aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' Techwear ver. Dance Practice


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    1. Kiki Hasanah


    2. Eliene maria Da Silva De Sousa Eliene Maria


    3. 이채현

      음방보더 옷 카메라 다 더 좋음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개웃겨 사실 안웃겨 ㅅㅂ

    4. shorinji kaporoh

      Aespa Fighting!

    5. G19 Nadong, Princess Kyle C.

      let's have an appreciation with giselle, she looks so cool. i love her.

    6. Cecio Chanel

      Studio dance-nya sama kayak NCT-U Work it🌈

    7. furkan karaoglu

      karina is good too

    8. •Kim Zhala•

      Русскоязычные лайк:

    9. •Kim Zhala•


    10. Gulan

      1:58 that sounds like lisa doesnt it?😭

      1. Gulan

        @KangSuperBoShiaeXQ! Well for me it sounds like lisa.

      2. KangSuperBoShiaeXQ!

        No, it doesn't. It sounds like Karina.

    11. yestoday supremacy

      why don't they just use this outfit on indonesian idols

    12. Tiara Zamroni

    13. Adeptus Maximus

      Ang lutong ng sapak ni karina kay winter eh hahahahahahaha

    14. merina yesmin

      They are coping blackpink 😂😂😂 lol. They can't dance and sing either.

      1. stan ÆSPA

        they didn't copy BP and i bet they're gonna surpass them soon in a few years and you're gonna fall in love with our AESPA , too ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ periodt.

      2. æ

        Aespa have AI concept, each member have their own avatar and their have many theory cause aespa is first grup from SM Culture Universe (SM × Marvel) Black mamba is about aespa member story and their concept Aespa concept and their song not like blacpink cause BP doesn't have that concept 😉 Aespa released new single with ballad concept (eventought that's remake) even blackpink doesn't have released like ballad song, blackpink concept is only about girlcrush not like aespa So aespa not copying blackpink ❤

      3. æ

        for their movement dance aespa not copying blackpink, many part dance more like similar like their labels mate girl's generation example chorus part - girl's generation (the boys) twist hair part - girl's generation (i got a boy)

      4. æ all of them have good vocals ^^ this is just special video to fans and teachwear outfit is fans choosen ^^ in january MY have polling to choose teachwear or suit outfit

      5. æ

        no boo ^^ their concept is about avatar they even released ballad song (a remake song from k-pop senior singer) they don't try to look like blackpink cause they haven't different concept ^^

    15. Sarah R

      Karina is too perfect. She’s totally looking like a living AI. How can she be real? 😭

    16. lovesick Jordan

      Giselle looked bomb


      Not needed advice: if you don't know how to dance then don't learn this dance,go and learn another dance first but If you want to then be ready to lose your legs

    18. natysrko

      Karina ever looking her members with so much love 💕 Awww so beautiful ❤️

    19. Cathlen Garan

      2:43 my favorite part

    20. Cathlen Garan

      Close to 5M

    21. はZiyu

      Kamu terbaik 👍🏻👍🏻

    22. Aslie Suelo

      Mahal ko kayo -from seoul sk

    23. Белый Ирис

      Идем к 5 миллионам просмотров!

    24. panthea grizelda

      Ma ma mamba

    25. Angel L'Mae Roberson

      That one backup dancer is always killing it

    26. Exo Saranghanda

      5M lets get it mys,fighting!^^

    27. SM Lagend Treadmill

      Wow love it

    28. Tiara Zamroni


    29. furkan karaoglu

      winter so good


      Aespa I Love YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    31. panthea grizelda



      æspa ❣❣❣

    33. akmae invision

      Almost 5 Million Mys!

    34. Golu Dubey

      Okay after months of thinking i finally am able to have my bias in aespa. And thats none other than.....KARINA! she is an total package, talent, body, ahhh she is perfection.

      1. Golu Dubey

        @I'M ADDICTED yess

      2. I'M ADDICTED

        Karebears! 🤗💙

    35. Tiara Zamroni

      Ayayayaya ~

    36. Ryhanna SOUSA SOARES

      Recopiiez de BLACKPINK

      1. æ

        no ^^ aespa have AI concept not like blackpink

    37. shangz crepe

      People : the choreo just too easy and simple Aespa : hold our legs bruhh..

