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    Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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    Опубліковано 8 днів тому


    1. Pure Nature US

      There some trues in the world, first: we'll all die some day, second: Loki'll always comeback

    2. Thanos

      IMPOSSIBLE. I killed this man

      1. Teoman

        THANOS !

    3. Ashton Salazar

      How many subs can I get from this comment

    4. Ellie Emma

      2:06 nat?

    5. Calendars Holsworth

      Why I am so happy to get to

    6. Valente Ramirez

      YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! I definitely can't get enough of the MCU!! My first movie was spider man homecoming just being bored I watched it. Then when iron man came in and saved the boat ⛵ from splitting in half after spider man tried. The way he popped out his suit to get on Peter Parker axx! I was like hold up. Let me scope out the iron Man movies then it was Captain America then Thor! 23 mcu movies later I'm hooked!! I'm not feeling the new Captain America. But I'm thinking the winter soldier will take care of that!! Now Loki Im sure as hell loki is nube master 69!!

    7. Joel Ogarrio

      1:26 rip avengers tower

    8. RECTO Recto

      Oh it’s the Loki who dipped with the Tesseract in infinity war. Nice

    9. Stephen Aidoo

      OMG: In the Marvel Universe, Anything is possible.

    10. Eliana Peninger

      At first I believed that one more trailer would be enough to satiate my hunger until the series arrived.... then I watched this trailer and realized how much more I really wanted


      Really dumb how a comic book becomes a cash cow with horrible acting lame content already been there read it. Yet millions sheep 🐑 all always wanting more brain dead content. Looks really stupid this what millions want to care about

    12. David Littman

      It’s quantum leap

    13. Rayne bow

      Why is loki so perfect

    14. Xanthe Woolrych

      The only problem with this is... I've seen doctor who. So I know that time is not a straight line, its all wibley wobley timey wimey stuff.... AND NOW I'M GOING TO HAVE TO UNLEARN THAT BEFORE WATCHING LOKI.

    15. Dan Smith

      Why would you put Owen Wilson in this

    16. The Council of Nine

      Steve: *Travels back in time to return the Stones and prevent the timeline from being destroyed.* Loki: *Steals the Space Stone and breaks the timeline anyway.* Steve: Am I a joke to you?

    17. Jin Apelu

      Thor has got to know abou this.

    18. Josh Russiff

      Owen Wilson! Nice Marvel... Nice...

    19. Erin Hathaway

      Us: oh so loki is actually dead?? Marvel: yes and no

    20. Rocko '05

      Very much lookin' forward to this show the most.

    21. Divya

      wait. This is pre ragnarok loki. This is pre realising thor genuinely loves him and that they can be brothers if *he* chooses it loki. Wtfffff

    22. Елина Митева

      2:06 is that Natasha??

    23. Severus Snape

      Loki! You couldn't be such a beloved and legendary and charismatic villain, if Tom Hiddleston wasn't there! Thank U dear TOM HIDDLESTONE for such a beautiful, perfect and adorable character!

      1. Severus Snape

        What's your idea? Do you think the same?

      2. Severus Snape

        Just a hiddlestoner in duty🙄😎

    24. Paris

      Had anyone noticed nat

    25. D. K.

      Top Villians of All Time: 1. Joker (RIP Heath Ledger) 2. Thanos 3. Loki 4. Magneto 5. ?

    26. Wajahat Aslam

      man he is looking like joakin phenix

    27. Manoj Tamil

      Very excited to see you loki. 🤞😈

    28. Anthology Of Interest

      Who else noticed the Black Widow cameo in Vormir?

    29. SpiderSaids Universe

      So Loki get his own series? But he is a villain!!! But will Loki be in the party too? Ps: I didn't see Endgame yet!

    30. Yung Thrash

      He’s like a joker lmao

    31. you

      Need tamil varsion

    32. elaine

      i literally love him sm

    33. Dennis Glover

      So it's a remake of Quantum Leap. Woo-woo...

    34. Kushel

      Who else wants Loki to meet Frigga 1 last time the only person who loved him unconditionally and for Loki the person he loved the most because its sad the last thing Frigga asked was Am I not your mother and Loki replied No, you're not

    35. martin cassper

      looks great 👀

    36. join the fist 10

      Oh, I can't wait. June 11? Aw man. So far.

    37. kope7777

      I hope they`ll avoid any joker 2019 inspiration

    38. Hazelnutyy


    39. Mark S

      Was he sitting with Widow on Vormir?

    40. F U

      Pls no Owen Wilson. And why is Loki restrained by some old school losers? Visuals and atmosphere looks good but the premise is borked, like in Wandavision.

    41. Zeotrox

      That other guy in this trailer. Was that Tony Starks father?!

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        No, the guy talking with Loki, played by Owen Wilson is Mobius.

    42. Luna Lovegood


    43. Sita Vety

      We want one more trailer plss!!

    44. Godwin Owusu-Safo

      Did anyone miss Loki and Natasha Romanoff at 2:06?

    45. Todoroki Lefteye

      I’m a little confused is this before or after endgame

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        This Loki is from a different timeline after Avengers 1. The one that escaped with the tesseract in Endgame 0:59

    46. Rajesh Rakhunde

      Hindi dubbed

    47. Ghost Idiot

      how did humans detain a frost giant, let alone a god?

    48. Ajinder Singh

      Wait a sec who is the blonde @ 2:06 ? Is she Natasha!!!

    49. LilBlasian Peep


    50. Rohan Saha

      Please please please bring loki series in Hindi dubbed that is humbal request ❤️ Love from INDIA 💖

    51. Amol Kharabe

      Why not in hindi language

    52. LuizTFC

      Guys. I'm 'LOKI' excited! Haha! See what I did there...

