And like a deer, still as stone, on the road As headlights approach All of the things we've said and done All of the things we have become All of the things we've said and done We've said and done, we've said and done I used to be sure that It's me who sleeps, but can it be Somewhere there's a life That dreams of me I used to be sure that I roll the dice but can it be Eternity Is playing me All of the things we've said and done All of the things we have become All of the things we've said and done We've said and done, we've said and done Hold on, tensions grow but There's no one else Keeping you down If you don't bow to its will I am the dreamer I roll the dice and I'm alive My hands aren't tied We are the dreamers We roll the dice so we're alive We'll always be Masters of destiny Like a deer, pretty bone, on the road Flesh picked on by crows All of the things we have become All of the things we've said and done We've said and done All of the things we've said and done All of the things we have become All of the things we've said and done We've said and done Songwriters: Johanna Charlotte Wessels / Guus Eikens / Timo Somers / David Martijn Westerholt / David Martien Westerholt

  18. Simos Kangelaris

    video up...music fucking shit!!

  19. A Nty

    Dia salah satu exit eden??? @@ tapi kayaknya suaranya beda, apa karna genrenya beda?? 🤔🤔

  20. 1analyst


  21. allpaulsfault

    This album also has The Heresy too! Buying CD now

  22. Adam Fowler

    I cannot believe how good this music sounds. Alexi man, if you're in a place where you can see, feel, or understand our world now, please just know that you were a legend among men, and this new music is extraordinary. I would have never picked up a guitar, if it wasn't for you man.

  23. Fabio Artos Cassone


  24. Lukas Vos

    Ich werde alt und war zu lange nicht auf Konzerten... ich erkenne nicht mehr alle o.O

  25. Frank Schwittay

    Wow ! Totally flashed ..... beautiful video ,beautiful music ..... Draconian impresses me everytime new! Wow !

  26. Andre Tokayuk

    waiting for that icycle to drop towards my toe..)/* And then she did..) How are those volcanocyles for rockin' out?)/*

  27. Adam Fowler

    This is seriously the best Draconian song I have ever heard. Absolutely mesmerizing.

  28. DanseMacabre

    Who else hears Janis Joplin at 1:30?

  29. Ofer Mashiach

    The way she manages to remain so elegant bashing those skins is pretty impressive.

  30. Filosofia Vermelha

    My like was number 6666!

  31. Venku Skirata

    Дайте концерт в Киеве! Нам надо!

  32. Cholo981

    German version > Italian version. ❤

  33. Derf


  34. Warmonger87

    Arigatou Super Awesome 🤘🤘🤘

  35. Der Davve

    Tausend mal besser als das Original!!! Danke für diese geile Metalversion!!!

  36. Ernie Rowell

    This band I so boring . the singer is amazing she needs to drop them asap truth

  37. Romm Matos


  38. Andrés MB

    Apocalyptic party!, very nice AWK 🤘

  39. Roma Shizzo

    Песня красивая, ссано-голубые салюты в комментариях великолепны.

  40. BladdDrwg


  41. Stefan Faro

    As an norse pagan i think that's life is journey and how fast or slow you going you always reach you destination that fate design for you.

  42. George Johnson

    Holy f**k! Mental, I love it! Caught you guys doing a guitar run through for Loudwire, got me here. I'm heading to buy this right now!

  43. Mortas Nox

    Amaranthe 2. Sounds pretty cool though...

  44. Warmonger87

    Super Babe Metal 🤘🤘🤘

  45. dion cook

    They couldn't leave politics alone could they....typical

  46. Ana julia Abreu santos

    Draconian é incrível não tem nem palavras pra descrever o quanto é perfeito 💜

  47. Paul vision

    Jinjer got competition

  48. Aleksandra Emelyanova

    Интересно, а у неё горло потом не болит? Такое из себя давить? И пусть в меня кинут тапком, но музыки здесь немного. Владение гитарой на высоте, но очень однообразно

  49. piramaniak

    I love... and I cannot stress this enough... Evile!!!!!!!!

  50. Drop Kick Murphy00

    I wanna see these dudes live man

  51. Drop Kick Murphy00

    Vrs I fuckin really dig man. Deadly chops. Reminds me of old-school Rainbow Butt Monkeys. Like mid 90s. Now for you younger gen they are now known as Finger Eleven

  52. Drop Kick Murphy00

    I can't get down to this being a true metal head. Doesn't hit me in the face and pound through my chest. It's like Blink 182 fucked Papa Roach while sucking off Disturbed. Not my thing

  53. Joe Augusta LoneWolf


  54. Mike 91

    Sounds like cradle of filth , nice one

  55. AO XE

    So. Destroy then Rebuild? That's very mature of him.

  56. R

    This guys knows how to release master pieces one after the next, take your time ,we expect another master piece :)

  57. pthink fast


    1. pthink fast


  58. R

    The first and the last are the better sounding (all albums are amazing) when the new comes out , make it just as good recording as the last one

  59. lashtal

    Yes, the music of The Dark Elves.

  60. junior gammaray

    Toca muito e muito bem concentrada, show🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  61. DaniVergeIn

    Thank you Alexi for so much, your inspiration, your energy, creativity and passion. You gave all in this life for the fans and music. God bless your soul.

  62. Guy Ordorff

    Love every song I here keep up the great work

  63. Ali Anderson

    They are just awesome. And being a musician myself I'm picky with what I like so that's saying something.

  64. Tina Fox

    Is she using any effects on her heavy vocals?

  65. SmokinZnot

    666 dislikes, the devil is jealous that someone cooler than him exists

  66. Sebastian Gs

    Extra ,super ,power 😈! Power from Hell😈

  67. Deridus


  68. Adenilton borges

    Muitíssimo foda 🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿

  69. Urclouty


  70. Corey Fordham

    Remember your oath Andrew

  71. Raphael Lopes

    Que som do caralho!!!!

  72. The Pugilist

    Burn your masks. Question everything. Listen to AWK.

  73. cratico marinho

    Fucken savage!

  74. Ocean Sage

    2:40 such a killer change!

  75. Viq

    This is traumatizing...

  76. Edson Alencar

    Muito bom 😂

  77. Klaus Wigsmith

    This is great....reminds me of Leprosy era Death.

  78. Viq

    I just want to fall in love with this woman...wow.

  79. Beau Hindman

    i mean fuck yes

  80. The Disconcerted Stagehand

    The more I hear this the more it grows on me. 🤘😎