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  1. Zeeshan Khan

    What is this

  2. Gaurav Sharma

    What is this paste called?

  3. Ghost Wehrmacht

    Наебка, петля все равно отвалится, пластина останется на месте

  4. geebeefreebee

    I opened a bottle with a rubik cube stand and he struggles with this

  5. shahid khan

    Ye kahan se mele ga?


    Well i guess this is better than “Nail repair” videos which don’t even make sense

  7. Dean Zinter

    You should have put a fire cracker in first!

  8. Emmanuel Alva

    I would say that a fix. Putting a piece of duct tape over would’ve had the same function

  9. 19-234 Harish

    What is name of that paste

  10. Michael Pincavitch

    Unless you sand the metal first, don't plan on it staying on !

  11. alison oliveira

    What name this song?

  12. Johnny Schenk


  13. Holden Afart

    That plate prob cost more then the whole cabnet.

  14. Proto- Bean

    Ever heard of using your fingers to guide it?

  15. Umino Iruka

    Bruh how you gonna get it off after the screws in 😂😂 Even metal cant get it off ✋

  16. bernie handie

    donde puedo comprar el pegamento y como se llama

  17. Abdulhadi Algohani

    Nice aida

  18. Bijaya Godar

    How to get this

  19. scoobafloom

    Yeah no.

  20. Daily Grow

    I like these craftsman videos 😍

  21. Binod Thapa

    Ka kina pauxa malai vandin na

  22. Elias Rosa barbosa

    Onde acho essa cola pra comprar?

  23. Binh Nguyen

    Tôi cần mua ở đâu????

  24. Виталий Лавренюк

    А пустоту куда денишь?

  25. Manorama Tathe

    Bhai tile nikal ne ki ye mation kaha se laye

  26. Elias Rosa barbosa

    Onde acho pra comprar?

  27. 石橋ひろゆき

    please safety cover、、、

  28. Weng

    What is the name of the song :)?

  29. Jim Lahey

    Why is tile being put on top of sand?

  30. J One

    How about don't cut it

  31. felipe pantoja

    Trauma dessa música e da voz de burro: “E aí pessoal!”

  32. Alan Noble

    Have a hard time sleeping? Glue your eyes, nose and mouth shut.

  33. hamzoot

    Makes no difference the clean up is the same, in fact it makes it more annoying because you can see how square you are drilling

    1. Dan Hopkins

      Makes a huge difference. Its for drilling ceilings so it collects all the falling dust. He is just showing an example (in a stupid way).

  34. reema bk

    By using this you need many drilling machine as how many screws do you want to be screwed😂

  35. Fahmi Idris

    Kalau beli online merk lem nya apa

  36. Nitin Chaudhary

    Eas Ka name kya h

  37. Romeo Dario Chiu

    Where we can buy and how much? Tks

  38. la oficina

    Debería por lo menos ponerse unos guantes

  39. Siti Nurhasanah

    Bisa beli dimana lem itu?

  40. Александр Рахлеев

    Шайтан! 👍👍👍

  41. Psycho K

    So cool!

  42. TEAM MAKERS boys

    Require this product

  43. Raben Meister

    MUTTERN SPRENGER In Deutschland wird einfach drauf gehauen mit Gewalt

  44. Christopher Shin

    I N N O V A T I O N

  45. uncertified

    Lol fucking idiot.

  46. Daniel Velez Diaz

    ....or avoid that particleboard wood,...use pvc instead....

  47. Rael C

    This what happens when u skip school

  48. Power6


  49. Srt 8

    Only reason why I won't like this is because I already did it before the video

  50. KEV1N

    Was expecting ramen

  51. tushar gurav

    Wait ! What's the rate do there?

  52. Hüseyin Yaman

    Ez game

  53. SEAMUS G

    Total fail😂

  54. Sunil Solanki

    Ese mavaye kese

  55. Андрей Спиридонов

    Здрасьте. С вами Даня Крастер

  56. Вадим Жильцов

    Когда ты рукожоп...

  57. Francesco Alibrandi

    Name of glue

  58. Ikhwanzz1

    Rather get new screws for 5 bucks

  59. Joel Sampson

    *shows strength of magnetic drill bit by drilling into an empty beer* “mY bEeR hAs MetAl iN iT”

  60. Zaher Rajae

    cement + glue = super glue

  61. vloev

    Nah Don't

  62. Servus Huso

    At least he didn't put a firecracker in it

    1. Amir Barbieri

      This comment is underrated. 😂

  63. Parmar Sunil

    My reply is ... Why..?😂

  64. Char Poubhh

    The mouse 🐭 down right it’s awsome 3D

  65. It's Arlind Gashii

    I'm From KOSOVO

    1. Zigauner

      Kosova je SRBIJA

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  68. Enes Özköse

    Can this fix my broken heart

  69. DIY Fans

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  70. Jacqueenie

    Does nobody want to talk about the 3d rat

  71. 西森寛


  72. Pencilbender

    Commercials. Feck.

  73. DIY Fans

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  74. Daniel Bunag

    Ok that's nice!

  75. Giuseppe Usa

    Won't work hahaha

  76. hans mūeller

    Yep. That'll hold up

  77. Saqib Naim

    Which paste is this?

  78. Jack Harrison

    They have magnetic drill bits already...... and how does one get the screw off the magnet...... AND to top it all off drill no pointed straight = drill no work good

  79. Akshay Prajapati

    So what was the point of burning those crackers?