Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)



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    Lonely is out now: smarturl.it/imsolonely
    Starring Jacob Tremblay and directed by Jake Schreier

    If you're feeling Lonely or know someone who is struggling, you can find resources and more at activeminds.org/lonely

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    Produced by Park Pictures
    Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
    Producer Cody Ryder
    DP - Jason McCormick
    Steadicam - Dana Morris
    Production Designer - Scott Falconer
    VFX - Chris Buongiorno
    Color Grading - Michael Rossiter @ The Mill

    #Lonely #ImSoLonely #JustinBieber #bennyblanco
    Music video by Justin Bieber, benny blanco performing Lonely. © 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records

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    1. jonnathan carabajal

      siempre espere esta cancion ... mi vida tu cancion .. thanks canada

    2. lua c

      Own ❤😥😥

    3. C.g.a


    4. Hevelyn geisa

      Man I love you so much!!!

    5. Angelina Schrader

      Lustig das alle englisch kommentieren 😂

    6. Jay Rollins


    7. orlando flores

      Smh they are gonna come for him, i don’t wanna hear about an accident or a suicide ...

    8. Steven Matthew

      The deVasTaTing Stigma WasnT E - mails * iT WaS diversity .... ( iii ) Mean you See WhaT You See * 👁👃🏻👁 * ... ... OuT - Side Okay 👍🏾*

    9. luis fonseca farfan

      Lo mejorrr

    10. Babalola Temiloluwa

      This song is about Justin and Hailey because they get a lot of mean comments ... most especially Hailey she is being hated on which affects her,and makes her feel insecure...we need to learn that what we say affects people

    11. Instaff laik

      Nss Mano tô chorando agr, imaginando como ele ou os outros artistas se sentem.

    12. Zepeto 김태형 KimTae-hyung

      Oh, so cool song😭😭😭

    13. Portuguese NPC

      I think is the first time i put a like in a justin bieber song... congratulations, this is a masterpiece. Greetings from Portugal.

    14. crazy pro !

      Heart touching 💗

    15. Santiago Baigorri

      I remember sitting down and realising that when Justin was in his wild days, he was just 18. Lots of 18 year olds act the way he acted. It's only that he was in the public eye, so he was villanized for being an actual 18 year old boy. Fame is an illusion and anyone who yearns for it needs to realize that nothing will ever be enough. One bad rumour and your reputation is tainted. Fame requires people who already know themselves not people searching for themselves. Fame should be what one does but a lot of celebrities become depressed because they start believing that fame is who they are. You can't put your faith and self confidence in millions of people who've never known you as intimately as the people you surround yourself with.

    16. marc fastner

      what if you had it all but nobody to call :(

    17. marc fastner

      correct me if im wrong but i think this is the first time a song is soo specific about one's life

    18. Good Morning

      I wish you a perfect day💖

    19. Cheryl Fischer


    20. Maizatul Aini Binti Zainal Abidin

      jb’s songs never disappoints me

    21. PlenterVG

      we all thought a big creator have alot of friends and alot of people but today its feel like everyone is alone like me

    22. lucky maiskey

      I feel you justin bieber

    23. light it up

      This song is really good. But justin bieber speaks the truth. People criticized him for doing drugs and getting arrested. Hell, they even filmed him going to jail in one movie which is messed up. Justin wrote this song cause of some sins of his past. Whatever choices everyone makes, do not judge them by who they are and what mistakes they make. Cause, it'll come back 10 times worse on you.

    24. Anthony Ramos

      Get your "heard this first before it was on tik tok" ticket here 👇

    25. micro

      imagine being a nobody and being lonely

    26. Wonara Senanayake

      This reminds me of Selena and Justin days :(

    27. Briana Onoh

      *That doesn’t look like Jacob trembley*

    28. khaoula houaneb

      His voice is as if he is coming from heaven.

    29. S ken S

      I feel bad when he say lo-o-o-only 😂

    30. khaoula houaneb

      we love you justin bieber.

