40 MPH Pinewood Derby Car- HOW TO

Mark Rober

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    How to build a 40 MPH (slightly illegal) Pinewood Derby car.
    If you want to know how to make a car that is actually legal that still dominates the competition, here y'are: ukup.info/loft/ZLbMgKl_mWSxzIk/v-deo.html

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    1. Umar Ali

      Please make a self solving rubix cube

    2. Hammyboi Gaming

      Gas gas gas

    3. Squish125

      Can I somehow do something similar to my bicycle?

    4. Outdoor Daily

      Thats how we were told to do it in school, we used screw in loops and fishing line to keep them centered. Sometimes the line snapped and the car raped your shins but, thats hallway pinewood jet car racing.

    5. noname0734

      guys welcome 2021

    6. Almir Ansari

      What did he use for jet propulsion

    7. Nolan Hartman

      Your car needed a spoiler

    8. Lachydachydoo

      Pinewood bulders comp

    9. Diego Dominguez

      1:10 "If I don't finish, no one finishes"

    10. Mathias Reschauer

      If you placed the cartridge farther to the front it would stabilize the car far more. In one of the clips you can see the front of the car dramatically lifting upon acceleration, which might contribute to that massive 60% failure rate. Only a hypothesis though.

    11. Rayhan Ashraf

      The car is drifting on the fail. Lots of style.

    12. GcubePlayer 8

      I don't see what's wrong with your car

    13. Jouke Teck

      It is against the spirit of the competiton Me Who worked at the Jet Propulsion Lab for Nasa:Bruh

    14. teo shaoxuan

      The orphan obliterator v2.0

    15. Jariah Freeman

      in slow mo in the last round it looks like mark rober's car hit the other car

    16. ryan

      inly 500 comments?

    17. Jackwawesome W

      Who needs 2017? It’s 2020!

    18. SoldierGus

      I'm in Cub Scouts when I do pinewood derby I always lose give me a list please

    19. Catacorn Dragoons

      that car is like "if i cant win no one can"

    20. Nancy Stern

      I am a cub scouts.

    21. dimeen

      Just watch out, if you go any faster Baby Fart Mcgeezax will come and make you build him one.

    22. Synbaxviro 007

      1:09 get rekt

    23. Alex Utterback

      Pinewood derby: *exists* Mark Rober "NYOOM"

    24. Chara Dreemurr

      1:11 If you can’t win, sabotage

    25. Sam B

      Yo I remember when this was made now he gets like 30 million views per video

    26. Darkdracox

      Anyone get instant flashbacks to that SouthPark episode?? HAHA

    27. Victor I

      But what was it’s acceleration?

    28. Fiona McGee

      God I hope my future husband is a sciencey boy

    29. Ashok Maheshwari

      dude you just ruined pinewood derby WHY

    30. TheYeetShiba

      I think that wasn’t allowed for some random reason.

    31. Userboypop Pop


    32. Mustafa Ali


    33. Beacon Blaster

      Gas.. Gas.. Gas.. (literally)

    34. Evan Nagy

      I remember building pinewood cars for a woodworking class I had in Middleschool. Only we had to use co2 cartridges, and it was a level, 15 ish foot track

    35. tholly

      This got into my recomeneded i like mark rober but 6 YEARS AGO THO bruv i was like 5 mate

    36. Patricia Wielk

      This is when I really want to be a NASCAR race

    37. la speedy boi


    38. omega win

      I swear thats the building i had my pinewood Derby in when i was in cub scouts 6 years ago.

    39. alkoajko


    40. Jason The Puppy Lover

      Anyone watching this in 2020?

    41. Wowzer Bowser23

      Thank you mark I put it on and won and got first place for the most creative but thanks anyway

    42. dà4kñ75 76

      Step 1, attach propulsion. Step 2, ??? Step 3, profit!

    43. Lisa Briggs

      Step 1: 0:18 Step 2: 0:23 Step 3: Profit!

    44. Billy 151

      1:03 IF I CANT WIN NO ONE CAN!!!

    45. Stephen Powell

      There must be lots of pinewood derby cars with jet propulsion at the music festivals I go to. I see than canisters everywhere

    46. Danny pjr

      We made co2 powered cars in my technology class in high school and would go to other schools around the state for regional meet then state then nationals it was kinda like FFA but for all kinds of tech stuff like I even did bridge and trusses that were judged by how much they weighed vs how much they held

    47. Camo Flauge

      6 years ago in pinewood derby I looked up pinewood derby cars and that’s when I started watching this channel

    48. Ali Murtaza

      0:15 zoommmm!!!!!!

