Scooby Doo Surveillance Cam (w/ 2 iPhones)

Mark Rober

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    A simple trick to give you all the convenience of a Scooby Doo bad guy, without having to do any construction on your walls.

    Link to down the pictures I used. Print 11x17 in color for best results:

    The FREE Digital Dudz app will give you the same moving eye picture frame effect without going through the trouble of using a second device (you don't get the surveillance feed either though):
    Apple download:
    Android download:

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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    - "So Easy" by Royksopp
    - "The Departed" Howard Shore
    - "Top of the World" by Qwiet. It's on iTunes here: or
    on his website (
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    1. Surya

      From 2021

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      why dies he sound so depressed

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