SCIENCE CLASS #1- WHY Does Helium Make Your Voice Higher?

Mark Rober

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    Live stream with demos your brain will enjoy where we answer a basic question every time.
    Does farting make you weigh more or less?!?! Place your guess and give me feedback too-

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    1. Mark Rober


      1. Yasir Ahmed

        Lol this is what everyone dose

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      3. Totally not a Roblox Youtuber


      4. Spacelover 900

        Remember me when this reaches max replies please

      5. Samantha McKay

        Shoot u beat me!

    2. Your McNugget

      My school does not tech this in junior high idk about high school but keep up the good work

    3. The Charred One

      This is the only class I will accept

    4. Hudhayfah Faiz

      Did my man just pour invisible gas into a beaker a just light off a fire with it. Now that's insane!!


      Plz start these again......This is great

    6. Lanbuffy12

      i understand it now kinda well i think i know the most of it thanks

    7. nadeesha wijekoon

      If you're nervous, you got my back

    8. nadeesha wijekoon

      I am in Sri Lanka but I don't care

    9. nadeesha wijekoon

      Mark, I love your classes 😊😊🎆🎆🎉🎉

    10. GM - 08JC 771132 Mountain Ash MS

      this is much better than my science 🧪 class

    11. hafsidha ak

      It is awesome

    12. hafsidha ak

      Why would 1.1 k people dislike this

    13. Scorpius Malfoy

      I'm having a science class while in math class. I'm paying attention to Mark, not my math teacher.

    14. Subodh Thallada

      I wish you were my physics teacher. I wouldn't have failed.

    15. Aneeka xoxo

      Lol Mr beast and Chandler 😂😂

    16. Aneeka xoxo

      I liked the fact I knew most of this but I didn't put 2 and 2 together (at like 35 mins was an "ohhh" moment) - I'm a gcse student, anyway thanks I also dislike public speaking 😊

    17. Dinesh Mehta

      @ 13:40 rip headphones users

    18. Sebastian Ortiz

      i love this channel

    19. Noah Mills

      How do I make my voice deeper without that sulfur? Cause Im a teen and I sound like a nine your old.

    20. Adam Pickard

      The fact that I already knew this, and he still managed to engage me and blow my mind really says something

    21. Dhananjay Sawant

      Xenon and krypton(and argon) make your voice go lower(radon is toxic and radioacive)

    22. Phil S

      Please make more Mark. This is excellent for lockdown 🇬🇧

    23. Nicholas Benson

      Who feels like he needs to be a physics teacher, I’m new so I don’t know if he already is.

    24. Shreejit Nair

      Everyone's wish is to have a teacher like him🔥💯

    25. blu

      me watching physics to help me sleep: marks air horn: HRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    26. Mr.Nooblox

      bro i wanna do science my least favorite subject besides social studies

    27. CollidaCube

      So i assume hydrogen would make it go higher, but is a little unsafe because its not a noble element...

    28. SamiatheDbah

      Mark CASUAlly becoming a teacher

    29. Abhishek Kumar 9D

      Love from India you are so great

    30. Dragon Fire

      I’m in elementary school BUT WHO CARES

    31. Ferenc Sterkens

      It would be nice if youd try to implement SI units in your explanations. Otherwise I really enjoy these classes.

    32. Bò Sữa MikaZata

      you trash

    33. Sarah Smith

      you good

    34. AnglBunny

      this reminds me of Zoom (PBS Kids), thank you so much!!!

    35. Mlg Dr Lion

      Please never stop

    36. Mlg Dr Lion

      I want way more classes

    37. Michele Godlevski

      OMG If I had ONLY had a Physics teacher who was this much fun...

    38. kazim hussain

      10:03 You just accidentally said the inverse of what's true, Water is heavier than Oil. Ofcourse not a big deal but you could correct it in the subtitles.

    39. Fishy Trolls

      Mark Rober talking about how he is talking while talking. Mind Blown

    40. Mohammad

      If Mark was my science teacher, I would never fall asleep

    41. Gavin Welton

      OK so the big bang never happened God created everything Mark Rober you are very smart and I feel that you should know that God created everything.

    42. im bored

      I came back to this because I got my hands on a helium ballon and almost passed out taking the whole thing :)

    43. Cat-Man 369

      Cool tip the quicker after the lightning the thunder is the closer it is

    44. Cozy__kenna

      Pls be my teacher!!!!!!

    45. ham

      100% not clickbate

    46. Cartoony Master

      I’m 10 and I under stand every single bit of this video

    47. Jay Junior

      @Mark Rober, can you please make a video explaining rotational kinematics 🙏🙏

    48. Alexander Strarup


    49. 星風アメHoshikaze Ame

      This is better than how my teachers teach us Edit: Mark: Air is a fluid Me: So that's why I get wet if I stay too long in front of the airconditioner


      If he is my science teacher I will be a topper

    51. Amairany Pardo

      Why do you reflect when you look at a mirrror?

