Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: My Thoughts After 2 Weeks!

Mark Spurrell

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    The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is a crazy phone with a crazy name and an even crazier price tag. But it's incredible. Here are my thoughts after 2 weeks!
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    1. akin anenih

      Did you know you can't initiate a conference call on the Z Fold 2???

    2. N

      Does the crease get distracting?

    3. drondan560

      Watching this on my zfold 2 😄

    4. Darrell Brett


    5. AJ Hill

      I just ordered one, but I am scared that its not waterproof

      1. Mark Spurrell

        It is not waterproof. Be very careful around water.

    6. Pack Insight

      Think I'm definitely gonna have to start saving for this....

    7. venus khing

      Is there any setting for the flex mode??

    8. MindofDrayblock

      I just got the S21 Ultra 2 days ago and yet here I am, watching videos on a completely different phone lol I WILL have you one day!!

    9. Jon Carlo

      my officemate has one and that crease makes my blood

    10. Gee K

      I got the galaxy fold 2 early and was truly excited initially. Quite a piece of technology. Nevertheless, the constant fold-unfold, extreme fragility of the phone and older camera generation forced me to go back to my Note 10 plus. The non 16.9 tablet form of the phone does not really offer much since most media will be zoomed out to fit the available ratio ending up in a near Note 10 plus screen view. This is just an extra phone for tech gigs which will mostly sit on the side for the very occasionally use but not daily drive.

    11. Juan Sebastian Jaramillo Ortiz

      can you imagine this phone with the stylus in the note 20 ultra?, that would be the ultimate phone

    12. Priestess Divine

      can you put a case on it? I need that

    13. imicca

      Its not a phone, is foldable tablet

    14. Lee Upperton

      They definitely did have a choice about the camera placement. They could of not put a camera on the inside screen at all! It's totally unnecessary.

    15. Koro Koro

      it gets a bit stale when every review talks about the 'crease' as a problem..

    16. Mike Weiner

      This was an EXCELLENT review! I've been checking in on this phone on and off since it was first teased and more and more I just hear people coming to the same conclusions you did...yes, there are tradeoffs, yes there's some big wins too. When you summed it up, however, as saying "this is was built for you!", that was it. I love tech, I love gadgets, my current phone is an S10 Plus, and while its still in pristine condition and has never given me a lick of trouble, I just keep coming back to my want for this phone! You put me over the edge, I ordered it, and now the long two day wait begins (or maybe three since its MLK Day on Monday). But, I have a'll be worth the wait. Thanks again for an EXCELLENT review!

    17. Akash p Singh

      Love the fold 2 and I am still going to buy one because it's worth buying

    18. Slayer_ Gijsiee

      Oh wait.... you’re fingernails can damage the big ass screen.


      I have Drops the Call all the time.

    20. JooJoo Flop

      Speaking from a note 10 users you never forget that Punch hole is there. Not buying another Samsung phone until they get rid of that stupid self cam.. i mean who needs it

    21. Mr H

      Why did they bother with the punch hole? You can take selfie’s with the main camera, better quality too. The inner screen should be completely hole/notch free.

      1. Mark Spurrell

        While I do agree with that, a lot of people would want the inner hole punch for video calling.

    22. Iron Man

      Bhabhi mast hai 💖

    23. Imtiaz Begum


    24. Francois Enculer

      What if the buyer only has one arm

      1. Mark Spurrell

        Would be difficult to use.

    25. jj j

      Just ordered it for 1250

    26. Varsha 9B 36

      Waiting for price dip in India

    27. Zain Uddin

      Only geeks will buy this

    28. This Hg

      Come bat interview please

    29. mayyaah

      I will wait!!!

    30. Gabriel Hill

      1600 at T-mobile

    31. Anthony Rochford

      Use code ref-dgjh1o at checkout for up to 10 -15 percent off on samsung .com

    32. Frank Magowan

      What's with the constant obsession with making the rear camera better and better? I know opinions are like a**holes, but maybe there would be far more benefit if the consumers, and thus, Samsung, weren't so obsessed with the rear camera and trying to be the source of the next big viral video. For example, there could more room for a bigger battery or RAM etc. Or here's a crazy thought: Maybe the phone would be much more affordable WITHOUT the most advanced rear facing camera. I have always loved the idea of a foldable screen since the first Fold. But it seems like they're trying to put too many bells and whistles into it. These could already be extremely useful and enjoyable for both work and play. I just want a tablet-sized screen that folds to fit in my pocket! I personally could care less about (near)professional quality photography and video in a phone. The cameras on Samsung flagships have been sufficient for about 99% of people I know since like the S7. If they truly want more than that, they're REAL photographers/cinematographers (professional and amateur) who will buy an actual camera. I, like most working adults, could afford this, but just can't justify spending $2000 on another fragile, gimmicky toy of a phone. Sorry for the rant, but I was really excited for both the Fold and Fold 2 and have been met with great disappointment.

