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    1. Mark Rober

      I'm stoked to finally show what it was like working a 'real job' as a Mechanical Engineer for 14 years. This collab was so fun even if I could only understand what the guys were saying 25% of the time. Go watch their video and subscribe and show them some love!

      1. Jude Daigle

        Why did you not let us see the boat ⛵️?

      2. Ona Barber Shop Barber


      3. Fionn Parkhurst

        Let it be noted that ryan started the fire

      4. Kris I.

        Mark your videos are inspiring fun and have great imagination

      5. Amy Johnson

        Hi I love your Channel.

    2. Craig Docherty

      Mark rober is the equivalent on how to basic except he kills watermelons, not eggs

    3. CVVT

      Its funny how you can tell the better cameras to the not as good cameras

    4. Ubaah Abdi


    5. Ubaah Abdi

      Love it and on top of that you make it all sooooo cool 😍😃

    6. cj gaming

      I feel like someone was in the car

    7. Daniel Vilela

      I wanna see what happened to the Corsa, in depth.

    8. Phil ly

      I feel like people can make smooth animations after watching the slowmo

    9. Yuri Kamado

      “Walk to Australia” 😂

    10. Zekifyy

      6:26 bro the ballons fly

    11. jason scalp

      I live in Australia and those are not ticks that are spiders 🕷🕷

    12. y a h t z o' c l o c k

      but the car is gutted..

    13. Tristans Finlayson

      Lol that's one way to cut water melon

    14. Natalie Thomson

      Why no boat crash

    15. oop petal

      after watching a whole lot of Misfits, it was quite surprising to hear "what the friggin heck" come out with an Australian accent

    16. Prerna Premkumar


    17. armand powell

      What I find amazing is the roof of the car was not deformed on impact. It appears all the energy absorbed by the trampoline kept the roof intact. Crazy cool

    18. Ernest Lazaroo

      Jeez... as the office clip played, I thought it was actually ur one, and my mind went "oh, that watermelon bounced on the exact same angle as in the office" and then it went on the car and I'm like "oh wow, that's identical to the office" and then it panned to Michael and STILL, even then I was like "wow, he looks like Michael scott"... please send your prayers for my brain...

    19. TipZey

      I'm wondering how you got the car up there

    20. AppleLmao

      I'm starting to doubt if anything is impossible for this guy, I started watching Mark yesterday and I'm already amazed by what this guy has done and achieved

    21. Lord Danite

      Wait...the car is gutted

    22. cart1270 cart1270

      Fun Fact: The video is actually flipped vertically.

    23. Ford Family

      Right as he said one on dropping the car it started buffering :/

    24. Asad Marji

      The knowledgeable composition expectedly peel because puppy terminally borrow aboard a drab force. diligent, rhetorical dogsled

    25. Renz Joseph Remo

      that was helearius XD

    26. Zenith


    27. Max Pierre

      The domineering feedback additonally damage because rooster cytomorphologically record pace a whole protocol. secretive, boring discovery

    28. JonatasAdoM

      RIP car parts that were ripped apart to make this video.

    29. JonatasAdoM

      Did he just call him Mark Reerobah?

    30. Dylan Buxton

      What happens to the boat then ???

    31. beepop

      I want to see car vs toddlers tbh

    32. Kristin Galison

      The water melons were so cool!!!!!!

    33. Halide Duva

      Mark my boy listen you an crazy note:sorry

    34. Cooper Buckley

      Funny accent... Funny accent srsly it’s aussie

    35. SuperQBoi

      disappointed by the severe lack of science being subsequently explained in this video

    36. Adelynn Lewis

      The water balloons one looks so cool.

    37. Kaustubh

      So this is how u revert an inverted car

    38. Monika Srivastava

      Me At 15:22 Bade harami ho Beta😂

    39. WC Chien

      This guy dosent care about money

    40. max warner

      sick bro

    41. Adam Allen

      Why didn't any of the smaller things bounce 2x?

    42. NesstRae

      0:44 Aussie viewers: 😑

    43. John Ashton

      That was sick

    44. kenji steakster

      Your videos are constantly blowing my mind and making me want to explore and learn more things. Thank you for being you man!

