Amazing Machine 2021, Large hydraulic pliers, broken reinforced concrete #21

Machinery Test

Machinery Test

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    1. Josh JABLONICKY

      That is not amazing by any stretches of imagination f*** we got a home built rim splitter in the junkyard that's way more efficient than that thing and it was in a log splitter.

    2. nsp812

      How the fuck is that broken reinforced concrete

    3. ふじもと


    4. Chris Delibera

      That is one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever seen

    5. Александр Загребенюк

      Вот уроды

    6. Napolimangaz

      Much wow such amaze

    7. Santa _

      Че за шиномонтажка?🤔

    8. Billy Anderson


    9. Donald Stewart

      I don't see any cement, where is the cement?

    10. Mick Carson

      This is what shits me. Why not separate the tire and the wheel first to recycle the alloy?

    11. Richard S.

      Another Large Hydraulic pliers!!!!@

    12. Papi Cienfuegos

      Hmmph, let that machine get ahold of your arm. Let's see what happens

    13. TadD68

      Finally, the large hydraulic pliers

    14. Vade Nummela

      Those rims would be like 20$ a piece unless sold as a part of a set, which still wouldnt be more than like 100$ set. If those are from a car thats got 2 rims wrecked, those rims are virtually worth less than the space needed to put them on sale.

    15. madlarkin8

      I really like that 1.5 inch margin of error between his right hand and a bad day.

      1. Colt K

        There was plenty of room for error.

      2. Vera Sheveleva

        @E Bomb ффаал

      3. Billy Anderson

        unless you’re drunk you’re not going to purposely put your hand under it..

      4. Mumbo

        more like a ruined life but yes we can make it a bad day

    16. igorx 2003

      R34 gtr rim ?

    17. Darth Vader

      That's how you change the tyre. I always wondered

    18. виктор

      Вулканизация "У Ашота", вы ещё не переобулись? Тогда мы едем к вам

    19. Ольга Кукса


    20. Ryan Bishop

      That's a vw mk3 rim

    21. Kanter V

      Русские всплакнули .


      Нихуясе суровый шиномонтаж

    23. Zion Sky


    24. Джонни Депп

      🤔рубля за 2.5 ушлибы

    25. marty3076

      Damn there's like 18 months worth of tread on that tire!! New tires in Australia is super expensive!! People sell used tires here, there's a big market for them.

      1. Testoslav Testenko

        It seems that happens in every country except US

    26. SanojAdventure TV

      Sanay na sanay na si toyota girl gumiling,shiit..sunod tanggalin lahat ha

    27. Kirill Kiza

      -почему ты плачешь. Говорит мой брат мне Я показываю это видио Брат" Тоже начинает палакать"

    28. Senator Joseph McCarthy

      Were those wheels bent? If not, could be blasted, painted and used again.

    29. แอ้ด แอ้ด


    30. Bo Kir

      And then they want Sweden to stop polluting

    31. fahr bloosky

      wheely good

    32. Hamza Busta

      exactely what i need for my 2008 yaris

    33. Sean P

      I'm sorry what's the point in doing that?

    34. TheTStandsForThomas

      These titles man wtf

    35. Manojbhai Vekriya

      Thanks brother

    36. Alejandro Carbajal

      WTF, does it be necessary to make a lot of wastes, whitout reciclyng parts?? Stupids!!

    37. Guyija Juki

      stupid... from myanmar crisis

    38. Aldiceia Oliveira

      Amassado na Jante que faz na Fuga mesmo quando dá errado 😂😂😂😂😂😃☺

    39. Bernard TV

      Worst sound effect ever

    40. mayvb49

      So this is where JDM boys get the wheels from

    41. sweetrokalla

      Mental you sell in second hand cost

    42. Slique 2000

      And why is this being done?

    43. Chris Topher

      Here I am needing one rim while people are smashing rims

    44. Chon Bu


    45. Robert Wright

      Bruh I actually need 4 lug rims for my car n this dudes breaking them

    46. Giustizia Intellettuale

      No sense

    47. Francisco Medina romero

      Que polvo

    48. Dona Tello


    49. Aguila Isaias 4031

      Yo digo que esa "llanta" es un buen gallito...

      1. Aguila Isaias 4031

        @Ilda Rodríguez Y si...con una manita de gato queda muy chingon.

      2. Ilda Rodríguez

        Y EL RIN !!!!!!! NO ?????

