Glowing Algae Water Fountain

Mark Rober

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    A simple idea for continuous, organic, relaxing light using bioluminescence.



    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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    1. SCP ClxnedElla


    2. Yash Kolhatkar


    3. Erik K

      I wish he'd told us how long the fountain's glowing lasted. Also, would the algae recover their superpower if exposed to a cloudy day outdoors?

    4. FangraYT


    5. • Midnight_Gacha •

      All your gonna see in the comments now: "wHy iS tHiS iN My REcCOmEndEd" or "WhY DiD yOutUbE ReCcOMEnD Me ThiS 7 YeArs LaTeR?" If your one of those people, please stop its overused and cringe. Thanks 😁

    6. Among Us Rituals

      🙂😀😅😂🤣 Rappers: would it ever stop Mark: good question fellas 🙂😀😆😅😂🤣

    7. Hannah's adventures

      I have no idea that 1 cell plants can glow

    8. appolo9131 nasa

      TUESDAY DECEMBER 15 2020

    9. Noelle Maynard Holmes


    10. Ya Boy

      this outro should be his outro for every vid *2:23*

    11. Warner Family

      what a home made flame thrower

    12. Big Brain Squirrel Named Carlo

      Old mark looks like he works at a gardening store

    13. XxILikePie03

      RIP Algae

    14. Ian Petersen

      I’m going to dub this his most underrated video. Super cool & something most could actually mess around with.

    15. Katie Kat

      Omg!!! So funny. I had forgotten all about the double-rainbow guy!!

    16. Emily Harrison

      I’m sorry the end of this shoulda won a Grammy

    17. S.H

      Those algae must be so mad

    18. Rebecca Howell

      I still have never seen any bioluminecence in my life, so sad!

    19. Darwin Kim

      who here is watching this in 2020 and is like: wait..Mark Rober looks so weird

    20. james melemede

      that dude is very stoned

    21. Wizard.Casper

      2:15 Mark’s buddy is the algae

    22. Anas Allawala

      Hahahhahahahhhahahahahahhahahhahahh amazing

    23. HGJHan1000

      why in this video that he looks like he hasn't slept in days and is running on coffee

    24. SwaZ

      UKups recommendation system doing Its thing

    25. Bow

      Wow soo old

    26. RaiN Clan

      He’s come so far in the few years!

    27. Man Do I Love Gradients !


    28. Genkai the gummy


    29. Isaiah ewell

      The link didint work 🙁🙁🙁

      1. Jan emannuel F. Labio

        Its 6 years ago.......

    30. DELLIMAN88

      Aim am watching this in 2020 from San Diego where that is in the ocean lighting the waves up at night

    31. Charlie Winder

      how long will it take to stop producing light and what happens if you drink it?

    32. Jacaronie Macaroni

      Lol that ending

    33. Ever Nyman

      The link does not work

    34. PDMC41506

      He looks like a rip off Tommy Oliver

    35. aditya goswami

      those creatures are called dinoflagelats

    36. Hudson Moon

      The link for the algae does't work

      1. Jan emannuel F. Labio

        Its 6 years ago...

    37. Unknown_Host

      please do tutorial on how u make it

    38. Shannon Asbill

      Mark, the link for the algae takes me to an obsolete website. Could you give a new link?

    39. PWill's Reef

      ive been wanting to do this so bad! i really want to make like an aquarium to keep it alive

    40. Tyler Cash

      #21 of the binge and imma put this in my room

    41. essə

      Do you think I can use it in a watercooled pc?

    42. Tritun

      The link to the algae is broken

    43. Jenn Dob


    44. Bharath

      Last 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😂🤣🤣

    45. ShrimpByNight ByThomas

      Are there any in freshwater?

    46. Mr. Snowman

      I’ve been raised calling them lightin bugs I’m from Alabama

    47. Love

      NO, seriously, please tell us if the pee REALLY glows :?

