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  1. Katrin Boehner

    Love her♥️

  2. Pete Jones

    This song is a beautiful ray of hope during a very dark time on our planet. Much of the world is in terrible pain and anything that brings light is a gift.

  3. Ian Brennan

    3.8 k of ppl that can't appreciate good music ❤❤

  4. Lan Phuong Thi Thanh

    How incredible you are! Always love you Pink ♥!

  5. Cindy Keagy


  6. Joseph Sandlin

    But real life isn't similar to the movies because life is to long and people get bored and there's billions of other choices

  7. Joseph Sandlin

    Most people in this world would rather see people suffer are 've sad then to be happy that's why I like tv love stories

  8. kabamba mvula

    A perfect blend of dark and serene

  9. kabamba mvula

    A perfect blend of dark and serene .....

  10. Michelle Kennedy

    Both my favourite singers singing together 🥰

  11. Audry Lapoint

    Pink is so beautiful and talented. Freaking love her. This song had me crying so beautiful

  12. Connor Mackenzie

    One of the best duets I have heard in a long time. Listened to it for near enough everyday since it came out and cried a year near enough every time

  13. Dan G

    Wow actual lump.in the throat


    away from here, I see it now,, It was too good to be true, man used to worship the sun, then the condos took over, all bets are off if u got the money u can shade your neighbor's roof, lol in a cold climate it creates mold? and to think they knew the star Polaris, that's how far advanced they were, bet you it was military enginers, , true north lol is up there, u can see it at night if ur in the northern hemisphere, , away from here

  15. Rhodly chireza

    The world should start a #what about us against racism and corrupt leaders


    Pink should be very proud of herself!

  17. Jon B

    No one even comes close to P!nks talent 🥰

  18. Suzanne



      she is, yup more Beautiful than this song ,

  19. Rosanne Medhurst


  20. Rosanne Medhurst

    i live ragg n boly he so good n pink of coursr 😇🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘🥰

  21. Gianluigi Firmo


  22. Maya Rose

    This song is a must have in this time...gave me hope...thanxs

  23. MSPiskin

    I think more people feel like this than don't. And this song gives those feelings a voice, which is very healing. It may be naive of me, but I hope for some hearing this, it will help them not feel so alone in their pain, and stop them from turning to drugs and alcohol to numb it.

  24. Nina Bar

    LYRICS: "Anywhere Away From Here" Wild and running Fearlessness is Burning bright We knew nothing 'Cause out of sight is Out of mind Before we ever learnt the fear of being bold Before we ever were afraid of the unknown When the lights go up I don't think I told you I don't think I told you That I feel out of place Pull me underground Don't know if you notice Sometimes I close my eyes And dream I'm somewhere else Anywhere away from here Anywhere away from here Anywhere away from here We sold our souls and We lost control, with More doubt than hope Glass half empty And discontented From growing old Through all the failed attempts at trying to belong I overthink the obvious when I'm alone But when the lights go up I don't think I told you I don't think I told you That I feel out of place So pull me underground Don't know if you notice Sometimes I close my eyes And dream I'm somewhere else Anywhere away from here Anywhere away from here Anywhere away from here Oh, when I close my eyes Oh, when I close my eyes I wish I could disappear When the lights go up I don't think I told you I don't think I told you That I feel out of place Pull me underground Don't know if you notice Sometimes I close my eyes And dream I'm somewhere else Anywhere away from here Anywhere away from here Anywhere away from here

  25. gwendolyn2001

    I love "I'm Only Human" because it spoke to aspects of my life. I love this song (apart from the obvious talent) because it does the same. You are chronicler of the human "condition" that touches many people.

  26. Boss MAina

    It's an honor to listen to this two a master piece

  27. Sharlene Robinson

    Brilliant, just Brilliant !! ❤️

  28. Karma Girl

    Magique.. les deux meilleurs artistes réunis 💕💕

  29. Troy T

    Video of Millie winning an award brought my ass here 🤣🤣

  30. Angela Crane

    I’m sorry but for me it missed the mark

  31. Natália Castilho

    Música top demais

  32. TheInvisibledesign

    Love Nathalie’s wolfdogs also in this power full Song❤️

  33. Belinda Harding

    Just beautiful!!

