250 sq ft GLOWING Super Mario night kite

Mark Rober

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    A cool method for displaying some artwork to potentially tens of thousands of people in one night for pretty cheap.
    Here is the HOW TO video for this idea: ukup.info/loft/bdC1h4uWmY19p5s/v-deo.html

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    Special thanks to the probably over 30 people who helped me at some point with putting this together. It was much fun.
    Fleeting Extacy
    Game: Super Mario 64 (Nintendo, 1996, N64)
    ReMixer(s): Benjamin Briggs
    Composer(s): Koji Kondo
    OC Remix.com

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    1. SHOCK! Hitman

      2021 anyone?

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      I clicked in this video and it said 666k

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      SONIC NEXT!!!!!!

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      I went trough all your vids, I need more!!! 😝

    5. Science done right

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      Wow you do not age at all. (December 2020)

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    11. Sa Sa

      beautiful, :3. i'm glad mark's life and youtube channel was as good as it is today

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      MARK ROBER!!!! i belive in you on the creator games 2!!!!!!!

    16. Mandy B

      I love mario!!!

    17. howlingcommandose

      Look up in the sky. Its a bird, no it's a plane, its Super Mario.!!

    18. Connor Cronin

      CANADA DAY ASSHOLE😂😂 Love your videos, best stuff on UKup

    19. Felix Crentist

      0:10 oh look you can hear me stubbing my toe in the distance!

    20. Angela Warner

      Someone could totally make a giant ufo shaped night kite and really freak people out. Lol

    21. Rowan

      Anyone in 2020 watching this?

    22. Rocco Leader

      Mario’s jump to 3D be like:

    23. lokirohan domingo

      Did not look like a mario

    24. Jake Guttormsson

      Launch a giant glowing Mark Rober lightbulb

    25. Fry

      Leif Erickson day

    26. Tai NGUYEN

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      “Google Maps links are so 2011” - Mark Rober, 2012


      “YANKEES SUCK!” Yankees without their brims: *_Are you sure about that_*

    35. Ian Friesen

      "boxing day or something" me "canadian hater!"


      When mark was a lvl.1 crook...

    37. Guinea Pig Gaming

      0:28 that music reminds me of CTGP-R

    38. ej1033

      How is that illegal if its beautifully lighting up the sky? Wth cops?

    39. FTR Titan

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    40. Tyler Cash

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    42. Jay Dee

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      Que fofo ele falando "dia da independência" ^-^

    44. Nico

      Still cool in September 2019.

      1. ej1033

        And march 2020

    45. Tucker N.

      You should try to make it programmable to be able to play Mario

    46. Ananya Tiwari

      Seriously Mark you categorized your channel and 'How to Style'

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      I couldn’t tell if the cop was being an a$$hole or actually being cool 😂

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      And this is why there is a helium shortage

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      This video was posted on my birthday and I love super Mario coinkidink I think not!

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    52. Destiny James

      Meanwhile, a plane is on autopilot and then suddenly... "Mayday! We hit a glowing thing!" Just kidding mark! It so cool!

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    56. PKM1005

      Over 9000 officer

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      I wish there would have been better footage of it.

    58. rocco the watermelon folf

      To make it harder for someone to take your sports sign tie it to a lamp post

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      At 2:36, as he said "shut you down", steam opened and my computer blue screened. I thought it was part of the vid but, nope. I shouldn't have downloaded steam.

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