Turtles or Snakes- Which do cars hit more? ROADKILL EXPERIMENT

Mark Rober

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    I read a long time ago that people will swerve more to hit turtles over snakes... and as a firm believer in the scientific method, I decided to test this hypothesis.

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    1. sad cat

      This just proves that people with trucks are more likley to be shitbags

    2. Mahad Baloch

      2:57 I feel like you were so sleepy when you said this I can hardly understand what u said lol

    3. Michael Banfield

      Should redo this video, and get their license and expose those that go out of their way to hit an animal. :( I've saved so many turtles and even a few snakes. :)

    4. Evan Perine

      The end though😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    5. Kanzi Massri

      2:57 OMG I LOVE THAT SNAKE STEALER XD KIDS NEVER GO TO A SNAKE STEALER! Btw like if u see this in 2021

    6. Ahmed Abdullah

      Guy just changed, while his cap remained constant

    7. Chance Kiel Mendoza

      the flipcharts♥️

    8. Chay Zheng Heng

      Oediv Eicn

    9. Pyrus

      I would totally hit the tarantula

    10. SkixxzerX

      Hello Young Mark

    11. Krijn Toet

      Why would you intentionally run over a turtle. Some people are real psychopaths...

    12. I ran out of channel name ideas

      Why is this in my reccomendation,

    13. Deleted User

      8 years ago!!!

    14. PinheadLarry Films


    15. Alvkraft

      this is 2021 quality video

    16. Heather Bernstein

      Ur voice has changed so much!

    17. Snek But it’s a doggo


    18. Abe TFG

      Wow Mark back then WAS not really conffidence is he?

    19. JB Fish

      What I thought Mario hit turtles

    20. Katelyn Burgess

      lol this is old

    21. Dave Ertel

      Turtles are amazing, people love to save them


      Like why

    23. Martain Jack

      This is such a 2012 video omg.....

    24. Potato

      In my country its different Because we don't have turtles or snakes.

      1. Story Time With Me

        *laughs in australian*

    25. Herbie

      He needs to start putting glitter bombs in turtles.

    26. BeautifulFireflies

      My mom hid a groundhog once on accident and it was so sad my sister and I cried

    27. DarkSwordzz


    28. o 卩卂尺Ҝ 丂ㄖ千i 卂 o

      3:52- turtle killer : But I wanted to subscribe :”v

    29. Mike V

      I stopped once to look at a foot-long turtle in the road. The bottom of its shell was stuck to melted road tar, and it was struggling to get loose. I pulled it loose and put it off to the side.

    30. Maxim Sullivan

      Man, I thought he was going to say Mario ran over the turtle.

    31. Giselle Chebny

      Dang this was eight years ago lol

    32. Katherine Brannon

      I was born 2012

    33. Addison Mulhair

      As a VSCO girl(I loved turtles and everything before the trend) all I want is a pet turtle and seeing people intentionally hitting the turtle makes me sad and disgusting.

    34. slothman076


    35. Callum Faulkner

      Nah the guy who ran over the turtle thought he was playing mario

    36. Brendan Tuura

      every person who hit the turtle was really Michael reeves in different vehicles

    37. Atlantican Cameos

      Notice how almost all of the vehicles who went out of their way to hit the animals were SUVs an pick-up trucks? Edit: sorry as I've watched the video ive realised he said this but interesting anyways :)

    38. Novalia

      The "Hey! WHAT? That's my snake!" just killed me, this conversation was too funny

    39. Renzyy

      It's 2021. Thank you for bringing me here.

    40. brmbhm

      2:00 someone :misses spider Same person: backs up runners it over

    41. brmbhm

      These older videos his voice was not as exciting

    42. shah bazz

      6.9 million views 😏

    43. AmongClash xD

      I rly thought he was evil till i learned it wasnt a real animal

    44. Kara Carden

      Poeple are monsters. im never letting anyone borrow my car.

    45. Gabriela State

      That is so funny

    46. LibertyChap

      0:57 what a little dickhead

    47. Peter Hackebeil

      i am from germany. and i didnt even know that this would be a thing... killing animals on purpose . WOW

    48. Siddhant Raju

      i am waiting for mark to find the guy who stole the snake, create ,design and launch a sattelite and deploy toilet paper on his house from space.

