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  1. Jonathan brooks

    This shit hard.

  2. JayToSmoove

    I feel like an crip cause I can’t even trust my blood😪

  3. Yfn Nard

    Get it cuz

  4. I_ Mari


  5. James2080

    I'm just interested asf in that banshee🤙

  6. Bsm.jay

    We know what side meek on.OTF

  7. Nick Sloan

    Remember durk with no dreads and meek with them breads both came a long ass way shits crazy Long Live Dreamchasers & OTF !!!!!!!

  8. Amanda Burge


  9. Cameron X

    Durk been taking rappers songs lately.

  10. Alex Marrufo

    Meek mill hittin diffident 👑🔥

  11. Maitrik p

    Who else still listening to this in November-December

  12. Nathan Biggs


  13. Vincent

    This song better in GTA 6

  14. Cashkardi 00

  15. Timothy Solomon

    Where can I find that snupe freestyle!

  16. kson566

    That beat is the sound track from defeat to the road of glory

  17. kaden Najak

    The fact Gucci gang has more views then this shows us the downward spiral we are going in

  18. Somanda Wallace

    Fuck Cuando rondo

  19. brittany munroe

    put that shit on repeat!!

  20. Mr don’t play

    Satan and his workers know they be flexing stay woke..

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🌬

  21. Sharon Jackson

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Road 2 Riches Sharon & Ebony

  22. marie hill

    Hold u head up God speed

  23. Tomas Landeros

    My uncle just past and I dedicated this banger to him he was a true soldier in these trenches 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🌬

  24. Jane Marry

    now im doing crack, just kidding lol

  25. Antsy Drip


  26. Sean Will

    Puff daddy was rat so he’s a mouse 🐁

  27. Naomi Davis


  28. Samiyahh Da bidd

    Y’all sleepin on ma manz meek.

  29. mooch mooch

    Pop a pill 💊 put this on repeat I bet you your demon 😈 come out💯

  30. soinhu foitu

    I rock with meek mill heavy!!!

    1. soinhu foitu

      Excellent video. Keep it up!?

  31. Charelle Jones

    I legit have listened to this song everyday since it dropped.....I Love This Meek

  32. Team Seven

    Feel like a crip I can't even trust my blood. Damn that cut deep

  33. Yaseen Gaffoor

    Is it me or is meek just skinny here?

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🙏

  34. Shaq M

    Team #DURKIOOO show some love 💯

  35. will FRIEDEN

    I feel bad you can see the tears and pain on durks eyes 🥺

  36. Jeremiah Reyes


  37. Lory Opack


  38. Carlos Antúnez

    yo no sabía de esa canción

  39. Brian Munroe

    Meek going hard🥶

  40. EL CHASE

    Meek & Durk sicko mo style.....These Brothers Bodied This Shit...

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🖤🖤❤️


    Pain away ✌️✌️✌️

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🌬

  42. HoodRich Podcast Host: Rico del Barrio

    The real meek #meekseason

  43. Lawrence Wesley

    I'm going to assume that all of the 570 dislikes was an accident!

  44. Charles Epps-Darden

    This beat makes me nostalgic I really love this song 💯🔥

  45. Unreleased Music

    Wheres a boogies part? Wheres roddy rich art?😭

  46. Sacramento


    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🌬

  47. Ghost 7

    They say the Dugg came on with the whistle🔥

  48. Carlos Sanchez

    This shit is 🔥bro may GOD bless you and your family

  49. Kkogtucth Khuobg

    I'm writing this to raise awareness and expose bill gates for what he's become he is heavily invested in the WHO him and tedros are personal friends he disguises himself as humanitarian philanthropist he sees covid-19 as a opportunity to categorize every individual on the planet first by vaccinating everyone then placing a ID chip beneath our skin that stores our medical records giving him the ability to track everyone at all times hes well on his way to being the most powerful person on the planet with a ultimate goal of depopulation it's because of this man that there's a strong resistance against taking the vaccine it's because of this man that the citizens of this world loose more faith in world health organization with each passing day as there corruption is brought to light I think he believes he's some kind of Demi god talking openly about mass genocide to depopulate the planet. Testing experimental vaccines on children from third world countries resulting in countless deaths of innocent people mostly children long before we were faced with this pandemic there was no repercussions or justice for the people that passed away because bill gates stuck a needle in there arm and experimented on them like lab rats the reason why he gets away with murder is primarily because he bribes everyone he has to to get what he wants and avoid prosecution if we allow this to happen and do nothing bill gates get his way he will be responsible for more deaths then Hitler in world war 2 copy and post every where this fight the new world order fight the great reset

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🌬

  50. Jacques Eugene

    Dropp dropp drop

  51. Slok Realerz

    My pain away like✔️✔️✔️

  52. Kyle Reed

    Lil durk an amateur, everybody knows you wash the blood with hydrogen peroxide to destroy the enzymes in the bloodstains that make the stain apparent

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🌬

  53. Drug Lord

    The way "pain away" sound I could've sworn I heard that before

  54. Ian Baker [Student]

    I thought this was drakes song damn

  55. All Worthy

    Hanging with the real want hang with names today =Durk

  56. Estraya Pinske

    Nicki stay fine

  57. Prettylightskin Mcqueen

    Love me some meek the realest don’t sugar coat sh-✊🏾🙏🏽🙏🏽💯

  58. Pistol Parkway

    I seen my brother die he died the stranger way I know ya ain’t even get that 💯 RIP VON LODB

    1. Loot Chaser

  59. Ulises Rodriguez

    Yo fuck all them people saying meek yell to much he the only one with the blues vibes

    1. Loot Chaser

  60. Mike Crew

    R.I.P 👑 Von 🙏🙏🙏

    1. NSG YoungStunna ❤️❤️

  61. ak_life mai


  62. Messiah187mob

    Nikki meek 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  63. Chinmoy Pinnock

    🔥 🔥 🔥 still one of my fave after 2 years

  64. Trevor Games!


  65. Tyrone Mitchell


  66. Trevor Games!


  67. Midora Kat

  68. King_Jay2000

    I can’t stop thinking about how Durk wrote his verse wayyyyyy before king von died and now when he says “seen my brother die, he died a stranger way”

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🌬

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  70. Shedd Gilliard

    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥 in 2020!!!!

  71. Kingme

    I heard, they say they gon see me on the way down, but I’m really on the way up, I see’em Tell’em say stay up! 😏

  72. Chris S

    I caught a case and I just want these pain to go away!

  73. Davonte Fleming

    Sipping 1942 with my .40 tuck felt that one lol 😆

  74. Triqster


  75. D-CEE


  76. D-CEE


  77. Mbewe Lembani

    Meeks been that nigga from the hood and still that nigga..............get money

  78. Tank Ola

    Durk Jewelry Shine Different

  79. Darren Cunningham

    only rapper that can do this

  80. Alexandra Domingos

    2020 ❣️Listen From Angola 🇦🇴