    31. Manuel De la Torre

      He sounds like an angel!

    32. Reneeke9

      Damn Justin, r u ok?

    33. Elder Cardona

      i hate i can truly relate :(

    34. Kirsty Alfred

      You are nerver lonely you have us. And I felt how you feel in this song keep going never give up. Ok love you.

    35. Inez Kemunto

      This just shows me how much we don't know what goes on behind the scenes...

    36. 周語姍

      Everything will be good We always be here Waiting for you

    37. Sss Ppp

      ANGEL!!!! ✨❤️❤️❤️ i will never stop loving him, he is miracle🥺🤍

    38. sarkawt haji

      this is meee rn i have no one to trust and to hug kiss or belive

    39. Yash Krishnani

      Great voice and i like the lyrics, so deep💕💫

    40. Ann Ann

      Have you seen this vid? ukup.info/loft/erGWeaCGqqCMxaM/v-deo.html

    41. Anna Garcia

      When concerts come back everyone just needs to chill, quiet down, and let the man sing his heart out to this...

    42. Lofy Loiy


    43. NEHA T MUSIC


    44. -jennifer -silva


      1. NEHA T MUSIC

        Hello can you please se my first video lonely cover please


      who from 2020. like it)))

      1. NEHA T MUSIC

        Hello can you please se my first video lonely cover please

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    47. Miguel Ortega


    48. Nisreen. Ali

      I never getting bored from this song:)):

    49. پارسا نجاتی

      Im feeling the same 🥺

    50. Kim Yeong Nic

      Let's reach #1 Trending

    51. Steven Matthew

      I’ve musT oF Read ThaT Essay Twenty X’s ... &* I’m On “ AgaiN “ On . & . On ThE UnificaTion oF Th3 Panther 🐆 MovemenT

    52. Steven Matthew

      ChooSe your Fate .. ChooSe your happineSS .. *BesT advice KnoWn 2 Man ... - AdaM 🍏 - Am - iii - Really Destin 2 be in Misery ... 🩹*

    53. tiger oats

      not gonna lie i am not a fan of Justin Bieber but this is a really nice song

    54. Amanda Zalfa Salsabila

      What's makes you genuinely happy is never fame, money, or authority. Sure, all of that are still some of the factor for happiness. But sometimes, a family who loves one another but have nothing can be several times happier that a rich and famous man who has is all. What's the point of owning everything when you can't be happy with them? What's the point of all that bllsht if you can't even do what you wanna do and will always be judged on everything you did? What's the point of all of that? It's useless. In the end, you'd only feel empty, lonely.....

    55. jack houser


    56. Illuzyon Officiel

      Proud to be Canadian ... I support u Justin we are beside u ...

    57. libi aryan


      1. Optimus Prime

        Yaa oru malayali

    58. Dynamite May

      This song is too short

    59. Rahul Nishad

      I am listening this song everyday and I feel happy ...

    60. Butterfish Gaming

      I like Justin Bieber I'm from India

    61. Butterfish Gaming

      Justin Bieber fan hit like 👍

    62. Letty 24

      Sooo Magic😍

    63. Karolina Traut

      I hope you felt a relief after writing down this lyrics, it is true but must have been hard to share it with everyone

    64. Bismi Shaji Joy

      It so good

    65. Madhab Barnwal

      Who else searched who sang it better and returned lmao 😂

    66. Hollagrl0999

      After watching this I visited all of Justin’s older videos. Wow. Now I’m back here again to put it all together. This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together.....

    67. sabaya xx

      This breaks my heart😭

    68. MicRobber12

      Terrible song in my opinion🤢

    69. fasya dawegan

      Laguna sad dekah

    70. Juhaina Azad

      I hope Almighty helps you through your hard times Justin, I can litetally feel the pain as he sang this song. Life is precious, please stay strong. I have been listening to your songs since I was 13, now I'm 24, and I still love Your music. Best wishes ❤️

    71. Abigail HERNÁNDEZ

      Porque Justin tiene que ser tan hermoso

    72. Callum Maloney

      Good to know Justin got himself out of the bad phase from his childhood found fame

    73. Roleto Gulayan

      That's me? Really hurt

    74. /scott player

      Wow this was unexpected good song

    75. Michael Pino

      I think this is justin's best song

    76. Jeanne B Yes B

      This is just so sad, that poor little boy. I am glad that he is getting it together now and can become a happy man.

