Future & Lil Uzi Vert - Drankin N Smokin [Official Music Video]


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    Future & Lil Uzi Vert - Drankin N Smokin
    'Pluto X Baby Pluto (Deluxe)' OUT NOW! 🗣🌍
    Stream/Download - uzi.lnk.to/PlutoxBabyPlutoDeluxeID
    Director: DJ Esco & Sam Lecca
    Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd
    Producer: Rodney Byerson & Princess Mbanuzue
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    #Future #LilUziVert #PlutoxBabyPlutoDeluxe
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    1. RisingLegend

      Yo uzi calm down and come drink some beers with me. Let’s talk.

    2. LUCCAS FF 255

      Plese not di3 in 27 years 😭😭😭😭💔😭💔😭😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😭😭💔😭💔😭💔😱☹

    3. Enrique Villareal

      Worst shit I ever heard in my life. I like hip hop and rap but this is absolutely terrible. People are spending money they had to work for on this bullshit? It's mind boggling.

      1. Itchy Eyes McRealize

        Some scary shit ....

    4. king hen dawg

      Yall kno thats future the valet service dude😂😂😂💀💀💀

    5. BaStAgE

      ay yoooo..so uhhh...honestly too bad it's nothing but black chicks in there... I mean they are hot and all..that's fine...but what's the point of having money if you're going to load the place with nothing but black chicks lol im good bruh lol...you enjoy that hahah

    6. BaStAgE

      shit they said the CIA controls the hip hop and rap industry...goddamn people need to wake up.... and not just mentally..but spiritually

    7. BaStAgE


    8. Lio

      2021 lil uzi dead

      1. Itchy Eyes McRealize

        No doubt .... with that thing stuck between his eyes

    9. KyassproD


    10. 銭亀


    11. Traviz Amir

      "Diamond In My Head"🔥💰

    12. Hailee Klotz

      Omg this is my favorite song😍💞

    13. DISKRAVE


    14. Christina Taylor

      You sold your soul

    15. NVRGUILÊ

      Durkio remixxxxxx please!!!!!!

    16. Jtm HypeR

      Now its Big Uzi Vert

    17. Jevon Chee

      So I calculated he has about 100 women in one house hahaha

    18. Jerry Mitchell

      I keeP watcHinG C@siNo, $tuPid!! GotDamN!!!! CaN U ruB mY ear$!!!


      Can you give me ipad? :(

    20. Kevin García

      Bing bling vert

    21. hector reyes


    22. Reckless


    23. dj brownsville

      Big Toni and his manager! sweet.

    24. Golden Guy

      I'm gonna miss him since hes dying at 27

    25. Amari Alexandre


    26. Timothy Davis

      That's the same mansion gotti did recession proof

    27. Black Set Films

      I know YC like damn I should’ve kept it cool with em

    28. Bunny WuD

      I'm here for F U T U R E

    29. OG- black

      Lil uzi Crazy Boy

    30. Michael Bulson

      I don't understand why people actually care if hoes are in the video or why it gets more views.

    31. 23codez

      Who's the big dude that was the valet, or however you spell that. He was in another future video I believe. Dudes acting is pretty good.

    32. imspexs

      Lil uzi make a hoodie

    33. Rama The Key


    34. XIXIXI

      Btch its a uzi vert ! Maybach maybach

    35. Dron Smith

      Lil uzi stay right bra future u niggas lit im beatin this year hot record shit fire 🔥

    36. Leland Forster

      It starts at 1:16

    37. Emīls Ramiņš

      I hope tiktok dont find this

    38. CHAKATSI

      Lil Uzi Vert when He realizes diamond fake 💎 👁️👃👁️ 👄

      1. Itchy Eyes McRealize

        🤣🤣🤣🤣 holy shit

    39. IzziahX6


    40. Pufflee

      Where the diamond at?

    41. HYBR1D_UzzY

      Here before lil uzi vert dies

    42. Sadiya Khan

      Rappers dont get paid as much as u do

    43. Sadiya Khan

      How are u sooo rich


      The last part😂😂😂 “come again say what”

    45. Polarity

      1:08 'Что блядь?'(wtf in russian) or I heard it wrong?