      1. Siddhant Raju

        @Shafira Woard lol

      2. Shafira Woard

        I didn’t get your comment , it just reminded me Rick and morty

    49. jonki leshi

      The new underwear ultrasonically paint because care encouragingly improve notwithstanding a warm nut. victorious, obedient cave

    50. Jake Stuart

      thats disturbing to run over wildlife. If you run over or kill wildlife, i will find you. JK, but dont kill animals

    51. saullo kaleby

      young mark rober it's funny

    52. MetaNate SmashSquad

      this makes me sad because I love snakes and tarantulas they're my favorite animals they're such fascinating creatures in their own ways the worst part is people run them over because of their lack of knowledge for these creatures

    53. Frog ❶

      0:57 those kind of people are terrible

    54. Evelyn Hodges

      LOL. “89% of killers drive SUV’S”. Pics of OJ Simpson’s white Ford Bronco chase. That was great Mark! 🤣

    55. RAJPOD

      8 years ago, a young man wanted to test out people who kill animals

    56. Jacob Sawyer

      0:45 Conclusion, 6% of cars hit animals on the road without realizing

    57. Nerf Shooter

      Old Mark Rober?!?!??!

    58. F NE

      TOTALS: saved = 5.7% killed = 6%. This just makes me sad and pessimistic about human nature. Maybe we deserve WW3 and the end of civilization after all.

    59. Gonzales S. Norman Jr


    60. Lepmuhang Limbu

      Ho lee Fuk

    61. EpikMurk


    62. Lucas Shaine M. Isles

      Imagine stealing a rubber snake

    63. MAD-V1KING

      Why less enthusiastic then now

    64. camfunme

      Why would you swerve to hit any wildlife, especially turtles? I knew someone who acidentally ran over a snake once, which got launched into the wheel arch and it stayed there until the car stopped, and then when she got out it bit her.

    65. camfunme

      I thought it was going to be Mario.

    66. P1nk Cookee

      As a snake lover someone has to stand up for those amazing reptiles. THEY'RE NOT EVIL! or just overly aggresive, they just sneks guys. Unless its an adult fully grown, 18ft green Anaconda that is really starving, you're safe, just leave it alone. Most species just eat rodents, and biting you is the last thing they wanna do.

    67. Cailyn Pan

      hi anyone from 2020? lol it's almost 2021

    68. Todd

      You mean tortoise not turtle, turtles don't live on land they live in the ocean

    69. Baba Cole

      Is that mark????

    70. ZTV

      c r u n c h

    71. Douglas H

      Breh, that dood just like stole the snake

    72. ChrisDuckless D

      wow. I was 8 years late to watch this video

    73. OskarIsPro

      Anyone got this recomended in 2020?

      1. ryze

        Me 😂

    74. 《•strawberry cappuccino•》

      Didn’t know that Mark used to be *THIS* cringe XD

    75. Nauman Ali

      can someone explain what does control means in his videos?

    76. HideySpidey

      8 years??

    77. HootsTV Gaming

      I can imagine Mark going to pick up the snake and then he picks up an actual snake

    78. DeadStar 7777

      The last scene really should of been mario

    79. Chicken wing Tuesday

      Jason tech vlogs ( I agree )

    80. Isindu Wickramasekara

      Man, you have changed a lot !! keep up the good work

    81. Skating Chipmunk 101

      I’ve never seen snakes on the road on squirrels and rocoons

    82. Helly_man_456

      1:30 😬😬😬

    83. John Rafael Noscal

      I thought the yellow car on the beginning is a lambo

    84. Cosmic Silence

      Bro I'd be too scared to run over the tarantula.

    85. I am Cheesin

      but did you factor in, not paying attention, or drunk (even before dark) drivers?

    86. Povilaz

      UKup algorithm has blessed me.

    87. Bong Jovi

      Holy crap, turn down the enthusiasm Mark!

    88. Arcane Atri

      1:25 - haha not a surprise at all. 89% of pickup truck drivers are serious assholes

    89. Nikon_Dev Gaming

      Mark, you look so younger in this video.

      1. B0bby

        Well, yeah, it's from 8 years ago.

    90. Traci Burgess

      hey i'm doing science literly 5 seconds after vroom vroom

    91. Raine keeler

      that joke was amazing but horrible at the same time.

    92. LootFire2009

      Omg this video is so old!!!

    93. SL-1095

      MARRRK!! You have changed so much! But you were very funny back then at least.

    94. ManBoy

      0:28 this guys reaching that napoleon dynamite level of drawing. I love it

    95. Luke Edwardsen

      Yo. Its 2020, WHAT ARE U DOING HERE?

    96. A Snom that wants you dead

      I like how the guy just took a rubber snake

    97. tumolotion

      i was 4 when you made this

    98. alex burnette

      i always stop to pick them up.

    99. sL1M3e


    100. Sweat Family

      oh my gosh 2012 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