Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club (Official Video)


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    Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club
    The New Album 'Chemtrails Over The Country Club' - Out March 19th
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    Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Chemtrails Over The Country Club. © 2021 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

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    1. Chris Willis

      🇯🇲🇯🇲chemtrails ✊🏼✊🏼🇯🇲🇯🇲

    2. Loes C

      This reminds me of the 1960’s and 2003 at the same time 😂

    3. Rare Vids

      She is just beautiful but type of songs she sings is just rediculous

    4. mehran420

      i love your songs

    5. Rare Vids

      Such a rediculous song do you call this a music really ?? 😂😂

    6. Josie L

      Why does it make me feel so uncomfortable in the beginning

    7. Rosie


    8. Gary Off

      постарела, вся седая

    9. Siddrah Alhindi

      The editing is crazy

    10. Özlem Atalay

      Six puan

    11. J T


    12. Özlem Atalay

      Hi 😠😬😡internet kesik aaaa😡😬😠😡😠

    13. king Ramzi

      What a Plot Twist

    14. Hihi LalaBoo

      The ending clip was so cool, if only it had a song of its own that was much darker and intense, I would have fainted.

    15. Andy Courtney


    16. Rita

    17. Crying Room


    18. M'sheArt2

      Romanizing chemtrails what an utter arse you are.

    19. Galaxi Woor-robloxina

      Es perfecta😍😍😍

    20. 100 XP

      Honestly I love Lana Del Rey. But she lost touch with this song. Booo.. it’s bad,



    22. Yikes

      эта песня отдаёт летним вайбом.......жду лето,чтобы идти гулять под этот хит 🤐

    23. Julie Branigan

      her voice is so beautiful it's mesmerizing

    24. Melisa Demircan

      Harika bir kadın 🤩

    25. Shreeti Mohapatra

      Damn why does this have only 10M VIEWS it deserves so much more

    26. Tyle Smog

      i know we cant but can we get coffee?

      1. Tyle Smog

        Alice thru the looking glass

      2. Tyle Smog

      3. Tyle Smog

        i like the jeweled face-mask with no filter a nice foreshadow

      4. Tyle Smog

        always brillent

      5. Tyle Smog

        i asked before i watched

    27. Jeff's comments

      Stunning song/video, this is going to blast Lana into the stratosphere...God blesses those who are brave enough to point out the truth/destruction being perpetrated on humanity.

    28. Hisham Abou Nasr Assaad

      I’ve been recreating Lana album covers with real life issues we’re facing in my country

    29. DARIUSAA1

      Lana is 6 studio albums in & still writing and recording refreshing content with a message. I only hope she writes us a music film for one of her next projects. She has so much to say about the intersection of classism and equality and i would love for her to explore that through her unique visuals.

    30. Anna Geist

      I love this song so much but not the mesh mask-

    31. ljušmi 1738

      i’m waiting for spring so i can sit in the car and ride into the sunset listening to Lana’s masterpieces... also, i always feel like i levitate when i listen to her songs.... It’s a kind of a detoxification

    32. Matthew Hewitt

      Love you Lana Del Rey, and this new Video is beautiful I love it especially the bit towards the end with the Wolf 🐺 💜

    33. K Chmura

      It’s a warning about the plan of the global elites. There’s a deeper message behind the “artistic aesthetic” she’s singing about chem trails for godsake and basically ignoring them. Ignorance is not bliss ya’ll. There’s a storm coming wake the fuck up

    34. Shilpa Kumari

      Pretty face with devil thoughts 😉😉

    35. Calista Thompson

      The pentagram drawn in the chemtrails.

    36. James Eastman

      I feel lucky to be alive and to witness lizzys art

    37. Storm Shadow

      Mommy, I'm scared... 😨


        Thats why her mask in the video is like that


        The mask is symbolic for how masks don’t do anything and the virus is fake, masks cause bacterial pneumonia

    38. Sara Islam

      She deserves noble prize on Literature ❤️, her extraordinary song writing quality always moves me

    39. Javier López

      I hope may these times of evolution and life projections are according to your expectations. Thank you for letting us know about your philosophy of life and healthy habits in your channel. It is a genuine, vintage, hilarious and interesting content. Goes a hug that aspires to know how to hug you, Lana. HEALTH, GOOD VIBES AND SUCCESSES!!


        I think her mask in the video is supposed to be symbolic for how masks don’t protect you from the fake virus. Masks cause oxygen deprivation (Hypoxia) and Bacterial Pneumonia, and people will get sick from wearing their masks and then go get tested and the inaccurate PCR test will show a false positive and they will be sick with what they think is Covid when they actually have Bacterial Pneumonia from their mask, that’s also why 94% of Covid deaths had underlining conditions, most of them had Bacterial Pneumonia, I also love Video Games. Also I never wear a mask because I don’t want to get sick and I know the virus is fake, I just tell them I have a medical exemption, they can’t kick you out because it’s protected by the Americans with disabilities act

    40. Zor Bey

    41. Teg

      they spray the shit out of our skies every day now they have us locked down and muzzled can't wait to wake up from this nightmare.


