NASA Pumpkin Carving Contest

Mark Rober

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    Annual section 352 Pumpkin Carving contest at NASA/JPL. So fun and so ridiculous. Each team gets an hour to create their masterpiece.
    All of the materials including the pumpkins were purchased with personal funds and not tax payer dollars :)

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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    Music - "Let Me Shine" by Qwiet
    From the upcoming EP "The Light"
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    1. Yusuf Bekirov

      Wow just wow

    2. Miro Viskovic

    3. SirLancelotized

      They did all this in 1 friggen hour!

    4. Brandon Neethling

      Hahaha wow that looked like so much fun.

    5. George Bolts


    6. Karkat Vantas

      These are EPIC.

    7. Philandros

      Just why?

    8. kitsune mochalite

      And I'm sittin here with like...triangle eyes and a toothy smile pumpkins

    9. SlashDotDash121

      Go find us Aliens already!!

    10. Rick Riccar

      these are weird pumpkins

    11. Nuclear Cherries

      You guys are awesome.

    12. Cambria Hanson

      Winner of the contest owes their win to the fish! Turns out his name is Buster, he lives at JPL, and he's on Twitter! @JPLbuster

    13. Danu Catana

      whats name of the song ?

    14. Kris Bell

      I love the one of Jack ^-^

    15. JustYourAverageGirl

      Star Wars!

    16. Yard Haunt

      I've seen the Death Star before done more intricately. But not with the X-Wing and Tie Fighter. I guess the destruction of Alderaan was a smashed pumpkin ^o^

    17. happythoughts20

      Next step.... Do this on Mars

    18. amusement420

      The Alien chestburster one :

    19. MadCarTK

      hey girl

    20. Shawna Keane

      Wow I'm shocked it's punkin heaven

    21. Bill Bird

      Cool! But still not as cool as a lot of the ones in the nerdfighter pumpkin carving contest.

    22. Valerie Green

      Awesome pumpkin carving

    23. Jane Sellman

      Cool -- I loved the one from Alien -- and that it began a chocolate fountain.

    24. Sasha Kearley

      It's a beta fish! Super cool idea.

    25. FrightProps

      Leave it to a bunch of rocket scientists to beat us all around Halloween time.

    26. Kevin

      Showoffs lol

    27. jerrell

      Why wasn't I invited 😣

    28. sam2710911

      Who is playing this awesome music ?

    29. George Mathew

      This was so interesting ....and such contests are very inspiring and also help enhance our imaginative skills......

    30. loki8999

      that's no pumpkin... it's a space station

    31. SwanDuck

      And language nerds know the difference between then and than.

    32. Eatonio


    33. Carter

      Amazing, was that a jelly fish in a pumpkin at the end wtf

    34. Ardhi MPH


    35. DisAster

      nasa suka

    36. MichaelAlex Chris


    37. Stephen Stine

      I bet NASA had the most fun with the "Death Star" pumpkin; I would too if i were building one space also.

    38. MrBajaTwinz

      Try to say the tittle of the video three times fast.

    39. evnwood

      America !!

    40. rawpilot84

      Nowdays nerds have more fun then blondes.

    41. Valaha

      amazing !!!

    42. YT Grizzly


    43. Best Football Channel


    44. Poseidon

      Wow! Tell me more!

    45. Matt Jasa

      props to the Pumpking Carving Dremel Replicator 0:12

    46. Richard Reeves

      Jealousy is an ugly thing...

    47. Oreos

      um... so who won?

    48. We Stan

      and this is why I don't even try carving pumpkins. GO PLASTIC PUMPKINS! :D

    49. Sierrah A

      this was really fun to watch cause it proved more that my dads co workers are just fun to be around! XD i hope he stays at NASA for a long time

    50. KenshinBattousai374

      Unless it actually waged war via a fully functional superlaser....I would defer to the fine people at NASA.

    51. inverted.typo

      damn engineers

    52. MadShepard

      but did it float around then light up and blow up Alderaan? no...please have a seat ;)

    53. Semaj Gass


    54. JCDenton 2012

      Evidently not rocket science. :P

    55. Jordan Mellecker

      i did a Death Star this year that was way better than the one on here....

    56. IamMiaow

      Nasa makes crazy things...

    57. joey cozzi

      this makes mine look incredibly bad

    58. TheSirClassico

      I used that mask at 0:17 on Halloween! Scared the hell out of kids!

    59. DylanSwaggyRogers

      What's that device called in 0:14 and how do I make/buy one

    60. ObviousSergeant

    61. zomb$

      that fish tank tho o:

    62. acoustic ledgen

      cool :P

    63. Podracerzach

      I like the starwars one

    64. MrSoawsome

      Sometimes, it really is rocket science

    65. I.M. Strandedinsonoma


    66. Saja


    67. Larry Reyna

      00:47 is my favorite

    68. Madeline Chan

      so awesome

    69. Phil

      Damn rocket scientists...

    70. DirtyJergens

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I see what you did there.

    71. xcorianderx

      Congrats on making it to the "Popular on UKup" section once again!!!

    72. mrshawkaz1

      Well so much for my carving.. I thought I did well.

    73. Smithschannel

      All of my pumpkin carvings are nothing compared to these..

    74. Corwin Russell


    75. SpecOps PopTarts

      That pumpkin carving knife I bought isn't looking so fancy anymore.

    76. Erectile Dysfunction

      I will just out googly eyes and win like boss

    77. Mr Mako

      Mine had triangle eyes and nose, and a lopsided grin with one tooth. But, hey, I'm just an engineering student.

    78. yourgreasy3

      So uh... Who won?!?

    79. rainmouse2

      that's dope

    80. Master of the universe

      How can there be any dislikes on this video?

    81. amit saha

      nice video

    82. SupriseSaturdaySucks

      The song is actually "Starbucks" by Decap and Brady Watt just google it and you can find them on myspace.

    83. SupriseSaturdaySucks

      The song is "Starbucks" by Decap and Brady Watt put this at the end of myspacedotcom /decapandbradywatt/music/song/starbucks-93406376-103903034

    84. Sarah Russell

      gg NASA. All those pumpkins were great. My favorite was either the solar system or the one were there is a sculpture of a face carved into it.

    85. ChaoticMatters

      you sure that wasn't the sun rising? lol

    86. Brenden White

      He used to be my neighbor he works for JPL or at least used to

    87. manga dani


    88. manga dani


    89. Doc Tar

      So which entry won?

    90. Mokuruto

      Good job nasa

    91. James Waldenberger

      This brightened my day... And it is only 6:23 am

    92. tricybaby07

      *Psh* They make it seem like only geniuses carve the best pumpkins. Mine was pretty awesome too! *throws away pumpkin with sharpie drawings*

    93. Niko Biko


    94. dfjshjkd

      this is amazing

    95. dfjshjkd


    96. TheIpadkiller

      We definitely need a laugh sometimes--bravo!

    97. Lidija Saulic

      jedi te govna

    98. Brick Fox Productions

      who won?

    99. yinyanghero

      Put it on your porch for kids

    100. NextLights Munkey

      Nerds and geeks paradise