Shower Hair Art- a mural

Mark Rober

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    A man can only take so much of his wife's hair stuck to the shower walls before he snaps.
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    Опубліковано 8 років тому


    1. Dinos Kourkoulakos

      Marks wife after that:🧕

    2. Jackson Eastburn

      Not the best video to eat and watch.

    3. Max Laval

      At that point he was like: "Trust me, I'm an engineer."

    4. Sebastian Brenner

      super random

    5. Toby_Hugo

      oof, im late to the party

    6. Luuk Pieterman

      very dry that is so nastie

    7. Josh Campbell

      Look how far you’ve come, live’n on pranks and dreams.

    8. Hi?

      So many women do this apparently, it's an inside joke like a woman secret and I'm here like, y'all are nasty asf

    9. Quang Huy Đặng

      Good job

    10. ChrisCraftMaster

      Who’s watching in 2021

    11. Iluhandric

      that's so weird to watch this in 2021 after seeing all the awesome stuff he made and invented

    12. Darlene Tucker

      The hard cook wessely stuff because pantry presently peck into a astonishing food. dry, hurt weight

    13. Unsaid Artist

      Crazy how if you go far back enough, Mark's videos haven't even got 1 million views

    14. Your Friend The Alien

      0:08 Was anyone else wondering why his toast had a hole in the middle of it?

      1. I can't think of a good name

        Lol it's not toast, it's a bagel

      2. VirtueEagle


    15. I once killed A man with my shoe

      It’s honestly so weird to see an old Mark Rober video

    16. Beverly Doxtator

      The idiotic ptarmigan aesthetically plan because crocodile bailly colour during a utopian volcano. wandering, best rate

    17. Joseph J Alappat

      This is weird but funny

    18. Gusta_

      Just ew

    19. Maze Calvin

      Who's here like after 7 years? 🙄

    20. roux man

      rumors say to this day the hair is still stuck on the wall

    21. Charged 23

      I deal with this all the time living in my family with my sister and my mother. And they keep doing it.

    22. Jared Barney

      Mark, I have that same iPod speaker/alarm clock! What are the odds?!

    23. Jacespeed 1

      Me in 2021

    24. Eli Haaland

      Honey! why is there no hot water left?

    25. Skittledup

      I'm surprised this doesn't have 1 mil views yet! lol

    26. Love Sweets

      How is that sweet and gross at the same time

    27. Naeem ALWAH


    28. FozzleQuack

      u kinda look like magnus

    29. Beast 609

      Ok i never tought about that

    30. Shem Shem

      This is all he showed when he applied for nasa, they asked if he could Start the next day

    31. Nin3

      Is anyone gonna talk about how different the hair color is between hers & the one in the bathtub? No?

    32. Sakib Chowdhury

      I got this after 8 years wow algorithm

    33. Virgo Heart

      I got gay vibes from him. Is he not gay?

    34. Obama BinLadin

      Patients undergoing chemo would be good at this

    35. Katherine Henshaw

      Oh that's so gross! I should do it to my sister

    36. Joel Gravano

      Divorce your wife

    37. Bravo Six

      Words may not be able to express how disgusted was I until 1:02

    38. Santino Carideo

      this is discussing!

    39. Cwilson409


    40. Thomas G

      Who has the time for this!!!!

    41. Aivaras Masiulis


    42. Marc Jayzie Talde

      Was he using a MARKER or hair?

    43. Jailbrokein

      his wife after this video was made: 👩‍🦲

    44. G038 Ishan Dutta

      Vele pan ki had🤨🤨

    45. AlissaRose Art

      I geuss I’m not alone... I- my sisters hair is gross but like, good opportunity

    46. Baraņčiks

      every one ho waching in 2021

    47. Med Amine

      And 8 years later here we are

    48. Will Murphy

      The forgotten mark rober video

    49. Lowkey Loki

      Mark you absolute troll

    50. Metal Head

      Ha I used to do things like this when I was going bald

    51. Alex V


    52. Clayton Cecil

      I don’t have the patience for this

    53. MEGALIB Studios

      that is so nasty... *proceeds to touch it*

    54. Dori Bachrad

      Am I the only one imagining him pulling out his own hair for this vid

    55. Master Cheetah

      My mom leaves the hair on the shower walls and shower floors, and I always wash it away. It's pretty annoying but also ironic that I'm female.

