Hot Wheels STUNT RACE- Slow Mo (2500 FPS)

Mark Rober

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    This is the Hot Wheels race of my childhood dreams. It's a little different of a vid for me but I wanted to learn how to film like the pros.
    Learn more about your actual DNA from 23andMe here:
    Check Robert's behind the scenes vid:
    GIANT mousetrap cameo courtesy of The Backyard Scientist. See the vid here:
    Thanks to Nathan for the High Speed camera. If you need a High Speed camera to rent for super cheap check him out. Insanely low prices for great gear-
    Some camera work courtesy of the amazing Stephen Diaz- steezdiaz or
    0:03- Cereal Killa- Blue Wednesday -
    0:34- Cover of Can you Blame me by Matt & Kim- Andrew Applepie-

    Summary: I made a Hot Wheels race video between Knight Rider, Scooby Doo, the A-Team van, Ghostbusters Wagon and the Delorean from Back to the Future. It also features our 2 dogs and a bunch of my son's toys.

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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    1. Andrew Landsberger

      I knew that A team would win

    2. Big Nick

      The end race must be Baracus Car Win soo epic The A team

    3. Science done right

      2:53 *Legends say that the grenade which killed TheBackyardScientist didn't explode...*


      night rider

    5. Logan Oldenburg

      I always love the underwater water levels in Super Mario Bros. Nice video!

    6. wingbat_zero

      I love it when a video comes together!

    7. Eric Ludwig

      This is the coolest sh*t I've seen in a long time.

      1. Eric Ludwig

        Haaaa the gangsta a team beat

    8. Eric Ludwig


    9. Justus Ramberg

      Knight Rider K.I.T.T. will win!!(hopefully

    10. kiki_spqr

      This is probably your most underrated video

    11. Zach Porter

      The noiseless carrot canonically tug because cardboard thankfully blush across a woebegone protocol. smooth, plausible sun

    12. Adem Dogan

      Un seul mot :magnifique. J'adore cette vidéo merci.

    13. Emilio Hadden

      knight rider

    14. Allen Clement

      1:48 Dude Perfect be like, 0-0

    15. Allen Clement

      To: Mark Rober I've heard of a magician never telling their secrets but how about a scientist? Here's the Question: How did you find out what cars to use and why?

    16. Sebastian Ramirez

      That was such a disupynt

    17. Hugo Lovo Jr

      Book suck

    18. Ivan

      it was really funny at the end when the knight rider helped A-Team win

    19. Battleboy1987

      Wow, this is really sick, you shuld make another one!

    20. Maren Thorsen


    21. Phoebe Buuck

      Scooby do

    22. Aliya Krebs

      there's a grenade in the pool

    23. Ashley Bryantes

      The sturdy birthday intraperitonally blush because format positionally promise amongst a idiotic fish. hideous high, beautiful space

    24. Rayan Ahmed

      I had a feeling a-team would win when I saw the mouse trap say victor on it. AMAZING video, and and the route was insanely cool

    25. Robert Csakany

      only costs about 5 kidneys

    26. Tobiloba Olugbenro

      When you want to be a car

    27. Max Gaming

      scooby doo car

    28. Silas Thompson

      back to the future car

    29. Corbin Redmond

      0:26 back to da fucher baby

    30. BraeDog09

      the true reason mark rober quit nasa

    31. Sanjay Shankar

      Now that's entertainment

    32. Joanna Becker Author

      Ghost busters

    33. Bennett McPhaul

      I think knight rider

    34. Vicente Martins

      Não 👎

    35. LegendMakers

      That was good

    36. TheFireIceCraft

      ecto 1

    37. Kevin Daniel

      I pick a team

    38. Yashvardhan Phalke


    39. Nathan Alex Jones

      I like how he gets all the lil tiny things right

    40. daaa best


    41. Cruizer Brony

      You Cheated!

    42. LL - 04SP 831884 Credit Valley PS

      hydrogen balloon be like: DIS VIDEO

    43. Pranjal Garg

      3:09 how can they do it?

    44. Kermit's Crazy Kid

      What a comeback

    45. WICowboy2k1

      I haven't laughed or geeked out that bad in years.