  34. Helen Coogans

    This so beautifull 😊😇😇❤❤🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  35. Rachael Ellis

    No words can describe how amazing and epic pink is fantastic human 😇

  36. Blazenka Blazevic

    Wow I got goosebumps watching thus💓P!nk rocks 🤘🤘❤️

  37. Adam H.

    the blocking in the end is horrible. how the fuck are they gonna put a camera shadow on her lol somebody getting fired.

  38. DRW

    All goosebumps

  39. dion bergin

    Not an angel yet, need a lot more work. Can be a god, I have the godhood back. I have aspects, 4 of them. But I can do more good

  40. Cristina R. Cris


  41. pauline harris


  42. Jackie Phillips

    Wow! What a song! My favourite!!! As soon as you started singing it gave me the shivers ❤️ Your voices are incredible!

  43. Brian Love

    These are real artist

  44. Andy Daly

    Quite simply a masterpiece... Outstandingly brilliant, gives my goosebumps goosebumps.... Spine-tingling..... ❤️❤️❤️

  45. R K

    Hola a todos, ¿conocen a esa mujer grosera llamada 'Pink' que se cayó de un columpio y maldijo durante su concierto masculino / lésbico? Oh, fue degradante para la pobre Pink caer de ese columpio frente a miles de invitados, claramente no sabía cómo actuar o qué decir después de su caída de la gracia imperfecta. 🐽

  46. B G

    Sometimes if you really love someone you give them their freedom. Be the bad guy so they can have a chance to be whole.

  47. Betsy Hernandez

    Pink my goddess. Can’t wait to see her in concert

  48. Marie Spiers

    This song brought me to tear because it is so true well it is fir me anyways

  49. To The Moon With Calvin

    This literally got me into tears😢❤thank you for such a special song

  50. Shane Drayton

    This was performed beautifully on the Brits last night it was a very moving performance we all need this right now I have a new found respect for pink over the past few years


    the wo;f love it pink still remember the humans nursing on heer

  52. CJ Hall

    This is possibly the most beautiful song ever that resonates with so many people for so many different reasons. I’m an introvert who has to be an extrovert, I’ve lost my sister and mother in the last few years, my 14 year relationship broke down, I’ve sold my house and am moving. Depression is my occasional visitor. I’m closing my eyes imagining myself in my new place safe and cosy on a daily but also sad I’m moving on from my memories.

  53. Lee Chinnery

    Absolutely beautiful.

  54. Marcelo Saitta

    It’s a beautiful and meaningful song... so rare nowadays...


    Love it 😻🥂🎵Great song another brilliant clip 💜

  56. Vita Caradonna


  57. Evencio De la Cruz Monfil

    Pink para el próximo súper bolw!!!!

  58. Theo Annang

    interesting visual concept......it is refreshing to watch

  59. Sun Flower

    When AD sells your life to the illuminati, she sold our souls

    1. Sun Flower

      Evil! for no reason

  60. ArgChica

    Came here for Pink but wow he surely made me stay as well. Beautiful is not enough of a word.

  61. 33cohort

    This is just so incredibly beautiful from two artists I adore, speaking to my soul seeming to know exactly how I feel and think... another shy introvert who puts on a mask in an attempt to 'be normal' but aches to run away and hide. I've watched this so many times, the first time the tears had already started by the time I saw the dogs... then I just completely lost it, as both of my dogs were in hospital at the time (they are thankfully ok!)

  62. marcus mall

    fantastic song you,s both are great artists would love you to do another song together or even a album together

  63. King Enow

    ukup.info/loft/rN2nmHag0mZolZs/v-deo.html 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂

  64. King Enow

    ukup.info/loft/naylmqSSvX6sr6c/v-deo.html 🐂🐂

  65. Akynahs

    I love anything "P!NK"🌺

  66. Janette Fernley

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!

  67. Richard Mcdonagh

    truly amazing x

  68. Jennie Rasaq

    My dad died on april 26 2021 and this song is the only way I can explain how I feel about it......thank you for helping me express my feelings to my kids x x x

  69. Lucy Anna Nixon