    56. tron pig

      Ok sure, it may be great art, might be sweet, and it's cute and all. But let's just focus on the fact that you saw the hair and thought what we all are thinking, that's nasty. And yet, you decide to touch it, and find all of it, and move it around, LEAVING IT ON THE WALL.

      1. tron pig

        @Lexis _ the video or you?

      2. Lexis _

        This vid is 8 and a half years old

    57. Gun Smith

      I'm in 2021

    58. Vain Tyrant

      1:21 *ah i see the wife didnt like the art very much*

    59. J J

      Welcome to the algorithm old friend

    60. Braeden Rock

      8 years later...

    61. Amare Ireland

      wacthing this in 2021 lol

    62. Brian Keane

      This vids gonna get swarmed, i can tell

    63. AK-Forza

      2021 any one that rhymes

    64. FENCH_TOST _08

      I didn’t know to be grossed out or to be amazed

    65. Leah Thompson

      I almost cryed! Can someone realate?

    66. Samuel Mason

      i wonder how many gnarly, big, and curly pubes were picked out of his mural.

    67. 506 independent VIDEO

      plot twist: wasnt hair, but ink

    68. CREEPER2159 j

      Why did youtube reccomend me this?

    69. Apricots Gaming

      This is so gross

    70. Logwn


    71. Gabriel Lutz


    72. Xtreme

      I thought that was rick

    73. RoseRook 7010


    74. the ghost

      Not even 1 mil views :(

    75. Yes, Hi there

      Its the time boys, Its the time to gather by youtube recommandations

      1. p1zza bagel


    76. Monkey

      you should have walked in bald

    77. sir. marx

      What I----

    78. Gunner Animates

      I’m not that brave

    79. Reload central

      The only question I have is why

    80. Musa Durrani

      lol befor 1 mil

    81. Melchior Toussaint

      Questions, so many questions

    82. Avey Steele

      Yall- shower hair is the cleanest you will find.

      1. Avey Steele

        @Virgo Heart lol

      2. Virgo Heart

        ​@Avey Steele Nah you can't now! XD It's already made roots and started growing! lol

      3. Avey Steele

        I should just delete this comment lol, didn't excpect fr people to acctualy see it.

      4. Avey Steele

        @Star Cherry also that yes

      5. Avey Steele

        @Virgo Heart ah

    83. Rasyad Malik


    84. Finn SOLO


    85. PlaneTastic

      Why did she have brown hair in the beginning but at the end she had blonde?

    86. Ajinkya Ghule

      Why after 8 years UKup

    87. Wyatt Johnson

      Thanks, I hate it

    88. Ronit Gummadi

      Remember when mark rober did not get like 10 million views a vid.

    89. Jack Carpenter

      Normally, im a terribe artist But in the shower, consider me van goh

    90. Omar Arafa

      Why does it look like Rick astley

    91. DIPSTIX

      For a second I thought it was 8 hours ago

    92. Abbas 327 ツ

      UKup and mark want me to see this vid after 8 years

    93. Victoria Lyytinen

      How'd he do that?! I'm such a bad artist and Mark can do it even in the shower!

    94. Yufeng Yan

      ‎ ‎

    95. Elliott Purser


    96. SolMaxiZ


    97. Meme culture

      Who got this recomend after 9 years

    98. bloop bloop

      how long was that shower

    99. Coolghost

      hi anybidy hererrrr?????

    100. PersonMon

      Love how he went from this to talking with Barack Obama and bill gates.