200 dropped wallets- the 20 MOST and LEAST HONEST cities

Mark Rober

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    I lost my wallet and someone didn't return it. Revenge is a dish best served... with data. Get your FREE audiobook here: audible.com/markrober or text markrober to 500-500
    CGPGrey's fascinating video about how thoughts are like viruses and why so much of what we read today makes us upset: ukup.info/loft/qamVoJSCrJ6pq5M/v-deo.html
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    Here is the data: www.dropbox.com/s/m2ahob0949mmj3s/Wallet%20Data%20Aggragate.xlsx?dl=0
    Summary: I lost my wallet. That made me curious about what kind of person doesn't return a found wallet. So I got 200 wallets and dropped them in 10 cities to collect data to rank the honesty of the cities and to build a profile of an honest person. We looked at variables such as male v. female, age, high income v. low income, religious v. non-religious, small town v. big town.

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    1. D P

      When our "scientist's" can't properly spell "DETROIT" (*TWICE* in the same video!) I get concerned that the Internet is making us dumber....

    2. Ethan Peschman

      Chicago with the 100% return rate makes me feel a little better living in the area.

    3. Earlymation

      I can go to jail for a long time for stealing 4$ that's not worth it

    4. Andrew Mullen

      wow, unexpected result

    5. Ryan Alday

      Im filifino

    6. jurgen korte

      disneyland isn't a city

    7. Clifford Morgan

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    8. Will Pybus

      rip mr random...

    9. J has largeego

      um ive heard of Nashua it was the city that holly was from in the office how could you have not heard of Nashua

    10. Mio Peralta

      One Philippine peso us with 56 dollars im from ph

    11. Roze Ramirez

      Los angeles and NYC GG your done so, you lose something its gone forever

    12. Brennen Weaver

      I was just watching this vid, and I live in hill city and me and my mom were one of the People who found one

    13. Savage3OO6

      I lost my wallet once in a very hoity toity town and it wasn't returned, at least not immediately. Two years later, I got a package in the mail from someone 10 miles away from where I had lost it and they found it tossed in some shrubs. Cash and credit cards long gone, driver's license intact.

    14. 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐞

      Rip tkor

    15. J Lim

      As though people wouldnt just google the value of that money.

    16. unbekannt unbekant

      my friend would take the walet and send everything in it to the owner but not the walet self 😉😉

    17. Dave li

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    18. unbekannt unbekant

      other coumtrys can be social and return everything

    19. Maddy Brandvold

      You lost me at “sports bar and hardware store”

    20. Evelyn May

      Why are homeless people more honest?

    21. Anime Nation

      I’m from Chicago so LETs GoOooO

    22. Superpiggylady

      you should make one like this but in the uk!

    23. Marilou Castillo

      feels good seeing a FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL UKupR uses a filipino currency for a video..me filipino btw

    24. Diego Wang

      It's possible that in big busy cities people don't even bother looking for contact informations in wallets

    25. Diego Wang

      6 usd + 200 philippine dollar = 4 bucks??

    26. Matthew Walsh

      lost my phone and wallet on the ski hill a few weeks ago. I checked the lodge and someone returned it with all my money in it within 2 hours!

    27. Amy Ochoa

      You introduced a huge amount of bias just from putting in foreign currency. I have no idea why you did that instead of just putting in US currency.

    28. Eva Taylor

      Ernie Boch Jr

    29. Duckies Club

      me thinking my city won’t be in there bc it’s in Canada and most people don’t know it or don’t live there Winnipeg shows up Me OMFG

    30. I collect Lego !!!

      Grant Thomson rip legend

    31. James C

      Lol. 'because Disneyland hates science'

    32. Dalton Berg

      only to play devils advocate: I wonder if this is due to such a low amount of money in the wallet. I realize you can't do this test with 200$ in each wallet, but I do wonder what kind of results there would be if there was more incentive to take the money & walk away.

    33. Rizki Maulidan

      try this at indonesia and the wallet never came back lmao

    34. SandidIsAlive YouKnowThat

      This video made

    35. Shreks swamp stories

      0:33 - 0:39 6 dollars = 4 bucks?

    36. Sasha Anastasia

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    37. RealSkytech

      mark rober: 200 Filipino dollars me: ITS CALLED FILIPINO PESO


      When mark rober sponsor the filipino money Me and all filipino out there: Did u summon us

    39. Steven Lam

      Can someone explain why 6 American and some Philippine money is only worth. $4?

    40. Nikki Anderson

      "And before you just chalk S.L.T. to those gosh darn super nice Mormons" god that made me laugh. I live in Salt lake and am not religious, however I do have tons on religious friends and most stereotypes are true, most

    41. Lil_LyriX

      Fun fact: *248 is a Oakland County, Michigan area code*

    42. choco Factory

      When seattle I felt that

    43. nate stebbins

      Great to know my city Detroit returns waaaay less

    44. Wyatt Smith

      The studio c sticker on his door...

