1st place Egg Drop project ideas- using SCIENCE

Mark Rober

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    5 designs guaranteed to win 1st place or your money back. I hope you enjoy the video and learn something new like I did when I made it. Feel free to share with any one who likes to learn science or is in a High School Physics class!
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    1. Fax

      Imagine being in 2020 still 🌝

    2. Cordov Juf

      Imagine if you're uncle takes you to a bridge in the middle of nowhere

    3. Flaming Red

      Air wolf

    4. Elliot Jönsson

      8:14 idea five: is throw one of your teammates with the egg son they can hold it safe

    5. The Emergent Classes

      Super landing dudo

    6. JubbyJ

      90% of people: *searched* Egg drop models 9% of people: watched like a normal human 1%: ur weird :)

    7. Kenneth Chapman

      Im fixing to just tape a bunch of helium ballons to a egg and throw it off they aint ever gonna find it so sh cant fail me

    8. songs but every word is a Google image

      Facts: How To Basic disliked this

    9. Birb of wisdom

      If you don’t need the lightweight or small option mix them

    10. Suraj_ Chaudhary

      Ultra legends watching this video after 5 year later. Like me😎😎


      i did my science off of this vid

    12. Devjeet Mishra

      How to basic after seeing this video : I am proud of you mark

    13. Salsa

      in mine last year we could only use paper and glue and somehow mine survived and i was so proud

    14. ordentlich Unordnung didi

      The music got annoying

    15. Jibi Biju

      I hate physics All that blah blah blah gravity mass blah blah blah

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    18. Lone None

      in the egg drop contest in my school it only lets you use paper

    19. Y Changsang

      5:25 don't he look like he was stealing lmao

    20. aditya python

      No eggs were harmed during this video

    21. Chicken

      How ironic would it be if an egg drop competition catchphrase was “let’s get crackin”

    22. Cas Harbers

      this was my favorite test in school

    23. JonatasAdoM

      Surprised "man stands on bridge dropping eggs" didn't end in the news.

    24. JonatasAdoM

      Why not just use bubble wrap?

    25. The Glitter Fartz And the Geckos

      I wish I knew this in 4th grade... I mean... the rules don’t say No Drones...

    26. Mr. Artist

      I remember around a year or 2 ago, we did an egg drop from 50ft, My group had just wrapped it in some tape and just put a bunch of other things on it, somehow it was the only one to survive

    27. SPECTOR X

      this makes sense

    28. Kittymaster Gato

      Idea #6 take the yolk out then put the white on the INSIDE and the yolk on the out side and then hard-boil it

    29. Mohit Jouhari

      Chicken inside that egg : just kill me.

    30. Andrew Wu

      Those skunks be like: Hey I hear there are these weird humans chucking eggs at the ground. All you can eat buffet! Later... Wait nvm they're still chucking them.

    31. Mabika Sava

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    32. Gd Master

      4 out of 5 ...............

    33. Yours Truely

      Looks pretty safe how you test saving eggs.

    34. Dan Watkins

      What about a paper helicopter a large paper helicopter

    35. Play Time Meyers

      Great video

    36. Isaac LEUNG

      My anxiety levels at 6:45 skyrocketed

    37. Sea Storm Gaming

      Mate, just boil the egg!

    38. Chris Berry

      thanks mark this actually helps with my homework

    39. Amogh P S

      You could just tie a hydrogen balloon to the egg

    40. ITGuru42

      You missed one option: fluid dynamics.

    41. Leftover Spaghetti In God's Shoelace

      The smart kid: *shaking in fear* The kid who watches mark rober: *I am four parallel universe ahead of you*

    42. That Fuzzy Potato

      My class was given 2 sheets of paper and like 2 inches of tape. So my partner and I designed a collapsing cone and out egg survived the 3 story drop :) (design was inspired by how cars are designed to crumple to keep the driver alive)

    43. Mandara Godagama

      I want to meet the guy who makes background music on this channel. It is so pleasant to hear.

    44. Rahmathulla munazhi

      u are the one who makes science fun with fun examples u are the best

    45. hassaan sheikh

      He's Bill Nye the Science guy for the new generation🤣

      1. David

        I hope so. Every generation should have one or two.

    46. john doe

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    47. Kernelite Bee

      6th method, Mlg Egg

    48. No more annoyingly long names

      I've never taken a psychics class. I heard that the professor was terrible so I took geology instead lol. It's sad that most teachers are just not that good at teaching. I got lucky with my math teachers, so math was my favorite subject up until sophomore year Trig. It should be required by law for Trig teachers to be fun and competent. I'm not even joking, that teacher took my love of math and crushed it. Anyway, life experience and common sense would've made me make design 4.