        I know how to shop without a mask, just go in unmasked and then when someone tells you that you have to have a mask on, tell them that you have a “medical exemption” or that you are exempt from wearing a mask because you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask. If they try to claim that it’s the law, simply tell them that it is not the law, it’s an Order, Orders are not laws and Orders have no Citable Offenses, an Order is just a recommendation, if they tell you that it’s store policy, tell them that they’re store policy is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, if they kick you out, you could sue them because they kicked you out under Discrimination, they kicked you out because you have a certain medical condition and they Violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. I’m not going to wear a disgusting mask and get bacterial pneumonia and Hypoxia just because everyone is scared of some fake virus that doesn’t even exist, masks are so unhealthy. Another thing is that some places like Walmart, Costco and I think Kohl’s even state that those with medical conditions or have trouble breathing with a mask on don’t have to wear one, I’ve been to public places over a hundred times unmasked and I’ve only been kicked out about 5 times. if they kick you out, go back to your car and call their corporate phone number and tell them that you got kicked out and you have a medical exemption, they will ask you what the location of the store is and they will usually call the store manager and tell them that they have to let you in without a mask on, I haven’t done this yet but if I do call them, I’m going to tell them I want the manager to apologize to me unmasked face time face and that if they refuse, I won’t be going back to that store again because I find it disrespectful when someone tries to talk to me through a filthy chemical-plastic satanic ritual shame device

    42. mitsuki

      petition for lana del rey to join the cast of american horror story

      1. Анюта Рыбакова

        Лана, это состояние души.

    43. mitsuki

      my moon’s is pisces and my capricorn is sun

    44. Tucker Nail

      where are the comments about the fishnet mask?


        The mask is symbolic for how masks don’t do anything and they actually make you sick and give you Bacterial Pneumonia which people will think is Covid and they will go get tested with the inaccurate 90% false positive PCR test and end up believing that they have Covid and they will get the vaccine which will end up killing so many people and screwing up everyone’s bodies, don’t take the vaccine

    45. loganletise

      im in awe this is beauti

    46. Jasmine Collins

      0:50 NOT THE LACE MASK

    47. Evelyn Semenyuk

      The Queen is back.

    48. Arturo Figueroa

      estoy esperando a dross para su analisis!!!

    49. James Woodcock.

      ¡Qué canción tan bonita! ❤️

    50. Celeste Perkins

      She had me going until she went all Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on me.

    51. Joe Mahma

      She is so truly an angel from an era long gone. Been dying for Ryan Murphy to put her in a beautiful show about the 50's or 60's. She would be the most glamorous housewife.

    52. Erya Mitchell

      This is beautiful

    53. RevelOrbit

      The MV has cool effects

    54. xMoTionzxx

      Anti satanism forever


        Never let satan deceive you

    55. Anita Dick

      You won’t play, you’re no fun



    56. Murat ertürk

      Bu nasıl bi şarkı nasıl bi klip be vicdansızın kızı 🩸

    57. spooky

      ok this video is EVERYTHING! I just smoked a huge bowl before watching & let me tell you I am SHOOK

    58. Rodolfo Pinheiro

      Uau, esse vídeo está tão incrível! Cenas e fotografias simplesmente muito bem feitas!

    59. Gabriel Barbosa

      Best music video

    60. Старик Алонс

      Кисонька,тебя даже из Беларуси слушают.

    61. SelenaXrare edits

      Baby 🌸🌸

    62. brenosse le brave

      Je la trouve tout à fait séduisante cette sorcière jusqu'à ce quelle sort les crocs, béh que dire le Diable a gagné cette manche et ils le savent et ne s'en cache pas, alors démarrent l'année sur des chapeaux de roues, le clip est même très bien travaillés très beau esthétiquement, j'ais du mal à repérer les symbolismes ésotériques qui sont moins explicite, même si le clip dans sont ensemble l'est.

      1. Raph


    63. Sandro Sanna

      Okay but whats her rising?

      1. Ace Buchanan


    64. V Ë K x

      We need LDR shirts of 3:10 👀✨💕

    65. Jacob Beattie

      How does all her music manage to sound the same?

      1. Ace Buchanan

        what song sounds like this?