    33. True Bower

      Watching this on my galaxy z fold loving it so far

    34. Daniel Nathan

      looks more rose gold than bronze

    35. Jerolyhn Wan

      I wanna watch this video all day

    36. jason heath

      I chose this phone because it's different. I've had apple and android phones since the original iPhone came out. Every phone is the same now!!!! Big screen super cameras etc etc. My favourite phone was the note range from Samsung. Like others have said this will replace the note series

    37. Zaa 95

      Look who popped up in the lower side of multitasking at 2:46

    38. Uade da Silva

      Gorgeous cat

    39. qazi faisal

      I love my zfold2 my complaints are different then yours . I wish we had expandable storage ,bigger battery capacity and I wish it was waterproof. After these complaints im super happy unlike most people I pulled the pre installed screen protector out and instead installed a liquid screen protector on the many screens and even the camera and its working awesome. My only Complaint is it should have came with a stylus .

    40. Sebastian

      waiting for fold 3 and hoping for better cameras, and better coloraccuracy on photos

    41. Dubious Engineering

      It’s ZED not ZEE :-). Nice review thanks!

      1. Andrew Hill

        USA beats the rest of the world at basketball so its zee.

      2. dæn

        People pronounce it differently dude. Relax

    42. Tyler McKellick

      Can someone tell me if you can download RS3 and play it both open and closed? if you don't have it, can you check the app store?

    43. se7enBC1

      A bit off topic but the awesome social media graphics that popped up through out the video were really cool. Oh and great video.

    44. Ben Snoil

      Great review.. I played with one myself but the weight killed it for me.. the front screen also feels too narrow. Ill stick to 2 separate devices until they perfect it

    45. Dominique Richardson


    46. Salvador Contreras

      It’s hard to respond a. Text on front screen keyboard sucks it’s too small

    47. SW

      I wish the phone a little wider so that I can use the front screen more often Of course, it will unfold into an even larger phone Order an unlocked phone from Samsung we can choose a different color for the hinge Mine is mystic black with a gold hinge

      1. SW

        @M Den The front screen is supposed to be used as a screen The bigger the screen (any screen and wherever) the better it is

      2. M Den

        It seems as the front screen is for quickly answering text messages, answering emails, and using your apps as the apps do not have to be reconfigured to fit the very large screen?

    48. Gary Pranzo

      I actually like the razr g5. It is more practical for a pocket. But yeah this phone is for people that keeps their phone in a backpack or bag. it is not a pocket phone.

    49. uowebfoot

      How do you know the inner display won't last?

    50. Terry D

      I've not had a phone that thick since my Nokia 6110

    51. nelson luluca


    52. LittleMiss :o

      I would so love to be able to afford this phone :(

      1. LittleMiss :o

        @SSBMA1994 tell me how you like it :) I’ll enjoy it through you 😂

      2. SSBMA1994

        Screw my savings, I bought it. Its too hard to resist 😭😭

    53. Lacey Johnson

      1:02 what is it?

    54. TechVamp

      Sadly the black model is definitely not a matte finish and a fingerprint f**king magnet

    55. JD Ros

      When foldable phones gets a foldable display that is as durable as Gorilla Glass 6, I will switch. Until then, I'd stick to my scratch resistant display 😬

    56. Justin Smith

      They need to make the Z fold 3 water proof have 1 TB of storage 16 GB of RAM 5,000 mah battery and include a S pen with a soft tip and last it needs to have the Note 20 Ultra front and rear camaras on it then I will buy this phone.

      1. kasey

        @Michael BMW if you want to head on over to samsung and invent/produce that phone go ahead 👋😁

      2. Michael BMW

        Exactly. We are tired of piece of shit Phones from Samsung. We need something wow! Samsung listen to us customers

      3. Egbert de Haan

        @Rads Maneuvers in 5 years you can fold it 4 times

      4. Indigenous People Talk

        and also have a under display camera do get rid of the punch hole

      5. nightlypiano41

        Well... you're not wrong, but that seems like it'd be like £5000

    57. codarius deshazo

      0:53 What's wrong with it?

    58. Erica Boyd

      I'm in love with this phone!

    59. Sarav Rokz

      can i open a pdf document in full screen mode un unfolded mode?

    60. DL B

      I have experience this phone also for two weeks. In that time Samsung has dropped the price for due to poor sales. Even at the lower price, it is not worth it. The crease in the phone is visible almost all the time. The phone is really really heavy, like a dwarf star in your pocket and hand. And the biggest issue, NO expandable memory, AND only 220gb of usable memory. You will be app limited on this phone. That was very "apple" of you Mr Samsung.

