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  1. Ldogg_The gamer

    His face gave me nightmares

  2. Larken McRorie

    This song should be the song for the rainbow road on Mario Kart just saying.

  3. naturalree81

    A million of those views came from me.💜

  4. cringemonkey 507

    Feels like cruising in neon lit highway with a Testarossa.

  5. Crystal Sherman

    The Weeknd is a good singer, performer, etc. But he be on some weird, demonic stuff.

  6. Larken McRorie

    This should be the rainbow road song for Mario Kart just saying.


    I cant move in this song.

  8. Brenda Santiago


  9. 『Kyojin』

    He went from the weeknd to Saturday and Sunday

  10. Gabe Harper

    Wtf happened to him

  11. Neighbourhood Witch

    ...aaaaaand I’m right back there, hair akimbo, a teenager in the 80s. This song makes me happy 🥰

  12. Colleen C.

    Twin journey

  13. Lester Sanders


  14. funny honey

    ✨And this kid is why you don’t do plastic surgery ✨😏

  15. this is patrick

    Is that Selena 😱 she look like Selena

  16. Collin Keyser

    Is He Going To Play This At The Super Bowl?

  17. Michelle Noel

    Yeah buddy

  18. Collin Keyser

    The 👎Are From That Girl Who Was In The Car With Him.

  19. mx mx

    Here from Canada 🇨🇦😎

  20. Kvledits

    Minecraft be like 😃

  21. Patriciaabigail

    i thought is was a joke...😭

  22. Max Grotsch

    2021 anyone

  23. SlightlY StAcY


  24. musikdoktor

    I think this is a Michael Jackson trubute..

  25. Brenda Santiago


  26. Lester Sanders

    ( )

  27. Citlally Zavala

    Todas las. Canciones me. Gustan. Y. Las. Que. Mas. Me. Gusta. The whekdd

  28. Lester Sanders

    High Beams

  29. Sean Kay

    gta 6 sound track

  30. Fran Ledda

    Emmm no Nono esta bastante feo se nota que la voz de la rosalia es pura computadora

  31. Jamani Seaton

    He looks like one of the purge mask😂😂😂

  32. Jahseh Demon

    You are the best weekend ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️💗💗💗

  33. Collin Keyser

    Imagine If He Plays This At The Super Bowl Half-time Show! 😰😰😰



  35. Taz I

    Everything she wants George Micheal has a very very similar chorus where George sings la la la la la

  36. Crystal Sherman

    I don't understand what's with this look(I know it's fake). It's hideous. Lol!

  37. I’m ColeYT

    This music video is amazing

  38. Homie boy 250

    Bro for a sec I thought he was peeing on the people

  39. Kriss Brown

    OMG what happened to his face 😳

  40. jat0rz

    All these people who think he actually got plastic surgery and haven't been following his music story for the last year :-D

  41. Jose Navarrete

    Mas claro rosalia la cago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 le quita esa vibra ochentera 🤷🤷🤷

  42. Dominique Guay

    And I was the first to be like WOW

  43. Anonimo 2k

    Love it

  44. Dominique Guay

    You have help me Man...and you do not know how

  45. Rachel Padalecki

    I can't go a day without listening to this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  46. CheeseSteakBurger

    damn that asian chick look sexyyyy

  47. WOLFIT x

    Me estoy malviajando de solo ver el video( es bueno , pero su rostro xd)

  48. Henry CruzTello

    before he turn into handsome squidward

  49. Antonio Buitrago Diaz

    W O N D E R F U L is the most appropriate term!!!! Like 👍

  50. Lester Sanders

    Save you bears for another day

  51. Diego Miranda

    He is gonna change his face back? Right?

  52. Paul Tarlton

    POV: you just heard that THE WEEKEND will be playing halftime of the superbowl

  53. Tommy Vercetti


  54. Chris Sabino

    i like haha XD

  55. Marcelo Menoni

    He gives me vibes for the botched psycho from 'Escape from L.A' and by the way This song is an amazing 80' new song 😉🤙

  56. chris washington

    The best song about cocaine 🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  57. Anonimo 2k

    I dont know why, i run away 🎵

  58. Dominique Guay

    I still do not get are not a CANADIAN winner but you know what do not get in there game

  59. Miguel Angel Paredes Mejía

    Does anyone think that The Weeknd is Gnabry??


    omg not to be rude but he looks ugly now why did he do that he looked better the way he was

  61. Awesome Jem Phillips

    When the weeknd got better songs, got more subscribers.

  62. Lester Sanders

    ( )

  63. t hagge

    Great tune.

  64. AZK GUH FF

    Wooooow!!! Amazing 😱

  65. Broken Reaper

    that face surgery is ugly af

    1. Camped

      Its fake

  66. Sean Dre

    Kid is talented

  67. velociraptoer

    I laughed when he pulled the trigger lol

  68. shanice turner

    GTA in real life

  69. Snapturtle 123

    The people who disliked just don't get the right vibe.

  70. Diego.

    Recien acabe de subir ese video al español me apoyan :c I just finished uploading that video to Spanish, they support me :c

  71. Peyton German

    The drive is Fake or I am on crack

  72. KaiRyn Saechao

    Is this why there is a head in the middle of the road in the "Too Late" music video?

  73. Jacob Ludwig

    Was jamming out to this sound and dumped ravioli all over the damn place

  74. Tanya Wright

    What happend to his face? My gorgeous singer ;(

  75. Lucia M

    Es igual a ricardo fort

  76. Bizzquick _

    i love how the ad literally features binding lights XD

  77. Jan Hedegaard

    Nice song! - BUT it REALLY sounds like the A-ha song "Take on me". The eighties is back - ......again? well except Donald Trump ....I hope!

  78. musikdoktor

    Hermoso homenaje a Ricardo Fort.

  79. Super Sonic

    Selena;dance again Justin; lonely The weekend;save your tears

  80. John Doe

    Love this guys style.