I’m Roman Atwood, this is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and daughter Cora, along with my wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on UKup since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all!

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  1. TTV Sledge

    Have been checking back everyday since this was posted

  2. VoltXxShot2


  3. fv17l

    Gongrats ❤️

  4. JamesGoneGoaty

    10:34 Illuminati confirmed👍🏾

  5. india dodson

    I completely forgot she was pregnant until I saw this

  6. sonnyd

    Congrats guys

  7. Myriah Cote

    Omg congratulations! I missed so much

  8. Dino Nuggs

    Who is watching this in 2021

  9. Kalie Hoes

    I love the name! I’m so happy for you guys! Ugh every time I see a UKup having their baby, it just makes me want mine here so bad. He’s almost here. 2 and a half months and man is it going by so fast lol

  10. Johnny Orrand

    I was 15 pounds I'm big

  11. david wall

    Good blessed y’all 🙏🙏


    Knox like Knoxville I love it

  13. qt_ sap

    Can you please do constant post i love you guys

  14. Bill Green

    He only makes videos for his family

  15. Christine savage fam

    Needs a redo in finland

  16. Joseph Arias

    I lost my dog a month ago he was 13 and was attacked I feel guilty about it

  17. DilVac


  18. Tony Kile


  19. SheLuvGreen


  20. Tanya King

    Wait why do they have socks on

  21. bofooit gojo

    The “you’re beautiful you’re one of a kind smile more” makes me emotional ❤️

  22. TyLeana Faith

    True fans remeber when he first built the fish tank😌✨


    another edition to the family

  24. Adam Jones

    Congratulations guys. As for the 2.5k dislikes grow up.

  25. Kobe Smith

    feels good watching this in 2021 cuz it was the good ol days

  26. Salt Water Reef Fishing

    Congratulations To both of you well desirve, thanks 🙏 god everything went well with mom and 👶! Miss you guys, hope you guys can resolve what ever is going on your life on the best terms. Blessings!

    1. bofooit gojo

      Hey my name is Luke that put a smile on my fave

  27. Angel Ortiz

    i love love love the name. if i ever have a boy, knox was one of my names i picked. congratulations❤️

  28. thatone3kidd

    16 now........wow

  29. Logie Bear

    Whas bigger than Dubai

  30. Sarah Galley

    Yes. I've had bad panic attacks because of covid. I've had bad anxiety and got angry. I had a cast on my arm for a broken wrist and felt the exact same as I googled my symptoms with my pains with my wrist.

  31. Jessica Kittle

    Omg he's so adorable congratulations

  32. CyberWolf 5 7 8

    Knox’s birthday is just a day after mine :)

  33. Daniel Mathieson

    Can’t believe this was 7 years ago where has the time went Smile more

  34. Nolan Knox

    My full name is Nolan Reiley Knox no joke I promise. Congratulations guys

    1. Nolan Knox

      Can’t wait for the future videos with him and the other kids. My brother said you should give my stuff because you used my last name lol he’s crazy . Hope I can see you guys one day.

  35. Jonathan Vosberg

    I love you guys so much

  36. Logie Bear

    Damn I forgot how loud these things were in arenas when I went to shows

  37. Willie Nutter

    Congrats Roman!

  38. Landen Armstrong


  39. CRIS __

    Hawk looks different

  40. Emily's Simple Glam

    Im Happy to hear you both are Healthy. And that your both ok. Love watching your videos still.

  41. Moulton_Nitro

    I havent heard Romans voice in 1.5 year

  42. Mike Mic

    How beautiful thank you for these moments from day one till the end of this

  43. gaming with ashton

    Its been so long❤

  44. Gaming Marker

    Dang I got a month till my baby brother is born 🥰 May god bless you guys and be safe 🙏🙏

  45. Gaming Marker

    O my goodness

  46. Emily Isaacs

    tem britne

  47. Cole Bisel

    Why did vitaly choke his mom while hugging her 😬😬

  48. Emily Isaacs


  49. MerchantNate

    I was looking threw UKup and saw this and was like, WTF they having another bAbAy

  50. Kobie hyer _

    Anyone watching in 2021

  51. Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel UKup

  52. Jerry R

    Cool vlog on channel UKup

  53. Briana Rose

    Coming back after 4yrs and seeing Zeus is making me emotional 😭 wow, it’s crazy how time flies

  54. Strickland Series

    I like fishing 🤙

  55. Strickland Series

    I like fishing

  56. Crystal H

    Congratulations Knox is absolutely adorable!!

  57. cody alves

    its the aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu for me 1:01:30 for me

  58. luke lighty

    Hey my name is Luke that put a smile on my fave

  59. Outdoors Or die

    Yep wish I could change my name lol

  60. Zach Evans

    Literally in my town

  61. Cindy McGregor

    Can you do that for me I love your videos

  62. Luis P

    I had my son last November named him Luke.

  63. FBI survalence truck 69

    I came back after 5 years and wow

  64. Legendarki Fortnite

    So r I gonna start uploading normally

  65. Lee Bro

    He’s going to get stuck

  66. Braeden Lipscomb

    Anyone here from Unspeakables vlog?

  67. Jess T.

    Unfortunately Knox is pretty common now too. However, still a strong name!!! One of my friends twins is Knox!

  68. Miranda Lourance

    I’m on your side Romain

  69. Yfrit

    My name is Luka whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy