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    Watch all the goals as West Ham United's Premier League winning run continued with a 2-1 win against West Bromwich Albion at the Olympic Stadium!
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    Опубліковано Місяць тому


    1. 0 Yeah


    2. Aleš Pavel


    3. doire aintu

      Aww I love this new intro!

      1. doire aintu

        brilliant lads on to europe!

    4. gioyu comi

      I don't watch West Ham games thus I've rarely watched Antonio play, but he's always on the scoresheets. Is he actually a good striker? apart from his excellent finishing?

    5. aola wili

      West Ham Limited: The best ham makers in the west.

    6. alida flus

      nice videosI’m living for this video!!!!

      1. alida flus

        Michail Antonio is very hard working and underrated player. I'm sure big clubs will start chasing him soon.

    7. hoiy vinosa

      Let's go Hammers in this great form 🔥🔥💪

      1. alida flus

        West Ham Limited: The best ham makers in the west.

    8. Gaming Universe

      Jarrod Bowen is good

      1. gioyu comi

        Michail Antonio is very hard working and underrated player. I'm sure big clubs will start chasing him soon.

    9. Flex Negus


    10. John Neal

      Watching this replay, the goal westbrom scored fabianski was well out of position, if he was more in the middle he saves that, might be camera angles???

      1. aola wili

        West Ham Limited: The best ham makers in the west.

    11. Ayodele David

      Honestly i think west ham will finish higher than Chelsea and spurs maybe at 5 or 6 and sneakily get Europa League because though they are viewed as contenders i just feel at the end of the season clubs like Chelsea and spurs will lose momentum and west ham can snatch 5 or 6 by a minor gap

      1. alida flus

        nice videosI’m living for this video!!!!

    12. Hichem TFB

      What a skillful player benrahma is and congratulations for the win westham

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Let's go Hammers in this great form 🔥🔥💪

    13. Dominic Cadman-Gotch

      Is it just me or is Antonio's goal in this game kinda similar to the one he scored Vs Manchester City? 🤔 idk you lot might disagree but I see some similarities between the two 🤷

    14. Rafik Soumia

      Why benrahma play only 60 minutes, he deserve more

    15. Graham Walls

      Finally a West Ham team that even when they are not 100 % at it . Still find a way to win. . Antonio is so important to us & must be protected at all costs . We have raised the bar considerably this season & now just need to add some more quality , especially up front . And we will have the makings of a very good team & season . A very happy Hammer today . Up The Irons .

    16. Daniel Harris

      I know this sounds stupid but who thinks antonio should’ve been a team of the year nominee as he’s been better than some of them

    17. Benabed Chakib

      Big Benrahma 😘😘🤩🤩💪🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

    18. Professional Potato

      I don't watch West Ham games thus I've rarely watched Antonio play, but he's always on the scoresheets. Is he actually a good striker? apart from his excellent finishing?

      1. Marco Roberts

        Yes, he’s always in the right place at the right time and scores

    19. Raymond Oakford

      Is it really fair that a club that I've supported ALL MY LIFE has been taken away from me by a political agenda that I don't want to see while I want to watch MY CLUB on a match day. I enjoyed those days as it was a release from life's problems but now I haven't even got my club anymore, because of something that shouldn't be around on a match day.

      1. Raymond Oakford

        Oh the knee bendings a medical problem aye, why didn't I think of that. Thanks Doc.😳

      2. The Final Whistle

        stop talking pish and wake up. its around every day. its medical not political.

    20. Varoluşsal Sancılar

      good old fashioned, no non sense direct and fast flowing football. West Ham and Moyes deserve a lot more credit than they are currently getting.

    21. crewcutter2030

      West Ham Limited: The best ham makers in the west.

    22. eyob fenkebo

      Michail Antonio is very hard working and underrated player. I'm sure big clubs will start chasing him soon.

    23. olga karešová

      West Ham!!!!!!!!

    24. jeni suci arifin

      Come here to thanks to Antonio for 18pts🥳

    25. SharpFitnessLook

      ✈️ Europe ✈️ C’Mon you ⚒

    26. Ali Massoud

      0:04 the commentator’s voice crack is hilarious

    27. Aparna Khare

      LOL Antonio coming in my FPL team pronto

    28. Fredy Adisurya

      wow u guys did pretty well this season, looks like Moyes has guided your team to the right direction. gg and goodluck for the season, from a Man United fan

    29. Yuval w

      I need to know who designed this dreadful west brom kit 😂

      1. Mathias Sørensen

        @Marco Roberts its the classic west brom away kit inspired from the regis time

      2. Yuval w

        @Marco Roberts lol

      3. Marco Roberts

        I could’ve sworn Norwich got relegated

    30. Blue engineer

      benherema pass no body talking about it

      1. Ronan Sheridan

        When I seen it I thought he miss kicked but that's a wonder ball

    31. Million Maths

      Who heard Matheus Pereira being like Ooooh and who realised how long he hasn’t got a goal since his red card against Crystal Palace

      1. Mathias Sørensen

        he scored 2 the game before

    32. eatsleeppk RS

      Antonio 💎

    33. Lubo Sparksaty

      Tsu-fall + Soo.Czech , funny pronounced.

    34. Abduuul

      benrahma what a cross for the first goal

      1. T rex

        @Abduuul oh yea thats true thx

      2. Abduuul

        @T rex no like he gave a wonderful cross to coufal for the first goal

      3. T rex

        It was coufal not him

    35. TheTruth

      Moyes deserves more credit. He has brought West Ham back from the bottom.

    36. Vico Fewiandika

      West Ham need a new striker?

    37. Tymko C

      Hammers play excellent football this season. They attack with pace, movement and are finishing the chances real well. The D core is solid, so is the keeper and the midfield works hard on attack and D. They have Antonio who is turning out to be one of the top 5 finishers in the league. Great job by the manager of a team picked to finish around 15-16th place before the start of this season. Keep hammering it home lads, Europe awaits!

    38. arifkurn channel

      west ham is unique, reminds me Everton Squad under Moyes

    39. Abz The Dabz

      Bargain of the season Coufal

      1. Toni G

        Coufal, soucek & bowen made the world of difference. Dawson & Benrahma good additions . Ill have to shipping Anderson out also helped

    40. Abz The Dabz

      Bowen Benrahma Fornals Antonio This has to be the attacking 4 for the rest of the season

      1. Abz The Dabz

        @Jan Teska Soucek plays in the double pivot with rice, so if you play Soucek as the CAM who plays with Rice. Mark Noble?

      2. Jan Teska

        Bowen antonio fornals soucek

    41. Hughesy 1

      Moyes is doing great things this season but he needs to stop benching benrhama and then subbin him when he starts. Can see its going to affect his confidence



    42. Paul Furey

      West Ham never does easy :)

    43. tackler96

      Thank you West Ham

    44. Woody

      Keep on winning this is our YEAR!

    45. Amri Ide

      Three points have been won, in the future the next three points are, very good.

    46. Movie & Music Spot


    47. Yusuf Hidayat

      Gj David moyes

    48. LT Ang

      It will be a travesty if Antonio is not selected for England's Euro 2021.

      1. Ruddy Games

        Sadly he won't, his too old and injury prone now. But his form deserves a call up. Doesn't help all the top scorers are English too.

    49. Clint Eastwood

      Soo impressed with West Hams improvement since the Christmas. Much better than hovering above the drop zone all season. Well done guys another great result ...

    50. Pemuda Pejuang

      i dont have any idea why Haller decided to move to Ajax.. :/

    51. Mathias Sørensen

      when we go down you should buy Pereira

      1. Ben B

        Maybe we shall see our owners are shit youll stay up anyhow

    52. Mallers

      I am 60 and was taken to my first game when I was 6 years old. There have been a lot of lean times in the last 54 years.......and a few amazing ones too. But man........are you guys making me happy. Keep up the hard work, the belief and good things will follow..................A happy Hammer

      1. BURT RAMONE

        @POWEROFWORSHIP TV How depressing that is.



    53. Mikhail Bilykh

      Yarmolenko - good 12 player

      1. Первый Сталкерский

        Бревноленко. Чого тільки українці його хвалять?

    54. Anes H

      What a cross from benrahma

      1. rafikz77

        @Chris Blunt nah look again, he clearly saw number 5 open before crossing it

      2. Chris Blunt

        @eso es imad yacine was overhit ngl

      3. eso es imad yacine

        A normal one cmon

    55. AcLc Vlogs

      So I see we’ve collated with fortnite now?

      1. HHGamez

        And god help our reputation

    56. Érico Martins


    57. Raymond Deeble

      Seen worse 😂🤣⚒

    58. Moamen Eid

      Let's go Hammers in this great form 🔥🔥💪

    59. William Darlow


      1. Filip Tomek

        @The Final Whistle přesně tak ! 😂

      2. William Darlow

        @The Final Whistle oh OK, that's what I thought

      3. The Final Whistle

        he is czech and that is how they say Coufal.

      4. Filip Tomek


    60. howardsternisbatman

      Down goes the Walrus.

    61. George HT

      1:04 prime r2d2😂

      1. It ain't Obeezy

        Underrated comment lol

    62. DeBuDDi

      nice performance beat west brom, better than chelsea

    63. Naoufal Bouras

      From an average right winger or right back to a killer finisher . This is Michail Antonio , the best striker in the PL . We're lucky to have him. He saved us last year from relegation and this year he's the best. I hope he wouldn't get injured again.

      1. Dash22

        @Naoufal Bouras if you don't know then why say anything? You people love looking like idiots

      2. Naoufal Bouras

        @Toni G yes injury always has blocked his carreer. But now , he's very good . I hope he continues.

      3. Naoufal Bouras

        @Ruddy Games I didn't know those stats , but what I say is that compared to his current form as a striker , he seemed average in the wing.

      4. Toni G

        Average?! Very harsh, def better than average, he's not overly flashy...damn injury prone always hampers him

      5. Ruddy Games

        Calling him an average winger is doing him a disservice. He scored 9 league goals from the wing in 2016-2017 and he still missed 10 league games. His always been better than average imo.

    64. dziobAK dziobAK

      COYI ❤️💪

    65. Seadens TV


    66. Hasman

      Snogs punching the air rn

    67. Emily Bell

      Actually missing the atmosphere from the games😭❤

    68. James Cary

      We need to keep on pushing and try to aim for Europe

      1. Debarshi Pandit

        @Noah Bowie it's a "Scottish effect".... To prove that.... Scotland v England in EURO 2021 group stage match...🔥🔥🔥 Scott McTWOminay became prime Zidane 😅😅😅 And now Moyesy's West Ham United marching towards European Competition... Looks like IRONHAMMERS becomes Slavia Praha in Premier League 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 So Best of luck From Spurs fan 👍👍👍

      2. 666 BRLN 999

        @Debarshi Pandit everything to avoid Astra fucking Go Go huhh..?

      3. James Cary

        Noah Bowie 😂😂 yeah

      4. Debarshi Pandit

        Specially Champions League 😅😅😅😅

      5. Paul Furey

        We won't have the squad....and Astana FC would only knock us again :)

    69. Александр Супрун

      Yarmola top

      1. Первый Сталкерский

        Yarmola is slow tree.

      2. telboy007

        Not in this game, far too selfish and lost the ball too often when he came on.

      3. ΜατεΓιαΙιsεΔ

        When he’s on form he’s one of the better wingers

    70. p B

      ⚒Beautiful match⚒

    71. Jacob Johns


    72. lawson bishop

      brilliant lads on to europe!

    73. Ushdabush 1


    74. Ronan Pearce

      Who were the comment for this match

    75. FreddieMills10

      COYI another win ❤️