    53. Jhonny Lozada

      Seems very unoriginal kinda taking from the umbrella academy

      1. yolol

        Ok but can you please watch this show before judging so that you didnt seems stupid

      2. ZAP GAMERZ

        Ok ok tell after seeing the show

    54. jose ap santos

      Boa Tarde, esse Loki ésensacional. Adorei o vídeo.

    55. Rijal Farhan

      ACEH ❤️

    56. Akter Jahan

      We all love Tom Hiddleston. . ❤ He is just wowww..

    57. Stig Frellvik

      Loki is the only good thing about MCU...

    58. Queen Starr


    59. Wilony Barger

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    60. Mat Fab

      This Low-key looking good :D

      1. Matthew perry

        .... H~e~l~l~o.... v~i~e~w~e~r~s a~r~e y~o~u t~h~i~n~k~i~n~g o~n h~o~w t~o m~a~k~e h~u~g~e p~r~o~f~i~t~s i~n B~T~C w~i~t~h~i~n~g 3 _6 d~a~y~s f~e~e~l f~r~e~e t~o t~e~x~t m~y br~o~k~e~r o~n w~h~a~t~s....a~p~p ~+~1~7~6~2~2~4~6~4~2~4~8

      2. Matthew perry

        .... H~e~l~l~o.... v~i~e~w~e~r~s a~r~e y~o~u t~h~i~n~k~i~n~g o~n h~o~w t~o m~a~k~e h~u~g~e p~r~o~f~i~t~s i~n B~T~C w~i~t~h~i~n~g 3 _6 d~a~y~s f~e~e~l f~r~e~e t~o t~e~x~t m~y br~o~k~e~r o~n w~h~a~t~s....a~p~p ~+~1~7~6~2~2~4~6~4~2~4~8

    61. Joel Shaji

      I'm seeing alot of meme templates Like ALOT

    62. kaqexz

      Who saw Nat

      1. uncanny dcmarvelous

        @Alexandre Gagne Man I hope this doesn't end up like WandaVision with the Fietro, Multiverse, X-Men and Doctor Strange fiasco with fans hyping up that girl is Natasha only to when is revealed that she's either Enchantress, Lady Loki or another character they throw hate at the series just because their theories were wrong.

      2. Alexandre Gagne

        Just you! It's not her buddy!

    63. mair ali Over_9000

      1:42 "I am 10 steps ahead of you. " This gives me such Prometheus vibes (from Arrowverse).

    64. Anshul Singh Yadav


    65. Xon Lu

      2:06 Is that Nat? And Vormir?

    66. Sourav SQS

      Im excited to see how they play Pompeii

    67. Katherinne 1567

      1:42 it's Thor 1 Loki????


      Tamil dubbed

    69. Jin Kazama


    70. Bruce Wayne

      Death is only the beginning when it comes to marvel and dc

    71. Chandra Shakar

      Loki is sitting with black widow😍😍😍😘

    72. Bontie Dm

      Loki: Has black hair, a crown with horns and wears green Hela:Has black hair, a crown with horns and wears green as well Thor: I'm I the adopted one?

    73. kekeke ernest

      The only person that ever can trust, Loki, is Loki

    74. Salim Malik

      We need tamil dub guys Dub fast hype is going on 100mbps

    75. Kyle Maybury

      the guy who plays Mobius kinda sounds like Booth from Bones...

    76. Neeru Mehta

      It would be great if there is an option of liking the vedio infinite times

    77. GamerPlayz

      ohh i know why they make it because in the avengers end game they go in the pass and there is iron man and ant man and captain america then they fail to get the stone and loki escape

    78. Asim khurram

      Wait the Loki died in infinity war what.........

      1. yolol

        Im asking this because its clearly show why Loki is alive

      2. yolol

        Do you even watch this trailer ???

      3. ZAP GAMERZ

        This is the loki that escaped in endgame when Tony and Scott were getting the tesseract

    79. Kaden Vasquez

      Isn’t this technically just the MCU version of Dragon Ball Xenoverse?

    80. joey xyz

      loki variant yes never been in to thor movies that much but loki has always been my fav

    81. Jay MF'n Reilly

      "I'll NEVER do it again."

    82. KigreTheViking

      Isnt there a Thor out there missing a hammer? Because... Thor took it... from himself...? Random question ik.

    83. Haya Busa

      Evil comeback again...that's we waiting for this...

    84. Black Pill Cipher


    85. Jannat Baloch

      This is movie or web series?

    86. Angel Maskell-Negus

      Why is no one talking about how it looks like he's sitting with Nat at 2:06

    87. King Sharma

      Me: I will never procrastinate again! Also me: that was a lie

    88. 뿌붑


    89. Jithin Godfrey

      Loved it

    90. Seema S. Baghel

      1:31 cutest part of this whole trailer. The very cute and little 'Bye' was aesthetic. 💗💕

    91. Zeo GT

      Loki Solo Film Moviee !

    92. Ela J

      Just a friendly message not related to this video☺️ God loves you, no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve done. He’s waiting with open arms for you to accept Him into your lives. I hope you have a lovely day.God Bless You☁️🙌

    93. michael knight

      2:06 is that black widow sitting beside loki??

    94. Bharath Kumar

      Loki not a character... Best marvel hero

    95. MgameMax

      I'm waiting...

    96. Wanda Maximoff

      I’m serious Loki is dead sounding like a Homicidal snake right now don’t you love it 😍

    97. Youth Team

      Hope this is a new journey ✌

    98. Nishit Pandit

      at 2:06, is that widow?

    99. aalee

      I will never trust him. He have life than cat.

      1. Lil Shordy


    100. Spring