    45. Matthew Big D

      Cant have sh*t in Detroit

    46. Cappy D

      Yay Filipino money

    47. Dequavis Pegasus

      puts in a $5 dollar bill. "Only four bucks." 0:27

    48. Silkendrum

      The $6 American was worth only $4? Duh?

    49. Agent M

      Disney land hates science because they are scared it will kill their magic.

    50. David Briggs

      Plot twist: the volunteers who dropped the wallets went back to pick them up

    51. Rockin

      I love the dude from Portland's picture!! Perfectly captures the attitude of aussies LOL

    52. Darren

      This contradicts what the news portrays. I wonder why?

    53. H Brian

      Crazy how much time Mark spends im designing these experiments and all the controls and external factors!

    54. abby //

      Shout out to my fellow Idahoans for being honest people

    55. Ceinwen Melegrito

      Filipino dollars ? im Filipino 😼❤️

    56. Fric Alors

      I'm surprised Winnipeg isnt lower than Detroit.

    57. Matthew Sullivan

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    58. Ryan Salm

      Chicago Repping strong

    59. Eric M

      If you have low income and find a wallet with about $10 in it, keeping it only buys you $10, but returning it gives you a huge uplift in the feel goodz department worth way more than $10. If you have high income and find a wallet with about $10 in it, it doesn't appear important enough to bother taking the time to return. Try the experiment again with $500 in each wallet and see what happens.

    60. JacePlaysRoblox

      Bro I live near one on the most honest city’s! 😅

    61. M. R.


    62. Adriel Ross Delantar

      where did he get the Filipino pesos?

    63. Jake Cambpell

      not expecting to see the king of random ),; R.I.P

    64. John F

      Time for some fart spray.

    65. John Francis Tomolin

      There is Philippines money

    66. Asian kids makes Random BIDS

      what philipino dollars!!! its called pesos

    67. Soumya Das Mahapatra

      Try In India Please

    68. Jules Serrano

      Mark rober we dont call it filipino dollar we call it pesos

    69. John Petricca

      5:34 Nashua is in Iowa not Idaho :(

    70. Rus Healy

      7:32--YES! Thanks for another great video!

    71. Snazzi

      Can't have sh!t in detroit

    72. Keit Coyo

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    73. Thomas CS

      CGP Grey shoutout deserves more cred.

    74. H Purey

      0:35 has $6 staring at you but worth $4 lol


      I saw a wallet fall out of a guy's pocket in front of me on a street in Belfast. I called to him as a I picked it up from the pavement, he turned around and I handed it to him. He then walked off without saying a word - ungrateful son of a ...

    76. morgan kempo

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    77. Philine Zoë

      In the Netherlands we have a book called: de meeste mensen deugen. Witch translates to the most people are good at heart. This sounds like it. Most people will choose to do the right thing. I love that. People keep it up! you are the best!

    78. Platewarp

      Just before 2016 Christmas, I dropped my wallet in Walgreens Parking lot with $275 cash. I called Walgreens and some one returned it with all the cash still in it!

    79. fire fly

      well Filipino dollars are no called that it is called pesos so.......

    80. Joyce Reyes

      How do u got php20 each u r so far from us aka america to phillipines cause I'm a filipino n I luv ur vids

    81. Jennifer Miller


    82. Ivan ahmed

      Imagine printing 200 pictures of a dog

    83. MellowSane

      I felt sad when he said 200 pesos is only worth 4 dollars :

    84. PlaneMaster1768

      Ah, yes. The city of Disneyland.

    85. Amor Dela Torre Quillo

      The money of Philippines is not dollors

    86. Izuku Midoriya

      This isn’t truly accurate because maybe bad people came across the wallet before the good people in cities like Detroit and new york

    87. Sean Craig Abejero

      Hey look our 20 dollar country money soon it will become a coin

    88. CT-6116 Kix

      as an atheist i'm glad you included the "are u religious or not religious" question. people tend to thing that non religious people are bad and have no morals but your data said otherwise 😄 thank you 😊

    89. Bowser from Sonic

      If you did one in Philly they'd not only take it, they'd look at your ID, go to your home, and rob you.

    90. zaina mei villanueva

      It was really smart when he use five 20 pesos and two 50 pesos. It may look like a lot of money but in total it's just 180 pesos

    91. murade Omer

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    92. FlipperWolf

      Do this but worldwide..

    93. Swathi Hegde

      OMG at 6:55 I thought i recognized where the post was and that is my local post office

    94. Aecre

      legends say that to this day the wallets are out there

    95. James Marshall

      Me watching this in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic: 😷😷

    96. StefiCrisma 7

      I remember when I first watched this video 2 years ago but I don't remember the results so guess I'm watching again

    97. E. G.


    98. Anonymoose

      5:48 Why so much focus on religion and not other factors like income or race?

    99. Filippo Iacoviello

      Well. You could consider that some of the wallets werent found.

    100. Big Noob

      Lets go Chicago boys where you at