      July 03 2021 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    47. I'm Young

      Lil Uzi Vert : 💎 👁️ 👃 👁️ 👄

    48. VIPKXD YT

      Mi realizing that uzi might die next year😐.....yk coz of the 27 club and stuff😔

    49. PapaRay Dondada

      This video concept could've been way better. I should've directed this shit

      1. Tony

        video is good but this shit is no way connected with them lirycs

    50. Dan Solo

      Fat guy: Pul u wi fae jelwy oun 😂😅

    51. Dilan Pineda Monroy

      Juice Wrld better

    52. 유노


    53. flairlol

      Lil uzi had to go like that man 😞

    54. Entertain Me Lo

      Casiinnooo Ex drug dealer!!!

    55. Pablo M

      Don't consume alcohol or drugs it will destroy you and your family. Love your body and it will love you back.

    56. Unknown -

      Yall going right with him. That 8.7M views going down with uzi.

    57. NYce LAugh

      Lol Lil uzi jumpin off that bike is funny

    58. Danielle B

      good song basic ass video

    59. Luca Canfora

      When future hits this kind of Vibe he’s a goat. Idk about the video tho 😂

    60. gaming with Jermaine

      You need to do a video with the diamond no cap 🧢

    61. Johnny Bailey


    62. zx2king 1


    63. Nahi rap

      Are you Lucifer?

    64. Charles Parker

      That beat is a fool

    65. Alwan Haikal


    66. goofy-mason

      Moment of silent for the people that saw their daughters here😔

    67. Cedric vega

      This iconic in the coupe on a warm night vibes 🌙



    69. Alex Wright

      Why can’t rappers just use their own house and own girls since they talk about how they got it all in their music

      1. sid2006

        Cuz mfs would pull up to their house

    70. Pang Nursery

      ora ono apike blas

    71. eyemme ohigho

      This is not even a banger lol

    72. BRIJESH

      Future Future Future HNDRXX!

    73. reese Scott


    74. creepaz

      that guy at the dront at the cars be on that lean

    75. Vis Sion

      Casino got it fr

    76. Wilson Jhazz Carlito

      Future still trappin👌🏿

    77. Bhadboy Rick

      He said-I got like 6 women in every room. And I got 16 rooms😂😈🤘

    78. Aveator Beatz

      Casino made the video lit

    79. Ahmed Bullock

      Give my mans some flowers before he’s gone💐💐💐

      1. Gangsta Fluff


    80. Lol Hollywood

      Go to 2:04 he switched the flow

    81. Jose Jimenez

      And wee wee bebe ande Cece and de de and fifi gigi hehe to to shut the fuck up uzi vert wack

    82. Geishaliz Marie

      Why the chick sounded like believable 😂 @5:30

    83. Rondo 23

      That fucking beat

    84. ProdByVxnny

      Hey! Sorry to be that comment but if you gave me one minute of your time to check my music out it'd make my day. Thank you!

    85. Wael Kabachi

      I see Lil uzi: *Sounds of screaming and moaning*

    86. TC Beats

      Where's the diamond on his head? 😂

    87. They Call Me ChoCO

      The dude at 0:51 is the same dealer "Casino" from Future's Feds Did A Sweep

    88. Belmont 216

      “6 women for every room and I got 16 rooms” (96). I couldn’t help it I did the math.

      1. Eric Cole

        96 equal freemason in gematria

      2. GG VR


    89. NaNarco


    90. Jay Jay

      future carried

    91. Yo favorite Slimgurl

      I love it

    92. Jalise Combs

      I was gonna have my wedding here lmao but it was booked this explains it all 😂

    93. Na'Lashia Hasty

      Why is it always future and lil uzi for 7 months straight

    94. Kyle Gray

      The rural plastic ultrascructurally claim because waitress commercially branch at a hungry hygienic. acceptable, discreet tulip

    95. Reed B

      uzi always hop on every song smooth no cap

    96. Chris Hamaseb

      What future say?

    97. L and r Gameplay

      I love u uzi

    98. plylop

      1:09 он сказал что блять или мне послышалось

      1. Тимофей Гуреев


      2. Тимофей Гуреев

        Хз, такой же вопрос

      3. yourboy_ mekaeel

        ukup.info/loft/g72tmWhi2n-Ao30/v-deo.html new unrealsed

    99. Caleb Brakeman

      Future with another banger, that chorus been stuck in my head for days

      1. Caleb Brakeman

        @king hen dawg in the video? That's Casino, Futures brother

      2. king hen dawg

        U kno that is future right? The valet service dude😂😂

      3. ItzMati124

        same lol😂🔥🔥🔥

    100. y0unG Aimz