      3. Ilda Rodríguez

        SI.. Y DEJA LA LLANTA..... EL RIN !!!!!!! O NO ????

    50. Erik Olsen

      Its like a dog putting his leg on a bone and crunching it in half

    51. Cristhian Estrada

      A no mamen esos rines yo los ocupaba

    52. fuff puff

      This is like a f****** scene out of Mad Max what the f***🤦‍♂️🤣😂

    53. Fredy Aufal

      D luar d hancurin coba d +62 d poleS lagi boS 😂

    54. Fisk the Lombax

      This is about how dangerous the teachers at school said those big paper cutters were.



    55. Bruce Morris

      Wow, great video,

      1. Bruce Morris

        @Senator Joseph McCarthy exactly my, point, nothing...

      2. Senator Joseph McCarthy

        What was great about it?

    56. MrFergilo

      Seems like a waste of everything

    57. Rachid 1986

      Wheels vw golf 3 passat b4

    58. Race Bannon

      Hey, I wanted that.

    59. Masiosare Gòmez

      Dude!! I was gonna use those rims.

    60. Gianni Morales

      Listen to Lo que dura un cafe'. by Gianni Morales on #SoundCloud

    61. Dolores Olivencia

      Looks dangerous ! Imagine sht " flyin towards ur face or body ! Shts like a tragedy waitin to happen ! Even for those who have experience ! Sht happens ya know ! ??

    62. Re Han

      For what?

    63. сергей хамицевич

      Зачем из мусора делать много мусора.

      1. Testoslav Testenko

        Перерабатывать проще

    64. сергей хамицевич


    65. Matthew Schuster

      We should be putting our faith in Jesus Christ. Our country and the world needs him more than ever. Jesus loves you. Please do not take the DNA altering jab/V!!! For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV

    66. i t

      “타이어뱅크 전용”

    67. Ghulam Nabi tv

      Very nice

    68. aa1 chris

      What even is the point of that?

    69. aurélie heuzé

      😡😡😡 Poluer😡😡😡

    70. Александр Маничев

      Ну пипец. Диски продать можно было, да и резины на сезон хватило бы. Эх... Богатых не понять

    71. Sergei Pavlov

      А зачем?

    72. A S


    73. duke hungry

      Not amazing🇺🇸

    74. Crazystuffyousee

      This is literally my experience at every tire shop as the "tech" beats the shit out of my rims


      *In fact, Jesus Christ is the only one who will fill your empty space, amen.*

    76. John Velez

      That rim was till on good condition

    77. Mohd Arshad

      India m behjdo bhikari h hum

    78. Игорь Игорь

      😂А в России их продают на Авито!

    79. Myles Deep

      This is the same thing a pothole does in my town.

    80. Henri Hai

      Hand would go brrrrrrrr

    81. KSR MEN'sCLUB

      Usefull item,

    82. Robert Gills

      Dang bro, I need that rim

    83. John Smith

      OMG!!! That's the exact rim I was looking for to finish my restored car. DAMNIT😱

    84. TOM S

      "one rim for sale : slight crack but should work well"

      1. Randy Herringshaw


      2. fireryu85

        No low ballers, I know what I got.

    85. Łukasz Łukasz

      Vw golf 3 14" 4x100

    86. Witalij Bondarenko

      Валбес ! Те диски умыть и продать , заработал бы в 100 раз больше.

    87. Damir akisheff


    88. Spike Lee

      Mais um criadouro de dengue gg

    89. Rama 7763

      Dibenak kami : Masi bisa pakek loh itu

    90. Andrew Sandoz


    91. Jai Son

      Still don’t get it why cut the tire and rim then that’s it hehehe

    92. TORINO Frank

      Good morning sir I like to work with you sir please

    93. Poco X3

      Даже ржавые диски можно расдолбать так

    94. Poco X3

      Ну наверно ето поеадовится

    95. ankit raj

      But why

    96. Philip Martini

      Do you wanna make $50 on a tire and rim combo or $10 for scrap metal. Hmm let me think. I think I’ll go with $10 scrap metal. That’s the obvious choice. Duh.

    97. Vingo

      What's so amazing bout this

    98. Ravi Kumar Music

      A person falls from bus footboard😭, did anyone observed.

    99. dhans soekardie

      mending buat saya om😀

      1. Kalesh Sharma