    66. Lucas Vinicius

      Cured my cancer


        Marijuana, RIEF Frequencies, and Potassium & iron prevent and cure cancer, the true cause of cancer is deprivation of Potassium, Iron, and THC

    67. wnnalis cioov


    68. Eduardo Hdez Homá


    69. Lizzie Estelle

      This is what I needed 🙌 my Cancer is ☀️ and my Gemini is 🌒

    70. Flow Clew

      why are you so perfect

    71. Avril Fátima

      I love you so much, Queen

      1. wnnalis cioov

        I'm Leo too 🙂

    72. Avril Fátima

      Queen mother

    73. Eva Vraniçi

      UKup search recommendation: 'chemicals over the country club'

    74. Arima P

      I love it

    75. fleur webber

      i can’t even express my love for this woman

    76. Hellen Miranda

      eu já disse que te amo hoje? te amo

    77. Kendall H.

      it's like a beautiful combination of all my favorite aesthetics. love you x

    78. Alisson Moreira

      La verdad verdad, este horrible este vídeo

    79. Julo P.

      F...what going on?!

    80. Nomso Ahunanya

      Queen mother 🥰

    81. baby facade

      the vibe

    82. Wafa Boussah


    83. LM ML

      This girl deserves way more attention than Billie , although I love both of them. But anyways facts. Sad that my friends keep dissing me because I listen to Lana , they all saying that she is racist.. like no.

      1. Raph

        Do not listen to these retards judging you for your musical tastes.

      2. LM ML

        @Ragana Yeah I know, I argued with my friends because they told me that.. I don’t agree with them

      3. Ragana

        Wtf. Racist? That's the dumbest thing I've heard recently 🤦‍♀️

    84. jal amo

      so the chemtrails turned these girls into demon possessed vampire wolves or ...


        Yes, chemtrails make us sick to profit big Pharma

    85. Sabah Abdulameer

      I'm Leo too 🙂

    86. greyeyed123

      If "The Great Gatsby" morphed into "Twilight", lol.

    87. Sparkle life

      I don’t like this song and I’m a fan of Lana del ray. It feels boring and repetitive...

    88. Jungkooking Till I Die - 天使

      This is so calming lana mommy :')

    89. Beksultan Masitov

      💫 atmospheric song💛

    90. pablo hv

      ¡LOVE LANA DEL REY "Chemtrails Over The Country Club" SONG!

    91. Luis Zapata Padilla

      Who are you? Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies? Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them? I have I am fucking crazy But I am free

    92. Katherine

      I LOVE U, LANA

    93. White hot Boy Forever

      Damn, I'm so proud of you mom.

    94. Why are you stalking me

      I’ll always lover her

    95. Eurielle LAUER

      Anyone else here who didn't know about chemtrails before this song?


        I knew about them, they are real, you can even see them being turned on and off, like a plane will be flying and then the chemtrails will just stop, you can also sometimes see a plane spraying out a chemtrail next to one with a contrail and the planes will be the same size, the contrail instantly disappears and the chemtrail stays in the sky all day and slowly spreads out and fades away and makes the sky hazy and gray, how do people still think they are both contrails, it’s like people think they aren’t real just because the government says they aren’t real, just like if a school bully keeps licking on people and then he says he’s not picking on anyone, who would you believe

      2. siouxperb5570

        @Mike J Give me that link to the operation you reference if you can. I guarantee you it will be in regard to SRM or SAI research. Not the 'chemtrail' hoax. That is, if you can even find it in the first place.

      3. siouxperb5570

        @Mike J "sheep like you are why we are being slain" Yeah, how's that working out? Population rising. Not falling. Where is this "slaying" you're pretending happening? I can't stand sheep either. They parrot PROVABLY FALSE 'chemtrail' fantasies as if they could possibly even be real. They admit publicly that they have no knowledge of aviation, physics, atmospheric science or even basic math. Yet they are "in the know". It would be goddamned funny if it weren't so fucking sad that such stupid people exist.

      4. Mike J

        I can't stand the sheep.

      5. Mike J

        @siouxperb5570 sheep like you are why we are being slain. Wake up.

    96. J T

      Wowza Iv’e never seen so many Govt payed trolls in one place at one time pahahahahaaa Lana either on the run for real or this is their coming out party about SRM and are ready to comit to the global warming prevention story, either way there are some Very very dark messages in this vid regarding elite pe-do rings. She has sadly been trafficked herself but was fortunate enough to be unbelievably talented and influential. I pray this was a brave move by lana.

      1. J T

        Stfu you bellend

      2. siouxperb5570


    97. Arij Boudhief

      Lana I've been a an old fan of yours like over ten years maybe, I am not sure if you will read this, I enjoy your art and your music; however, the last couple of years, it seems like it is getting boring and repeating the same aesthetics and same style, I miss the old Lana vibe..

    98. Tőkési Judit


    99. Karwan S. Hasan

      coolest song of rey ever

    100. Jesus Hernandez

      this song is ass