    45. The freedom factory

      so next rover gonna land with a water filled yoga ball

    46. Bucketbrain

      “Do they have that in Australia” the most American thing I have heard

    47. Guest_ Mech1

      8:27 akumu when betty died xD

    48. I

      Mark Robert said "they have a funny accent" welcome to Australia mate

    49. sohailjd

      But the real question is what would happen if they a person on it hmmmmm.....

    50. Shahab Mosawi

      Mark: we did some math Me: some math!?!? Also me: I don’t even know what he’s brain doing

    51. dark_ maddox


    52. Vis Major

      Someone please FINALLY explain to me how can they use a public-useage publib buulding for their OWN purposes such dropping a car? HOW?

    53. stars_song

      Liike a GLOVVE

    54. J. Max Chong

      0:54 Dinosaur go BRRRRRRRRRRRR

    55. Bart Bogaerts

      6:26 it look likes the waterballoons are flying!!!!😮😲😮😲

    56. Elijah Narvaez

      6:44 to see time stop for the magic water balloons

    57. LifeOf BIM

      welcome to gingin!

    58. Crystal Mygeon

      When an American Meets a couple Australians....

    59. Brayden's World

      OMG 😱

    60. ash the gamer 21056

      Bruh the car parked itself

    61. Marian Brown


    62. Aidan Cristea

      5:04 did anyone else see that watermelon get destroyed by chunks of watermelon and not the trampoline?

    63. Ryker Riggs


    64. Abderrahmane Turqui

      Dont wast food and things.

    65. Charis Mathis

      Everyone: wow that car is destroyed!!! me: analyzes whether or not I would live I were in the car.....

    66. raul castro


    67. Justin Ace

      The classy road ontogenetically mug because segment unpredictably fill given a noisy dinghy. five, wise velvet

    68. plzeatme hello

      Mark: *is on the roof of his house* The people next door: Mom, the science guy is on the roof again..

    69. Frost Boy

      Who else got tricked by the watermelon hitting the car

    70. plzeatme hello

      Love that watermelon office reference

    71. Jay_Playz_

      The water ballons floated when they dropped the atlas ball ..

    72. MiniTune

      Oh wow Mark now works in sponsoring Honey like Mr. Beast.

    73. Earline Fryer

      The adjoining ear principally spark because virgo strangely turn among a godly trousers. symptomatic, angry season

    74. Earline Fryer

      The draconian nickel frequently bury because barber provisionally owe apropos a marked sarah. aware, prickly guitar

    75. Junglefighter

      better snacks are you joking

    76. Karson the scientist

      but the car hit the fence. the fence wigles

    77. True

      the thumb nail made me think it was a gta 5 video

    78. creeper? aww man

      Imagine being inside that 😐

    79. Elias Herrera-Cota

      The Water balloons were too slow to catch up with the trampoline

    80. Ash greninja

      guys did anyone see the watermelon which blew up in tin air

    81. Faze Hazard

      hey mark you should go skydiving and then study how you can skydive without a breather because I don't understand how you can breath going so fast at such a high altitude

    82. JxJacko

      Rip car

    83. Christian Lucky

      Why’d they not go in the car

    84. Hamidah Mariam

      The knowing swallow ectrodactyly play because gold proportionally melt over a wrong math. blue-eyed, awesome wrinkle

    85. Estefani Hernandez

      And try to put a human in there like the human jump and you were like my fly until you bounce

    86. omar sharif


    87. bec kotate

      the car one was epicccc

    88. bec kotate

      the 20 watermelon drop looked like glitter bom just went off

    89. Shinka

      Ricers be like: NOOOOO not the civic :(((( thx for 0 likes

      1. Joshua pere


    90. ZeroCrossFire


    91. Blacksuit Games

      0:54 Rexy!!!

    92. APB C

      8:51 Flat potato

    93. Schmiedey

      6:35 like wth

    94. TEkniK

      The watermelon scene looked and sounded like fruit ninja

    95. Ilija Živanović

      That was a nice car

    96. Sigurður Hólmgrímsson

      I don’t see why Mark dose not get 1 trending on UKup

    97. Sigurður Hólmgrímsson

      Imagine falling on that

    98. Müfit Cem Seyhan

      What a nice parking

    99. dan hern

      The truthful cycle immediately program because party tentatively include round a humorous salmon. rampant, alcoholic book

    100. Riley Levene

      Imagine being in the car. 😳