    38. Woah is the Mork Lee?

      At 1:14 the move the backup dancers are doing in front of them would make me very uncomfortable, this is the first time I’ve noticed it but do their backs not hurt going that low and wobbling to the beat like that 💀 it looks like it hurts

    39. Tiara Zamroni


    40. Tiara Zamroni

      Hey Ma Mamba ~

    41. Laura Guaidia


    42. ゆずりは


    43. Agbalekpor Josephine


    44. Tiara Zamroni


    45. Tiara Zamroni


    46. Tiara Zamroni


    47. Junior Suelo

      Wow, sm budget

    48. MI KA

      Where is Red Velvet?


      Karinas wearing in that video is joys (red velvet) wearing in zimzalabim:)

    50. Yoran Kim

      춤을 잘 춰요! 🍒

    51. Bear Miller

      The bouncy protest distinctively mourn because pillow notably scare alongside a harsh beer. smelly, careless market

    52. Wassup Mah frend


    53. panthea grizelda


    54. panthea grizelda


    55. 서현진

      0:05 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    56. stan ÆSPA

      Kim winter💜 Kim winter💜

    57. Kashish Varshney

      Ning ning is my bias in Aespa! She's just a whole package of perfection! 😍

    58. 두유

      카리나는 신이다 💖

    59. Eylem Bal

      Wow so cool😲😲😲😻😻😻😻

    60. Nurhan Can

      Kızları sevmiyorum ama şarkı güzel

    61. MY æspa

      Balck mamba wolrd domination!

    62. Rose Kim


    63. Bear Miller

      The helpless enemy constitutively influence because cocktail intraoperatively expect among a sneaky coin. disturbed, abundant lobster

    64. HANA하나

      진짜 몸이 부숴져라 추는구나 ㅠㅠ 머싯다


      Karina ❤❤

    66. Suhaina Naim

      Let’s give support to Giselle and Ningning more!!!!

    67. angie x tin

      this choreo is SICKK

    68. •lisa •

      the backup dancer look so beautiful 💜

    69. PandA MG


    70. tony irsa

      I Like Winter

    71. Anshumita Kaur sandhu

      Karina in techwear: *exists* Me: *bi panic*

    72. only fools fall for you

      모든 걸 삼켜버릴 black mamba

    73. Tyrian Jeon

      I'm stunned! 💜💜💜

    74. Ayu F Citra P

      lets blue hair don't tell Giselle :))

    75. Safia Dalanda

      Karina and Winter are drop-dead gorgeous 😍 like wow!!! Really impressed, gotta keep an eye on Aespa 💕

    76. Blue Rose

      The drought era... When's teh comeback girls 😩

    77. Harlie Rentiquiano

      yo no one is talking about how sexy Giselle executed this part 1:29

    78. Gülse Alataş


    79. Fae Star

      I always comeback here because of this. 1:00 damn, baby. 😍😍😍😍

    80. Taehyuns Aegyo

      1:14 The dancers in the front.. I've never noticed that i-

    81. Nadie

      2:43 Karina smirk and change to charisma WHATTT she so professional🔥🔥🔥

    82. • f l a v o r r y •

      These girls sing Forever...

    83. keni ko

      Same with choreograpy itzy wannabe

      1. Ala Eh

        Itzy has same choreography with SNSD then.

    84. MyDreaminOrbit

      Waiting for aespa's first album like... AYAYAYAYAYAY

    85. M T4

      Why can't they perform with these cool outfits ....i didn't understand why stylists prefer short skirts instead of such kind of outfits

    86. Erii Kokobop

      giselle... gurl youre out of this world.

    87. MysticallyLillie

      Æspa is so æsthetic and whoever hates them is a big æshole

    88. Jessica Yanuar


    89. emerson dave

      I'm here while waiting on the next level!

    90. Tiara Zamroni

    91. Tiara Zamroni

    92. 退屈

      Just in love with Giselle, can't wait to see her rap

    93. Rose Dominique Berino

      SM: So, who's your main dancer? aespa: YES!

    94. Mary D.lendo 700535797


    95. stan ÆSPA

      the visual, dancing and especially vocals, my girl Winter has it all she looks so fucking pretty

    96. velvetblackbts

      english traslation plz lmao

      1. velvetblackbts

        it’s not on vlive either oof


      The camera was shaking a lot, I even thought it was an earthquake

    98. Rose Dominique Berino

      the camera man really love Karina, HAHAHAHA

    99. Saki Inui

      Sorry... I'm new to aespa. Could someone tell me who is who and what their names are?

      1. M Ginger

        0:05 from left is Winter, Karina, Giselle, Ningning

    100. ninjin _ae