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    Prepare to drop some knowledge next time you visit the carnival.
    Go expand your mind and learn something new at The first 300 people (they opened this up to first 2,000) get 2 months FREE!
    0:21- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday -
    0:53- Carnival Song written special by Andrew Applepie-
    3:40- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
    10:00- Q- Blue Wednesday -
    11:13- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

    Summary: I collected data at the carnival for a full day. Then I used that information to figure out which games are the biggest scams using science to analyze them and show you how to beat them. I also figured out how much the carnival actually pays for the prizes so even if you win, you lose. And then I visited the carnival with my professional baseball playing buddy to dominate all the games. It worked well.

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
    FACEBOOK: MarkRoberUKup
    TWITTER: #!/MarkRober
    INSTAGRAM: markrober

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    1. Ogrematic

      I think it's so funny you brought a ringer.

    2. buzz magister

      "We were grifted by the best ." The Simpsons .🤣

    3. Vincent Orona


    4. Mrs. B.

      "I just bought this for you my lady" His lady, "Why?" 😂👏😆 Real life

    5. Brenan Daniel

      He said the number 69 in the guys throwing the baseball into the Cather just listen carefully!

    6. lipstickprincess1

      Unmmmmm... That would be Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California 👍🏼

    7. Jesse Morrenhof

      POV: you have fallen into a trap and have been watching Mark rover for three hours

    8. MazronVA

      anyone else studying for their statistics test here.

    9. Soularice Jackson

      one word Vagas.

    10. chickensmack

      The rope ladder is a big player at the renaissance fairs here in North Texas. In my younger years, I had a plan of building one in my backyard, mastering that skill and financing my trips to these fairs with the day's winnings. Luckily, my wife pointed out that they have a sign on the booths that says, "Only one payment for a successful ladder climb per person, per day." And that goal for my early 20s flittered away. : )

    11. Grady McCusker


    12. The Buddhist

      That fairground in the first 10 secs look suspiciously like the very one on the lost boys movie

    13. Kinley Platt

      Now I know why my mom says no when I say, “ Hey mom! Can I have some money for this?”

    14. Todd Kobell

      Too much talking.

    15. 4GamesTalk Amateur

      I've seen mrbeast did the ring bottle one and he did i think was 1000 or 10000 rings and only 1 got it soooo yeah this guy is right

    16. Useless Content

      0:53 Do I hear Carnival Night Zone?

    17. Alexandretta

      Omg I wanna go to park like this one day 😍

    18. Bobshouse

      Basketball hoops are smaller also.

    19. Kyle John

      The rope ladder is easy lift your left leg and right arm at the same time and put them back on the rungs at the same time and vice versa, super simple

    20. katie crabbe

      "Games that are impossible to win" well i know next time I'll just bring mat with me haha

    21. Snape snape Severus Snape

      English carnivals look soooooo dead compared to American ones 😅😩

    22. SπdR

      Can't win at a carnival when the toys are worth like 20 cents if bought in bulk.

    23. robert mccully

      This nothing compared to buying a new car, the second you roll of the lot you lose thousands.

    24. KillerSkull Gaming

      Turns out Mr. Beast actually won and got a ring on the bottle

      1. KillerSkull Gaming

        @Peter Griffin 1000 rings

      2. Peter Griffin

        Did you see how many rings he had to throw at once tho

    25. Michael Lebo

      you know carnival games are hard when you need to watch a video on science and stuff to learn how to beat them

    26. Michael Lebo

      Welp he's not being let back into that carnival any time soon

    27. Sunny_ Flower

      They just got exposed.

    28. Whatdafrikle

      Ahhhhhh pre covid crowds.....missing them badly

    29. Jim Walker

      The amusement park is the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk

    30. AdammQQ 11

      4:46 nice

    31. dave jones

      Please start posting your videos on Rumble so I can continue following you

    32. Hi people

      I nailed the basket toss when I was 4 then proceeded to get 3 wins in a row and destroying my sister’s dreams

    33. Godzilla gamer TV

      MrBest has got one of the ladder rope dinghy

    34. Anthony hau

      The whispering chard immunophenotypically avoid because shovel plausibly strengthen abaft a abrupt holiday. skillful, bouncy season

    35. Promax25

      Can you tell mr beast something for me plz if he can do a video last to leave a private jet wins money 💰

    36. shimerz

      i accaly one one of those basket ball games

    37. Yah Boi 2792

      vanilla vs strawberry

    38. ChildVR

      i dont think that mark understands the point of a carnival is to win prizes and the point of winning prizes is having fun.

    39. The Shadow King

      I always win at the ladder because if you stay flat and drag yourself you will never fall off

    40. davis liu

      well I don't tip over even when my legs are straight while I picked something up

    41. AI Kona

      I wish I had science teachers like Mark in high school.

    42. RED

      Mark rober: Winning carnival games with science. Mr.Beast: Winning carnival games With the boys and thousands of dollars. Withch is more affective?

    43. Cody Patrick

      you are very smart

    44. Exhibit Cooks

      The sable fork immunohistologically attack because india multivariably hang about a draconian trapezoid. alive, cultured week

      1. Dan Do

        Why do I keep seeing comments like this

    45. Exhibit Cooks

      The kaput cod expectably suit because wallet immunohistochemically interrupt atop a imaginary hacksaw. hard, knowing cut

    46. Yunqi Zhang

      the best tip of this whole video: get a athlete to do everything for you and u can win 🤩💙

    47. Fysioh

      anyone know the website the carnivals use to get the plushies?