    48. Kris Noun

      End then his pe glowed he said

    49. Caohu09

      Years ago... Mark wasn't as animated. #hashbrownies

    50. Phyro McBruce, Esq.

      BRB it's 1:49AM and I need to order GLOWING PEE DRINK

    51. Eric Gan

      Algae enslavement

    52. The Memegeneer

      2019 anyone

    53. Zeke

      Hahaha xD

    54. My name ??

      You inspire me everyday!

    55. Sreejith KR

      Link which you gave for algae water is not working 😣😣

    56. Ethan Bell

      BTW i saw this in real life at a beach once it was awesome! you could walk on the beach and the area around your feet would glow

    57. Reaper Cosplays

      What if u keep it at a window so the sun gets shined on it every day?

      1. SCP ClxnedElla


    58. Stan .Rarick

      Call PETA.....

    59. StraitD2

      That ending though, bahahaha

    60. Compguy321

      Your old videos are actually really amazing!

    61. michael johnson

      Can u set up an energy source for the allge to stay living like a uv lamp or heat lamp or something of that sort? Or just stick the fountain in a sunny window while at work with like a clear glass back so any allge in the pump still gets energized?

    62. Click Click

      If there was a problem yo I’ll solve it Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it🤩🤩🤩🤩

    63. Alex Ting

      algae dies

    64. Adri H

      I want to fill a pool

    65. Alex King

      Press read more God loves you! 🖤

    66. ufuctitup

      can you give me a new link that works? the link to buy the algae doesn't work anymore. thanks :D

    67. Chad Chadwick

      Hi love your channel! I bought bioluminescent dinoflagellate medium from the link below.. I know it needs to be agitated to glow, but do I need to add a chemical or do something with the liquid before it becomes activated? Having trouble getting it to work..

    68. anshul suri

      The link for online algae sellar isn't working please resolve it

      1. Ewald Auer

        Just google how to isolate glowing bacteria from fresh herring

    69. touchmestudios

      The picture of pam on the fridge

    70. mohammad khalil

      Is it safe to drink

    71. WuzNab

      Those algae are living in pain.

    72. Carrie Potts

      You are seriously the best youtuber ever!!!!! 😊

    73. R3Q_

      2018 anybody?

    74. Aidan Nelson

      All in all a trip to the beach and a bunch of hot glue and plates and a 60$ bottle of this stuf will l give you this... it is so cool though so Nah what ever but that stuff

    75. Misha

      Is there a way to keep a colony of them living for longer if they get nutrients and sunlight?

    76. Danielle Naerebout

      What if you put it on a vibrater? Please do that for a video!

    77. Hailstorm 03

      So how long will the light last

    78. Graham K

      Why do you look high in your earlier videos?

    79. Supreme Spark

      Who pisses with the lights off?

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    82. Milk chemistry

      Imagine the vegans

    83. Marlea Blonairz

      Vanilla ice is an unoriginal misuse of human cells.

    84. Anthony Guzman

      Ok so I am guessing "growth medium" is just food for the algae right, so if you added this to a backyard pond with koi and turtles, would it in theory be able to glow indefinitely? Would it harm the animals?

    85. M

      Just use tonic water

    86. Frank Liao


    87. Elementary Club

      0:34 “cough cough” Copy right “cough cough”

    88. H Amenev

      When that guy was in the bathroom, did you use a filter?

      1. MonkeyJuice

        H Amenev it was all real man

    89. Wasbee Youtubing


    90. Matthew Huber

      You can find the dinoflagellates that bioluminess at

    91. Ryan Evans

      Men! Why are you so intelligent?

    92. Bob Saget

      Y'all know he's Mormon?

      1. JulzMusic

        Bob Saget Mark Rober is a Mormon?

    93. Finn

      Could you fellow buttcheeks check out my music , I need another point of view

    94. The Creator

      Wow, what an ending!! lol!!

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      isn't the guy peeing the same guy that plays DeVerl in the movie the singles ward? Lincoln Hoppe?

    97. M G

      Just joking nice video dude

    98. M G

      If u shove it up your ***will it glow😂😂😂😂😂😂

    99. Lachlan Martin

      You could use tonic water and a hidden blacklight

    100. D.T.6

      where can I buy?