      1. No more annoyingly long names

        Meant design 3

    49. Karson F

      Use an avocado but without the seed instead of the seed then use the egg and tape the avocado back together

    50. Milo LIVE

      Bruh he said High school!! 😂 I did this is the 4th grade in deaaaad

    51. Mason Carrasquillo

      (7:01) BEWARE OF SKUNKS!!!!!

    52. ZIKRY

      Recommendation is really on point recently! WOW

    53. Trevor Hyun

      newspaper is slept on so much in egg drop, i’m 3-0 with just 3-4 sheets of the thing. i don’t know how, but it works (it was also dropped at 1-2 floors high)

    54. Stephen Lawrence

      Mark Rober - you are killing the creativity in science by showing these examples. Cool other videos, but don't ruin these classic school investigations.

    55. Lane Robey

      When I did this in elementary 20 years ago, I won with a neck brace, bubble wrap, and a cardboard box.

    56. Anife Klobocishta

      ill be using this video to help me write my essay on my egg drop project

    57. Sam Cotey

      I probably could've guessed that his favourite class was physics. Just a hunch

    58. Jay Bhuva

      can you be my physics teacher pls

    59. Ham ster

      It’s not rocket science O wait...

    60. Hisham Rashid

      Mark: *lets go crack some eggs* Howtobasic: "I see your a man of culture."

    61. SaltedXcaramel

      OMG im so glaad u did a video on this i need to make an egg drop parachute for science and loads of the videos used a plastic egg so it wouldnt crackkkk thankkkkk uuuuuuuu

    62. Bhavya Gandhi

      What if the egg is kept in a bottle of water, will it break?

    63. X Æ A- 12

      Great. Now my teacher says "none of mark rober's ideas"

    64. John 3:16


    65. Lunalove


    66. EREN NOMAN

      howtobasic: PUNY MORTAL!

    67. 西城恵美子

      SERIOUS question: I saw, for the straw man, you put extra straws that connected the big straws, WHY.

    68. HEL 75

      Me: I'm so bored Mark: let's crack some eggs Me:OK *gets popcorn

    69. Anay Gupta

      it was cringe-worth

    70. HACKERISTIC 499

      Just attach the egg with magnets and pass it through a copper pipe .

    71. Iron-C4 DPC

      So these contraptions work for humans?

    72. CrimsonTheWorld

      I watched this video too late...

    73. Ali Teham

      “No food was wasted in the making of this video”

    74. *InsertCreativeUsernameHere *

      Smh just enchant it with feather falling.

      1. Neshan Neshah

        Gd one

    75. Thomas Meyer

      My class actually did this in middle school. I got a paper cup put Albanese gummy bears in (they were the most squishy) and put the egg in and taped a piece of cardboard on top to keep it all in and stuck pencils through the sides to hold a plastic bag parachute.

    76. Douglas Greiner

      Hey I just got in to watching your videos when a kindergartner wanted to watch your videos I really know nothing about physics however I wish I did anyway while watching the egg drop I wondered how the effect of squeezing an egg would work rather than cracking it

    77. Jared 05

      wish i saw this video in 7th grade 😭

    78. Max

      If you use helium ballons, the weight would be negative (without the egg).

    79. Olesya Butnaru

      I am tired

    80. Q-Bits

      if the lightest wins, use helium balloons, it's negative weight. Edit: Lol, this was actually featured

    81. Meliponicultura en Costa Rica

      I thought that you were using the drone without power as seeds naturally fall with helicopter fans in nature. I imagine you would need much bigger rotor blades

    82. Austin Drawbaugh

      My teacher showed this video to us at school!

    83. Rishabh Saini

      Mark: let's make something that protects the egg Also mark : let's *C R A C K* some eggs

    84. Storm

      This would've came in handy in summer camp

    85. Mirko1891

      to #4.5: wouldn't an autorotation device work?

    86. Super Prame

      Shape​ paper like cone put egg in the paper cone that's it egg don't break

    87. Laura Lopez

      Haha. Santa Clarita bikers

    88. GalaxyGamer

      im so doing the drone one.

    89. brandon HVAC/ANTS

      I know how to make a bowl of egg drop dissappear. 😋

    90. A random cat

      Yeah a few years ago when we did the egg drop challenge and the person who won used a parachute lmao

    91. tri sha

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    92. Reznov Blyet

      What was the song in this video?

    93. Shine & Omniscient

      I did mine with 2 yougurt cups, sponge, tape and tubber bands

    94. Aswang TM

      I learned more on this video than in school

    95. Ryan McInn

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    96. dany the slime

      i love just listening to you when im doing something

    97. Sampa Segampong Rhon

      Put the egg in an egg tray filled with other eggs. Drop it and atleast one is bound to survive, claim that the surviving one is your egg.

    98. Claire Egler

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    99. TyDye24

      I didn’t get to do the egg drop because of the corona virus.

    100. Huber Rhys

      Hyundai stock