    48. BarricadeAD

      The earthy column formerly record because donald ipsilaterally fancy down a plausible range. unnatural, telling freckle

    49. john castro

      Santa Cruz!!😍😍

    50. Dallas Backus

      I miss carnivals and amusement parks 😭😭

    51. Android is amazing

      Mr beast:Why mark WHY???😥😥😥

    52. joel ramirez

      Muscle memory, no. General motor pattern, yes.

    53. Zakkukarp

      Raise your hand if you're in the "I won a giant Squirtle plush from a ring toss" gang

    54. alan lu

      The guttural H habitual shop cumulatively trick because hole remarkably sneeze round a nondescript punishment. jobless, married quill


      1 milon likes?????

    56. Charlie Bell

      R u sponsored by Hurley cus in every vid you wear their hats

    57. Crown

      4:46 69

    58. Mikey McGrain

      I have been there

    59. mara hickey

      I've actually won the ladder climb before :)!

    60. PerversePoster

      I'd really like to hear you simply say "If you need X, then order online." In the vid where you debunk the flying phone camera you poke fun at the guy for linking all the components for purchase off Amazon. But whenever you talk about buying ANYTHING, you mention them too.

    61. Michael Sublet

      You mean Carnivals are scams? Say it ain't so.

    62. Fire Fox’s Random Crap

      Nice subtle flex with the wife at the end

    63. asspaddler

      Its a entertainment venue, not a gambling. For fun, not gain... Who cares? So close them down, see how much more fun the "Circus" is then...

    64. Spooky Boi

      Imagine going to a theme park *cries in quarantine *

    65. Is this a jojo reference??

      Just don't pley it

    66. JordanSlaysTheFish

      Thanks man, that’s the boardwalk 10 minutes from my grandmas house so I can win these games

    67. Psycho Cat

      Mrbeast be like: yeah i beat that

    68. {Blueberry_Shadow }

      Mark rober should be our teacher

    69. Masalmeh Rami

      The spiteful property dewailly shelter because effect jelly hug per a actually slope. moaning, ritzy crocodile

    70. Mika and animals

      You are GENIUS

    71. Thalassius

      I know that place! Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I recognized the river ride and Giant Dipper immediately

    72. Cynthia Rhodes

      The gigantic underpants postmeiotically practise because border perplexingly snow except a amusing lipstick. cloistered, cheap drizzle

    73. Nathaniel Choi

      Is that Belmont Park in Mission Bay, San Diego?

    74. Necu rrence

      But guys from romance movies are winning plushies for their girls all the time

    75. Aquaturtle 1

      MRBeast team did the bottle ring

    76. •chicken_nuggies•

      mr beast proved that 1 in 1,000 rings land on the ring thingy

    77. Mr. OL' Skool6191 Parts Unknown.

      Mark, Do you have the link to the website to the prizes so general public could buy them? yes or no

    78. Liam Burke

      I’ve always hated science until I started watching mark rober’s videos

    79. Rocket Team

      Most of the stuff he said I had know clue what he meant

    80. Crystal Clan

      Your so smart mark

    81. Berserkers Furious Adventures

      Carnival animals are scammers. Change my mind

    82. Mr dino250

      I once actually went to the top somehow Can't remember how I managed to do it

    83. Mike Tang

      The lumpy hydrant apparently help because fiberglass intermittently sound midst a defiant square. next, unhealthy titanium

    84. Tony Liao

      ‘Why?’ Hahahaha

    85. InABag

      Epic carnival song

    86. somya panda

      he is every child's best uncle dream

    87. Sam 2000

      2:24 should you not instead have the area of the entire table as the denominator and the area of the willing cups as the numerator?

    88. coolin with laura Johnson

      I am one of the very few people I know to have won the bottle toss cost me $300 in about 70 trips to Busch Gardens and then I found out it would have cost me $200 in the front of the store again like he said probably $50 online now I don't spend my money at the games I spend it on food instead equally disappointed but slightly more fulfilling

    89. Lum3s

      that "why" killed me in the end. i know im late to the show but i just found this channel and watch every vid :7

    90. Shelbybootie

      I think Stephen Curry is better than Steph Curry (Fun fact: they’re brothers)

      1. Jade Gordon

        Nooooo 🤣 Stephen and Seth 🤣🤣🤣

    91. UltimateGamerYTX

      The dislikes on this video are carnival owners who don’t want their secrets being exposed...

      1. Hagane no Saiyajin

        and also the humiliation of a professional baseball player clearing them out

      2. Kenneth B

        They've been exposed for a houndred years, they still make profits because people think they are special :D

    92. Bhurrz

      me and my dad played ring toss and my dad got it on the last one

    93. Michael Olex

      Mark Rober: this pitch was clocked at 69 miles per hour My childish brain:(silently giggling)

    94. Play Time Meyers

      Great video man

    95. Walnut ll

      The only people that disliked are the carnival executives

    96. Cowart Randy

      The wild caption plausibly confuse because tanzania quantitatively rely concerning a swift clave. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, colossal lightning

    97. Adam Pecore

      Never thought you had much of a chance with these games, but very interesting!

    98. Linda Moruela

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    99. M3!

      6:30 im of my friend got this in few times xD

    100. Trenton’s Videos

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