    61. kelvyn williams

      Most samsung devices have pre-installed screen protectors,and I respect that,ide rather have a protector to take all the scratches than the actual screen,used to be a time that no samsung devices came with any kind of screen protection,thats a must.

    62. Be Safe


    63. Alaberti

      Wait, did the intro get a little more fresh?? 👉😏👉

    64. Trung Huynh


    65. James

      How many scratches on that screen protector already?! Not like he's out working on building site either lol

    66. Robert Johnston

      Am I smarter than the rest of the world? Put the damn hole at the bottom right! It's not rocket science! Having the hole right where it can be seen watching media is so dumb! Especially as there are black bars.. you know.. the perfect place for a hole.

    67. Razvan Teofik

      Its the best smartphone i ever had. I dont even use my laptop at work. Worth every penny.

      1. Razvan Teofik

        @Jason Mckinnon i had oneplus 7 pro, very good phone but after one year of heavy use the battery got worse.

      2. Michael BMW

        Can you please install Sentio desctop and show me

      3. Jason Mckinnon

        Do tell! What phone you coming from and what do you love about it?

    68. Peter Murray

      getting this when i get paid the 1st week in Nov....cant wait

      1. Blake Stam

        How you liking it?

    69. Cody Otterholt

      Don't hate me for this question but has anyone reading this played Clash Royale on this device? I am really interested in buying one but I lead a top global clan in that game and want to make sure all of the areas are covered for daily use for me. Any reply would be greatly appreciated as I have not been able to find anything on the internet for this. Thanks for reading! :)

    70. Austin Bates

      Aint no body watch this!

    71. TheOldMan 59

      Only thing that prevents me from buying this phone : its price.

      1. Joel Carrizales

        TheOldMan 59 when over half the ppl buying these types of phones are running installment plans, it really makes a little difference in price. Like an extra $20 to $30 compared to getting another flagship smartphone like an S20 ultra. If you are paying it all out of pocket..well then yeah lol

    72. Laris Marcu

      Small correction: the N20 Ultra has it's wide camera in the middle (as it's the largest for that 108mp sensor)

    73. Eli Meraz

      I'm that kind of person... Love my old 2

    74. spinachpies

      A lot of assumptions on the durability here

    75. Mauro B

      i have iphone for 7 years but or also had samsung galaxy, they are not biased to me they are all beautiful, but iphone i am disappointed with this iphone 12 they are all the same from iphone X. my problem is that i am deaf, i have cochlear implant that I take it off at night, in the morning my apple wacht wakes me up with the vibration, I want to go and see the samsung watch if it is waterproof and wakes it up to a good vibration, because I like this phone, you know if the samsung watch to a good vibration like Apple watch ????? why do I have to buy both of them? even if it costs 2000 dollars more watch I give myself a gift for christmas. thanks for the video. SORRY MY ENGLISH IO E' ONLY 7 YEARS I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA AND I'M COMPLETELY DEAF WITHOUT MY COCHLEAR IMPLANT. Thanks, Mauro

    76. Voudoux Goddess

      I think I’m gonna switch to this phone I’m tired of my iPhone idk why I even switched back to them smh

      1. FloB Wan

        Android 4 the WIN!

    77. Daniel Jac

      Great video 👍

    78. AimeeAndEvan

      Who in their right mind would spend 2000 on a phone? I mean seriously?

      1. FloB Wan

        Guess I'm in my left mind cuz I did! LOL

      2. J. Morris

        @Joel Carrizales I agree. However, I see Apple going above that $2k price point considering their reputation. But I'm sure the final product will look to justify that price. In regards to the Fold 3, I recently came across rumors that it's going to have an S-Pen which makes sense. I see this becoming the new "Note" and possibly their new flagship. However, I'm not sure they can spin a $2k phone as a flagship because people aren't going to be receptive of that. I would be for reasons you and I talked about, but not everyone has the same mindset. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I'd get the Fold 2 now, but the lack of good, quality cases has kept me from pulling the trigger unfortunately

      3. Joel Carrizales

        ^ exactly this. I got my Iphone X paid off and get $700 for trading it in towards a Fold 2 which lowers my price and adds around $42 a month on installment plans. It’s definitely a phone to hold for 3 or 4 years and pay off in full and get the full extent out of compared to going from a $1k phone like an Iphone 11 and trading in year after year for nasically “nothing new worthwhile”. A phone like this has nowhere to go but up. I can imagine what a Fold 3’s improvements would be, and eventually Apple will unveil their own Foldable phone and at most likely the same price point of $2k. The price is hardly the problem when considering more than half of ppl buying these expensive phones at $1k and up pay in installments of 3 or 4 years and end up just trading in the phone within 1 or 2 years to have the next up and coming phone that barely has any differences. A phone as innovative as this clearly is meant for a full experience of 4 years and by 2024 or 2025 surely the foldable phone in general would be highly improved upon to warrant an upgrade with a tradeable phone worth the $700-$800 for trade in.

