NICEST Car Horn Ever- DIY

Mark Rober

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    This horn is SO courteous my car was granted Canadian citizenship yesterday.
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    Sound board:
    PA Speaker:
    12V to 5V:
    Train Horn (not my exact version but this will work well):
    Less expensive version:
    ***LINKS FIXED***
    Courtesy Honk WAV file:
    R2D2 WAV file:

    0:27- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday -
    2:18- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
    3:20- Dance- Danijel Zambo-
    4:38- Special song written just fo my bad self- Lincoln Hoppe,
    5:33- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak-

    Summary: I customized my car horn to play three different sounds. The main sound is the "Courtesy Honk" which is used to get the attention of other drivers in a non-emergency scenario. It's two quick chirps of the horn that is not only friendly sounding, but it's not as loud as a normal car horn.

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    1. Cash Money

      Dude at the end was like “Duude wat the freeak.”

    2. Gacha Gali

      Tang look like lancaster 🤔

    3. Unclemonkey

      Should have made the noise a gun shot

    4. Alex

      r2d2 sound is the best!

    5. Toby and James Goldsmith

      Why do I feel like it ended so suddenly, I wanted to see it in use more.

    6. Jacklyn Yeh

      This is mh favorite video on the whole internet

    7. Vaibhav Tripathi

      While here in India people are replacing their bike's horn with really loud ones like truck's

    8. CNE Music

      so how do you hook up the air horn with it

    9. Mackenzee Eeznekcam

      20 videos in and every single one makes me smile :)

    10. doug b

      all of the work and only 3 honks. I would want like an array for every situation.

    11. The Lawrence KS Area Railfan productions LKARFP

      Someone need design a car that has A sign on it with LEDs that the driver can change to communicate with other people

    12. Joe Tate

      That's a good idea in an age of road rage . it should be standard on all new cars

    13. minime406

      in my country this is very illegal

    14. Viking Prepper

      Superior work.

    15. Doge TRIGGERED

      Is nobody talking about how the man threatens Mark Rober with a axe?

    16. Aeternaliter

      3:22 does anyone know what instrument they used in this music?

      1. Ricardo Tavarez

        sounds like harpsichord mixed over a pop beat.

    17. Elena Vitvitskaya

      0:01 3:54 4:04

    18. Ray M

      Where do you buy these items?

    19. Ioelu Brown

      Totally agree with you man🙂👍👍.. I like the horn thou I wish I can buy one🙂👍

    20. Lavenderfrog520 Or lav

      3:55 my gta 5 car

    21. Mic Hawk

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    22. Rakesh Sharma

      Okie its that..

    23. eric moeller

      Dude was looking at Mark like he was a snack stroking his mustache

    24. Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman

      I use my hammer about 100 different ways. Sometimes I even pound a nail or two with it.

    25. Kyle Moore

      Wait... no honking at a watermelon?

    26. Dan B.

      Being old school I remember almost the same device that you could choose different sound effects for your horn.

    27. rdkater

      i was thinking on a massif foghorn from big ocean cruisers.

    28. Yutang Xie - 谢宇堂

      At first, I thought the red horn was going to play the bass boosted version of the Thomas the Train Engine theme.

    29. Hammerschlag 1

      R2D2 Honk is so nice! ^^

    30. Rick Shawn

      big cars will take your idea and give you nothing for it....!

    31. Sunil Bajaj

      How to buy

    32. Tim A.

      Hate to use the word *ignorant* but kids today man.... *4:28*

    33. Ed Phillips

      You say the turn-signals are fine as-is, but... they should have a feature whereby the sound they make gets progressively louder after a time... say 30 seconds. This would just about eliminate incidents of continual signaling.

    34. Fin de Swaaf


    35. Yeahlocoyote

      Older jetta already have 2 horns. One for people one for lock

    36. O.K Auto Care

      I'll buy your jetta

    37. CNCmachiningisfun

      I did this on my horse truck, using the voice of one of my horses. The effects were incredible, especially in heavy traffic :) .

    38. Deval Maheshwari

      2:10 a different way to say, I suck at driving, but I'm an engineer so...

    39. assy mcassface

      Wow, you actually did what my brother my brother and me talked about!