    77. Tanya P

      Not trying to hate, but I’d rather see more songs like this than ones that are about materialism and fake people pleasing bs. This was a great eye opener and Justin seems self aware about his past and I feel honoured to have watched this and get a better understanding of why things happened the way it did for him.

    78. Miriam Camila

      One of the best songs I've heard. Everything about it is so beautiful. You can hear every note and it's depth. Definitely going to be on repeat ❤️

    79. Richard Allen Abney Wells


    80. Nikki Walker

      Justin sorry I ragged on you and everyone who liked you when I was a teenager. I still remember when “one time “ came out. You gave up your childhood to give us a great one.

    81. Panchoo Anand

      i love this song from MAURITIUS

    82. Ko reaction vibes

      I can relate myself from your song I don't feel it's me who I was to be but I have to be these me cus I know I can't be anymore that me and that makes me feel so lonely even if I have things which needed to be with me 😭

    83. • N E O N •

      The music video 🔥🔥🔥

    84. Conrado Ceballos

      mis respetos Justin

    85. Anika Starseed

      Y wen he makes a song ppl act like they understand him but the first to talk n judge ugh I see celebrities as us not a celebrity

    86. El poder de la calle



      Reconocer que el dinero y la fama no llenan el vacìo que ocupa Dios y la familia. El cambio de justin es para biennnnn para llenar esos vacìos q hacen falta

    88. Davi parente

      Mt top

    89. Elizabeth Yoakum

      I am so proud of you for who you are today, you have come so far! My older sisters are like your biggest fans as am I. So we have always had your music on no matter where we went. Everyone always pays attention to the mistakes and flaws we have and never remembers the good things we do. Justin, you are very inspiring to EVERYONE around you. You change people's lives. Your mistakes just show everyone that kids will be kids and kids make mistakes, at the same time they grow up and learn from those mistakes, as you did. The whole world has loved you from a young age, as we still do today, so keep your head up and don't listen to the haters because they are going to hate, and the only reason they are hating on you is because they are jealous of you, so keep being you and never change. I cant wait to see what song you come out with next!!!! Good luck J.B!!!

    90. GamesBee

      This song really hit different.. ❤🔥

    91. Tati Mantchoff

      I really felt that lyrics💔

    92. hessam

      I hated him. Where are these tears comming from!

    93. Doğukan Ulaşman

      Everybody knows my name now But something ’bout it still feels strange Like looking in the mirror Tryna steady yourself and seeing somebody else And everything is not the same now It feels like all our lives have changed Maybe when I’m older, it’ll all calm down But it’s killing me now [Pre-Chorus] What if you had it all but nobody to call? Maybe then you’d know me ‘Cause I’ve had everything But no one’s listening And that’s just fucking lonely [Chorus] I’m so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely [Verse 2] Everybody knows my past now Like my house was always made of glass And maybe that’s the price you pay For the money and fame at an early age And everybody saw me sick And it felt like no one gave a shit They criticized the things I did As an idiot kid [Pre-Chorus] What if you had it all but nobody to call? Maybe then you’d know me ‘Cause I’ve had everything But no one’s listening And that’s just fucking lonely

    94. shira cohen

      The end made me cry😢

    95. salim bahadur

      A beautiful msg

    96. Claudia Barcelona

      Such a powerful song 😓

    97. Michael Rauch

      He makes a great point in this song

    98. ahmed bahaa

      If Justin kept his music like this he will rock the music industry

    99. Julia Schwab

      Im crying

    100. Durjoy Roy

      Juntin's voice is awesome