      4. J. Morris

        It's a phone and a tablet in one so you're basically paying for 2 devices. And if someone buys it and not buy another phone for 4-5 years, it'd be a great investment. Very future proof minus the lack of IP rating. Plus there are people like myself who have the original Fold and can trade it in to get $800 towards this. $1200 for this is still expensive, but it's better than $2000

    79. J C

      Start learning to adapt to new technology...unless you wanna carry a rotary phone on a cutesy Chanel bag

    80. Ray G

      Not sure why but I really enjoyed this guy's review! The structure of it and the way he presents it all. By far my favorite review of the Z Fold 2.

    81. Archie Lambert

      it costs as much as my car

    82. Lobate Diop

      Subscribed.Good luck with your channel.

    83. Mr McBryde

      A cheaper fold! I doubt it. Don’t hold your breath people. Expect price to rise not fall. This Phone is selling great or good enough without you who is waiting for perfection (if there’s such a thing)..... SN the Mate X has one screen and one set of cameras but dropped at $2500 while Samsung had 2 screen and 3 sets of cameras for $2000. Competition won’t even change Samsungs price with the fold!.... Every tech reviewer emphasizing the $2k price tag isn’t going to make the future ones lower priced either

    84. Compilation Central

      They shouldn’t have even put a camera on the inside. Theirs literally a camera on the putter portion for selfies and even the rear camera you can use for selfies too, because you have the putter screen to see yourself when it’s unfolded. It would have been ALOT better without the camera inside to make it more immersive.

      1. Compilation Central

        What phone y’all rocking?

      2. Compilation Central

        Facts. Almost forgot about that.

      3. Seth Kun

        Video calls bruh

      4. Cleric Beast

        They have put the camera on the inside for video calls.

    85. Tyler Wilson

      I say just do without the internal camera. All you need is the external. Seemless experience.

    86. D-loc

      To say it's a pain to use is over doing it unless your weak like mr burns. Take my word for it. You remember when they iphone came out and changed cellphones with no buttons. The fold 2 gives you that feeling no way I'll ever go back to a regular phone

    87. Joe W

      Dude I just love that you show Gundam clips for your video showcases

    88. Alex P

      This phone is durable as fuck, idk what youre talking about. Watch jerryrigeverything's breakdown video to see for yourself

    89. Phillip Pugh

      Soooo that big ass notch on the iphone is ok????? But the one on the fold to was a bad thing . FYI I think if any technology is worth 2k this is it been loving this thing since day one

    90. co ffee

      it feels so awkward when people are like "but it still costs $2000 dollars" meanwhile here in canada, with HST it costed me 3k >.>

    91. rocky diesel

      I've had mine for about a week now. And I can hear the hinges smashing debris when I open the phone. No matter how clean u keep it, debris from pocket or just a normal use get it. I am now debating if I should keep the phone.

    92. Marine Junkies

      Love mine had it over a week now, I really want a case for it now because the black one is so slippery. I love the weight of this phone and the width is perfect, I can't stand wide phones like the ultra. I use mine on building sites every day and had no problems with dust and scratches.

      1. Blake Stam

        @Marine Junkies Thank you, I was asking so that I know what case to buy. I ordered since November 30 but won’t ship until Jan 8th.

      2. Marine Junkies

        @Blake Stam Yes I have the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Spigen Slim Armor Pro It's great

      3. Blake Stam

        Have you bought a case Marine?

    93. Iamarobotbanana4

      It would be cool to get a double screen protector that goes on each side and avoids the hinge.

      1. Iamarobotbanana4

        @Furious Monkey how are you going to bend glass?

      2. Furious Monkey

        You'd end up with the middle being damaged idiot

    94. Luis Daniel Zegri

      Good video!!

    95. Dumbled0pe

      please release the home screen customization video already :')

      1. Dumbled0pe

        @Mark Spurrell hell yeah mark! Cool video btw^^

      2. Mark Spurrell

        The video is still being worked on, it will likely go up this weekend.

    96. dark side

      I love Samsung ecosystem and everything Samsung 💖

    97. James Larson

      What is that beautiful wireless charger?!

    98. First Last

      Including the ability to hide the inner camera with software was a smart choice. Seems like a lot of reviewers aren't aware of this.

      1. Shonuf023

        completely missed this and was using phone since day 1 love that they included this

      2. Shonuf023

        I have had phone since day 1 and didn't know about the hide camera cut out option very cool

    99. The Assie

      Here after seeing your Android setup can’t wait for that video

    100. Erl Montero

      GUNDAM 00!!!!!