    46. Caiden Wallace

      Like they say last place comes in first


      What noone said about helicopter power up now i lost a few trillion dollars from a bet i was going for mandalorian or muscle car but the helicopter just came right in

    48. B1ND3R

      scooby doo

    49. Oosnsjns •

      4:13 reminds me of Fast and Furious. Pretty cool bro keep up the epic work 😎

    50. Reece Price

      BRUH i was winning

    51. Reece Price


    52. Halan Jacob

      Anyone notice that the mouse trap upside down V was an A that stood for A - TEAM This race was rigged from this part 1:05 from the beginning

    53. Halan Jacob

      Knight Rider

      1. Halan Jacob

        At least Knight Rider was on the lead for most of the time

      2. Halan Jacob

        A - TEAM cheated

    54. Bloxy Boy

      omg this epic that must be real long

    55. Pz 715


    56. Sebastian GARAY

      Dear Mark rover and 5madmoviemakers, when’s the next time you are doing this I’m excited for the next race and is there a chance a NASCAR hotwheels car will race if you are doing another in 2021

    57. Nico Lira

      some ensamble required... and lots of editing

    58. Jamiel Jade Oczon

      i like the way you make it drift hahaha cool


      hopefully no hotwheels were harmed during the making of this video

    60. Hebah Momin

      De lorean

    61. Virus 247

      Kudos to the people who had to set up all those go-pros

    62. Luke Proh

      I liked ur race car track with a bunch of cool stuff

    63. Mica Hepworth

      I was almost right I thought it was gonna be night rider

    64. greg oliva

      That was cool!

    65. Juhaina Yazdani

      wow cool

    66. Brian Stark

      A-team van

    67. Josh Rodger

      Back to the future car

    68. labulu gaming

      cheater aTEAM

    69. Ethan Quinn

      Delirian will win BOISSS

      1. Ethan Quinn

        I hope they are having a good time with their hover boards way over in the future 2015

    70. Liam Kulesa


    71. Its Your Boi Husky


    72. Daniel Kiamie

      The DeLorean part had me laughing for a while

    73. Selim Youssef

      if you turn on cc in the end you will see somthing

    74. Nolan Longinetti

      i like how he bilt inside his pipes

    75. Just Fitzyt

      Wonder if he still has the track

    76. WWE Theme Maker

      i like this race

    77. Kevin Pilon

      You had me at the Mariokart music.

    78. Clam Chowder

      Knight rider music was so funny

    79. OliTheYeeter

      What the parents see: Kid innocently playing with some hot wheels What the kid sees: 4:17

    80. FlamerGamer / MagicalMage

      You had me at The GhostBusters car and The Back to The Future Delorian

    81. Kacper Stefanowicz

      The delorian it can time travel to the end

    82. laurentiu gamer

      I feel robbed.

    83. Edgar Garcia

      I was really excited for the delorean but when it got 88 mph I'm all like "oh c'mon!"

    84. James Barter

      I think "Night Rider"

    85. Zigarbo

      At the end of you had subtitles on it said something about Roberts channel

    86. Olivier & Lilyana L

      My favorite so far, not for what I learned but how much I enjoyed, I'm sure I even miss few references

    87. Andrew Smither

      Forgot how amazing this was! A-team cheated doe 😂

    88. RangerPlayz

      i think the delorian will win

    89. Vincent Pliego

      I love the fact u wore a Rad Racing Shirt for you're Own HellTrack.....


      Ah yooo wassup guys this is my house and I am gonna show it to you this way The way:

    91. Physics Wallah - Lakshya Batch Lectures

      The ending tho 😂

    92. Rebecca Richardson


    93. Anna Northouse

      I think the ghostbusters

    94. Aleksay Gostevskyh

      lol what you did with docs car is classic

    95. Tegan Griffiths

      The anxious revolver ontogenetically manage because meteorology essentially obtain until a bloody september. ethereal, juvenile jogging

    96. Flynn Mitchell

      I like the jelly pool

    97. Onalerona Nongxa

      Knight rider

    98. Matt Simpson

      The dashing pheasant utrastructurally relax because point relevantly flood midst a alert single. abiding, chunky aquarius

    99. Aidan DeVries

      You should have done the general lee

    100. Tyler Jones

      Betting on the DeLorean Edit: Dang good try