    49. Lakienphat La


    50. noslen morejon


    51. Luke Yin

      I feel like if you put the hole in the middle of the car, it will work better. Because if you have the co2 cartridge in the back, the front will lift up.

    52. MilkManKarl009


    53. Spencer Caldwell

      1:02 NOT UP IN HERE

    54. Axeu Mon

      Deja vu

    55. soldier piggy


    56. Small Pajamas

      When Vtec kicks in

    57. Jose G.

      1:02 co2 car performed shingo's doboruu crashuu

    58. Draven Theodore


    59. Frank Huang


    60. Handsome Harold

      needed more of an angle

    61. meowsles shadow

      Comment 425

    62. doggo


    63. Gravel

      Blue and green car : supercar No painted car : riced honda civic

    64. falsehashtags

      When I did the Linwood derby I was given the best driver award. I didn’t put in a driver, and my car didn’t drive strait

    65. SaltyToes

      I once found a c02 cartridge at school

    66. Snail066 Snail 06

      1:05 Bell Crano coming at ya!

    67. Happy_CGO

      And here I've been using those to make whipped cream 😂. Wondering if those ear piercing things have enough pressure to pop them🤔

    68. Yuhboi Morgan


    69. Midwestern Railfan

      I have a CO2 car that was super slim and lightweight until the powerhouse, so I thought it wasn't gonna go as fast but it won all of it's races (only 2) and it took 0.713 seconds to get from one side of the track to the finish line. (the track was about 1/3 the size of the width of a school gym)

    70. Vishnu Akundi

      I don't get how you lost.

    71. Jackie Aponte


    72. Jackie Aponte


    73. BroMan

      Image you spent hours building a really good car just to be beaten by Mark

    74. FinnyYT


    75. FinnyYT


      1. FinnyYT


    76. Veronica Kolbasuk

      I got 192.3mph

    77. Wade Wilson

      So you made a really bad CO2 car but called it a pinewood derby car. Cool story bro?

    78. ItzHazza

      395th comment Btw great vid

    79. Alek Thompson

      A burger goes faster than that a burger goes 100mph

    80. Custom Crawlerz

      I built a Battery operated Derby Car back in 2012 for our Parents "open class" race.. The car has not lost an entry yet, but I do not accept the winning trophy as my car goes back up the track faster then the cars come down it. (we tested it) I have never actually checked the actual speed of it though. Good stuff..

    81. Tyler Cash

      #27 of the binge

    82. Rose Hathaway

      Pi i K Yez Yet 1777

    83. Reg Sordenstone

      Maybe if you remove enough weight to compensate for the cartridge, it would be more legal?

    84. comment bot : 15

      Not l0 mins

    85. Atharva Choudhary

      As it uses co2 cartridge It is polluting

    86. That Native King

      Former NASA Scientist uses jet-propulsion to best kids in a pinewood car contest.

    87. Koby Hadley

      I’m making a car like that except it races against others cars powered by co2 it’s a dragster

    88. Don't Look At My Profile Picture

      Pleeeaaassseee ccccaaaannnn ssssomeone tell me why you need an electric stapler not an ordinary one

    89. ayden the s10 man

      The green car at 0:16 looks like my old pinewood derby car

    90. Cringe boi

      Dont tango wuth the rango

    91. Starlord5503 S

      I won two derby races in first for two years

    92. Colin Hubick


    93. DaPogBoi

      Now hope another derby car racer didn’t see this

    94. Josh D

      We used to get these cannisters as kids and buy a whole heap of sparklers and take all the dust off em put it into a tin shove the cannister in the middle use another sparkler to as the wick to light it on fire they make cool fireworks just have to be careful and run a fair distance away

    95. KatieandKevin Sears

      My parents did a model rocket engine in a pinewood car back in the 80's. They launched it up the track. It almost killed one of their friends. NEVER EVER DO THAT!

    96. Nathan Pfirman

      im in cub scouts

    97. Batchoy Dator

      An 80 KM/H Pinewood Derby Car?

    98. phraro


    99. Top cheap reviews

      dear Mark I know with is like every other message you get saying 'I am your biggest fan' but it isn't I was asking about a sponsorship for a f1 is schools competition we won it last year and we will win it again. we would also be asking you to lend us some brain power in aerodynamics. thanks Sam ps you could make a video out of it

    100. Kathy Thaller

      How did you do this.