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  1. Anakin Skywalker

    Well that's terrifying

  2. محمد الكناني

    I love you songogo 🥰😚🤗😍😌☺️😊😘

  3. Susana García


  4. •Dino Nuggies•

    I wishhh

  5. Syther chain7

    God i want it

  6. elizabeth matos

    Mis 3 anime favorito XD 👍👍😎😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. canal kópiah

    Deve custar mais que um rim

  8. Mateo gamer

    Goku le ganaa

  9. Karl Fitzgerald

    I Wonder How Much She’s Making Off Of This

  10. Mia Ojeda

    Te a quedado perfecto


    Corazooooooooooooon Kisamaa doflamingooooooooo!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  12. Max Graf

    Bois, I know everyone is here for the milkers, but what version of the prelude ost is this, i need it

  13. Rudolf Erasmus

    I saw boa hancock

  14. Andrés Lolo

    Te quedo maravilloso

  15. 뺩삡뺩


  16. Joseiton Docs

    Mais um doente

  17. Nezuko kamado

    Is cuteee and pretty 💕

  18. Alejandro Perez Jose Miguel 1A

    Paso tip de que este vídeo si es cierto, lo intente en mi mundo y funcionó, gracias bro

  19. えいも


  20. Charlie Bell

    Wonder how much money had to be dropped on that

  21. Luis Angel Solis


  22. Ricardo Rebaixado


  23. Nueka Gold


  24. stu murph

    some artistic licence was used on the chest area 😂🤭

  25. Anthony Lusk

    How do I get one of theses

  26. Moses Gaddi

    I own the Thanos, but I have to admit, I love all those Easter eggs on Darkseid’s base. Just wish he was 1:4 scale.

  27. Dee -Sensei

    Super creepy

  28. Heaven J

    Your whole room looks expensive & I am having trouble affording a house & tattoos 😢

  29. Anime• fan•sensei111•

    They look alike

  30. Quinten Lujan

    I read these comments, thank god I thought it was just me who thought weird shit was about to happen

  31. Heaven J

    I havent been able to remember the name of the pens in the first second of the video....someone plz tell me what brand that pen is

  32. 【】はる【】

    土台デケェな…と思ってたら等身大!? めちゃ高そうだけどかっけぇ…

  33. Sarcrisis TV

    Song: flor- hero

  34. Jerin Bejoy

    *The quick fall just after he kissed the head was EPIC!* 😂

  35. John

    I would definitely ruin the hair 🤣😂..

  36. Санжар Галлавич

    у кого то сегодня будет секс

  37. Redhunter

    Honestly art tictoks are some of the only good ones

  38. Alanys Minecraft


  39. 6LeggedCyborg

    Yo that's sick, how tall and wide is that

  40. Redhunter

    Dude this is sick...and probably expensive

  41. K.P. Booker

    N just like that ... He'll never leave home again

  42. Simon P

    Wow, well impressive 👍

  43. Ganja TheGr81

    Wish I could get that at a smaller scale to paint

  44. Dan Reyes

    Poor statue needs help.

  45. RaiNation

    Bust, they said. Bust, he will.

  46. pratik vasani

    Won't some woke feminists find this stuff insulting to GAL GADOT.

  47. Nenad Cetvei


  48. Mike C.

    Where can I get one

  49. man with a child

    Tits are made bigger

  50. Renata Vitoria

    Gostei mais do Naruto sou fã do Naruto

  51. JoJo Soni

    Best thing about this video is the comments and all the hearts this guy is giving us all. Btw, best part of this gal gadot is the eyes. It's so full of life

  52. Willie Delvalle

    I couldn't even pay attention to the wonder woman statue.. He has a hell of a collection

  53. Syed tahir

    If No melons ,then no one would be interested in wonder woman

  54. Domz Rontale Vlogs

    I love gal that so amazing

  55. Mehmet 1923


  56. Christivn fernvndo Shvkur

    cum jar xd



  58. Андрей Балинт


  59. yojhukk

    where to get figures like that?

  60. bruh zapper

    Haha very funny now where do I buy 😡

  61. dan raz

    What is wrong with you? Why do you put everything on the ledge of your balcony? Why? Seriously, why?

  62. Subhadeep Haldar

    She is sooooo sexy

  63. Menudo Video No?

    Khalel Noou

  64. Envy ヅ

    Creep prob makes out w her fake toy

  65. Bluestar Gaming BD

    Simping detected

  66. Born2Legit

    Thumbnail made me think it was actually her

  67. Duy Anh Nguyễn

    So cool


    What would You do If they all fall down

  69. jimmyju76

    Not a total fan of its overall color, needs more gold, but that's [email protected]

  70. Duy Anh Nguyễn

    Verry nice

  71. Duy Anh Nguyễn

    Fan jiraya

  72. Meta Instincts

    Imagine some burglar comes at night and sees that standing there

  73. Lisda Lisda

    berapapa harga gundamnya?

  74. Gary s.

    Nice wander woman...Oooh ace if pone piece🤩

  75. JimJomBomb6265

    Where can you get that

  76. fkodn

    Fuck Gal Gadot and fuck Israel

  77. Illin Valladores

    looks like it would be Darkseid's hobby, but with real corpse

  78. Lara cybele


  79. Logan Vanderhoof

    Dude just unboxed the entire dceu