    40. benzracer

      I watched this like 3 years ago. Thanks for the recommendation, youtube. I hope you got another watch out of me ;)

    41. The Chadwicks

      Railroad crossings?

    42. gaming husky for life

      now make one that screams

    43. Saturn Playz

      Government: “we are smarter than you.” Also government: *makes it illegal to honk your horn for no reason in some states*

    44. John Clowes

      Neat. You wanna patent it. And sell it to car companies. Definitely help reduce road rage I’d buy it

    45. Miłosz Baryło

      I just want a horn of Lamar saying „N¡gga”

    46. 3When

      There should be 4th one Sound : h a y a t o .

    47. 3When

      Middle horn : Yes.

    48. Kyle S

      So more people die of car accidents than covid.

    49. absol_89

      Nice R2D2 horn

    50. matiz alderliesten

      Yeah yeah... Tottaly do it yourself😂

    51. Kobe Iquiran

      oh no haha 1:32

    52. Need wind in my sails

      What i want to see is a u-turn indicator, signal, on all cars.

    53. Patrick Mahon

      I've wanted this button for yearsssss! Most non- cheap as balls cars have two horns. The smaller horn goes off when you lock it. I want a small button to manually trigger my small horn.

    54. id104335409

      Someone honks at you at a crossroad. You get out and walk up to the car angry. And what do you know - it's Mark Rober!

    55. Grigor Kazarosyan

      Don’t forget lights

    56. Pedro Scott

      I thought the horns were going to be: Cucaracha Dixieland Star-spangled Banner Extremely disappointed with the reality

    57. John Rutledge

      Little bo peep beep beep boop !

    58. Moshe Delerb


      1. Vorce Gaming


    59. Robert Thomas

      I used to own a 1985 Mercedes 300SD. The horn in that car was right behind the grill and it could be loud. I used to call it the clincher. Car would be in front with a couple of chicks talking. Not paying attention at the light. Light would turn green. I'd hit the horn and you would see them jump about 2". It was entertainment for the whole family.

    60. Alastor

      My left button would play that "Move! Get outta the way, get outta the way. Move!" song.

    61. alexis miller

      Anyone with dyslexia that flipped the I and N in the title? I’m sorry

    62. White Pill

      When you're too passive and can't just tap the horn like a normal person:

    63. Link Adrian

      4:15 that's a nice tshirt

    64. CrinosAD

      Reminds me of the Screaming Banshee... On my MC, I've got two horns, the factory, and a Stebel Nautilus... Left horn button is "hia, could you please move"... Right horn button is "HEY, WATCH IT!" :-)

    65. Louka Verloop

      these honks are pretty cringe

    66. IamMissing

      4:09 this pharmacy looks familiar.....

    67. James M

      Next Project Orgasm horn?

    68. James M

      Loud horns should be Mandatory on Motorcycles. I fitted one and they definately ensure people that cut you up know you are there.

    69. TheAbc45678

      When I'm driving and someone lets me merge in front of them, rather than waving "thank you," I give them a five second hand gesture made popular by Spock, the sign for "live long and prosper." So far I haven't seen anyone indicate that they understood my gesture.

    70. Swaino

      Too bad its illegal in germany

    71. Ron Rynearson

      Dude you really need to reach out to people and start classes on how to do these things I would sign up. How to help idiots good start. Thanks for the great videos.

    72. b9y

      I love how you showed a picture of an old British steam train. As a British Mark Rober and old British stream train fan, this makes me doubly happy. What a horn.

    73. Piotr Steplowski

      0:47 Wait. You can "Repair" everything with a hammer!

    74. Bujag Mircea

      1:31 just in Russia.

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      In the intro when he is honking all the people around him are so confused

    76. Airfix Model Builds

      Imagine accidently pressing the wrong button...

      1. Goises1234


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    82. uh yut

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    83. Cthat artist

      The Courtesy honk be like: Somebody needs to move ahead in a drive-through? *honk* A little thank you? *honk*

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      Nice one, so Russell Crowe won't chase you like in Unhinged.

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      Wow your so smart i think the goverment should see this then they’l do your horns so that normal horns dont cause caos to city traffic

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    93. Sharon Mott


    94. Sharon Mott

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    95. from now on

      This is cool , cool , cool. Thanks from Canada .

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      More content and less narcissism would do your channel well

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