    52. Mikayla Skaw

      “Teaching HS Physics is my dream job” ..... I am failing Physics right now, not because I don’t like it but because my teacher *sigh* just isn’t the best. I would absolutely just love it if you were my Physics teacher. If that could happen in some alternate universe, you would make me the happiest person ever. Your videos are the reason I’m not giving up on Physics. Seeing your videos and passion about how the world works is super inspiring and exciting:). So yes. Please become a Physics teacher. You would change so so so many students lives. Best of wishes as you pursue getting certified and all that:).

    53. David Vargas

      Ngl this is a great idea I can’t believe I wasn’t here for it live

    54. WIP

      Science was one of my weakest subjects in school, but as soon as you revealed clue 3, I had an aha! moment😃

    55. Steven Scott

      watched this on double time... mind blown!

    56. Deborah Ajao

      Guy who worked in NASA: Teaching high school is my dream job!

    57. b r u h

      i used to think helium was everywhere and i sucked air and talked expecting to sound high pitched but instead was normal, so then i sucked more and tried again...

    58. A.K. aq

      I'm so sad that I missed this its so cool and informative......😞💕💕💕

    59. Jesus Partida

      WATH do i do to Mack a robot Mark i know you workt at nasa

    60. Cayla Radich

      I was with you till the Big Bang being real

    61. Toby Wong

      Mark knows how to nail something into the brain!

    62. Ashwin Lambino

      28:21 I'll be back

    63. Cameron McKenzie

      i just love how at 17:33 Mark says "America" lol

    64. Saksham Saxena


    65. Akshay Rao

      If my school teachers were anywhere close to him , I would have a career in physics

    66. kevoramma

      The F=ma visualization on the chalkboard really made it click for me. Thank you.

    67. Roman Clan games

      Ohh so that’s why my iPad vibrates whin I watch vids Ps so is that sodium air stuff heavier than oxygen

    68. Lexpo Gamer

      Hi sensei

    69. Dynamite24

      I had a choice for a bunch of assignments for my physics class, and this was one of the choices, basically, Mark Rober was my physics teacher for today.

    70. Srikar Mallajosyula

      Mark Better teach at my school.

    71. Mr Ponkan PH

      Mark said it should be at least 15 min plus 5 min for questions but then i check the time and see it 35 min mark is scamming 😐

    72. Levi Reacts

      Mark is the only one that can make me watch a 35 minute video about physics

    73. Mrbeast6000

      How are you

    74. Shiloh graumann

      I love lightning ⚡

    75. Max Rasmussen

      his voice sounds deep when he sucked in the air of the bloon

      1. Jacob Williams

        Are you even old enough to be on UKup.

    76. SilverrRaven

      He’s so excited, it’s absolutely adorable

    77. Spam Spam

      R.I.P. Headphone users at 13:43 😭

    78. Ram Roth

      Hey Mark, Is the crack of a whip or snap of a folded belt against itself also sonic booms?

    79. Words of Wisdom


    80. Mookan Kandiah

      This is not really not related to what I learn but I love it


      esto es amor al arte.

    82. Mariela Nieves Quintana

      🤚excuse me Mr. Rober, May we have a Khoot exam at the end of this semester

      1. Mariela Nieves Quintana

        not mine

    83. Scarlet Lozano

      Can someone agrees with me that he would be a dope physics teacher

    84. Ondrej Hrdy

      Does that explain why older people have lower voices than youngsters?

    85. Josiah Whitehill

      3:05 OK Mark

    86. ZTormZ FN

      9:05, I need to remember that.

    87. Gabe Allen

      I love u dude Ilook at things in the same concept as u and watching ur videos is enhancing my mind capacity so much

    88. Joseph Ellis

      I'm so glad u made these I was loving them and was sad when it ended. Can u do more science classes?

    89. Curiosity Dog

      You are a big reason why science is my favorite subject

    90. Curiosity Dog

      Mark Rober you are super educational, yet making it unlike most schools and very entertaining. I am a very big fan


      no one: not even a butt: a random person: 34e5tyuifydt56fh

    92. hgtugdz25

      damm interlacing artifacts they are so anoying edit: jeez mark i tought your camera was better than this

    93. Ayibkam

      I'm 12 sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

      1. Ayibkam

        George is The Dinosoar

      2. Ayibkam

        @ZTormZ FN Dinosoars

      3. ZTormZ FN

        So what?

    94. Gabriel Silva


    95. Nader Najari

      At 19:38, how do we know what color it SHOULD be??

      1. ZTormZ FN


    96. Agario Taco

      1:15 lolololol

    97. Jasim K

      Teacher : says the same thing the same way every time boringly But mark : Says the same thing in different types with interesting stuff. And he's excited by himself

    98. Shreyas p

      Man 30 was like 5

    99. Shreyas p

      Cool wish i had attended live

    100. Anvik Loitongbam

      f=ma dont mind this is just a reminder