1500 Water Balloons + Trampoline- SLO MO!!

Mark Rober

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    Using 1500 water balloons and a massive trampoline to accomplish my major life goal to be the favorite uncle.
    Thanks to Nathan for the High Speed camera. If you need a High Speed camera to rent for super cheap check him out. Insanely low prices for great gear- www.aimed-research.com/

    0:03- Frisbee- Andrew Applepie- www.andrewapplepie.com/
    2:37- Special song written just fo my bad self- Lincoln Hoppe, lincolnhoppe.com/
    3:34- Birds Don’t Sing- TV Girl- tvgirl.bandcamp.com/

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    1. Virus Art Studio


    2. Carly E.

      I'm an engineer that worked at NASA and my life ambition is to be the coolest uncle

    3. emma mcallister

      If he's not the favorite uncle I'd like to see the competition.

    4. Professional Idiot

      I did something else with water balloons, but I put it in my freezer for the entire day, and if you want to see what happens, check out my UKup channel. It’s not uploaded yet, because I’m having some problems, but it’s a cool video.

    5. Taruna Sikhakolli

      Woah this was posted on my birthday-

    6. Idk animation Studio

      Mmmmmm Che- oh achievement unlocked favorite uncle

    7. Nipuna Pamuditha

      Now we can recode this on cellphone 😂

    8. Jada Rose

      He went into that with a battlecry

    9. Drista It’s dream and sister ok

      I wonder what the water bill has been after that

    10. Gamergirl 220

      Mark Rober if were one of your nieces and nephews I would totally call you the best uncle ever.

    11. Edwardnetic

      2021 Still not the favourite uncle...

    12. Owen Griggs

      Wait till it is 20 million orbees

    13. PuppyLover101

      You are my favorite uncle and i havent even met you

    14. Alisa Ching

      *BEST. UNCLE. EVER!!!*

    15. Bea Elizabeth Burnham

      Omg he is so funny

    16. kitty Cat MEOW

      If I was marks nees when we met I would say he was my favourite uncle😘😃☺💝

    17. audrianna stoaks

      i feel bad for his water bill lol

    18. Ted He

      I really feel bad for the balloons, just getting squashed.

    19. Gray Ulmen

      That look at the end was awsome

    20. Grace Rivera

      He gets points on the coolest uncle! And that look at the end lol was le best

    21. BigBobBean !

      at the end he just started at us as if saying "i am the best uncle"

    22. The W Line

      that looked like a lot of fun

    23. joel sinclair

      It’s pretty hard to believe that I was in grade two whitening a story well mark was makeing this video

    24. Amy Zaman

      if he was my uncle he would be my fav

    25. Aubrey Salmon

      Mark rober.... You are a NASA scientist you already would be my favorite.

    26. Augustt Lyte

      Anyone else watching from 2020 and still thinking "this is so cool"

    27. Lyly Sma

      The big balloons looked otherworldly

    28. ShxXxdy

      Plot twist: those aren’t even his nieces and nephews 😂

    29. angelickitten

      What a flex

    30. Umer Khan

      2:26 Everyone leaves the trampoline.

    31. Umer Khan

      0:28 why are they moving

    32. Umer Khan

      This video makes me laugh

    33. Marzuka Zayan

      Don't you have nieces???

    34. sja an

      im sorry still funny u passed the train of favorite uncle years ago

    35. Birth Doesn't Have To Suck

      What if he got a huge crowd of people and and you guys swimmed in them

    36. Paper Clip

      Yo am an uncle as well (best one perhaps)

    37. K U

      Wait.... WHERE'S THE SCIENCE?!?!

    38. eslakey1

      was the giant water balloon a normal sized one or was it a jumbo balloon

    39. Psych Wolf

      Your my favorite uncle even though your not my uncle

    40. Jessicas Puppy World

      Solw moshin yes

    41. Andrew Scarborough

      I wish I was there

    42. Brandy Whitaker


    43. yo u

      Mark just doing all these because he always wanted to 👁👄👁


      I would yeeet my self in the middle were all the ballons where🤣😂

    45. Ashwath anand

      I was having so much fun, seeing them have fun

    46. cfmacmacdo357

      Is nice to see a happy family having funU^ェ^U

    47. Lecka Spißbörga

      It‘s funny how UKup videos get sponsored by Squarespace from 4 years ago until now

    48. Itgel Amar

      Who needs school we got mark Rober

    49. Crazy Kid

      How is he not the favorite uncle

    50. Fatherlord Ozai

      Be my uncle

    51. Jeremiah Barlow

      St George Utah background

    52. A Random YouTuber

      O ya

    53. Anvitha Jangamareddy

      Does mark have kids

    54. Maddy Gould

      You are my favorite youtuber!

    55. JustARegularPerson

      Funny cause this is not the only website created that has sponsored him

    56. Squid 567

      a disaster waiting to happen

    57. MR JET


    58. Davis_News

      I wish he was my uncle

    59. 50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e

      *That poor orange balloon*

    60. 50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e

      Mark: *Plants 1 mil trees to help the ecosystem* Also Mark: *Uses 1500 plastic balloons for "science"*

    61. Tyson Klachko

      imagine this guys water bill ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °) hi im dorp

    62. Smellie Ellie

      *Where do i sign up to become adopted by mark?*

    63. esphiq_

      The backround music playing sounds like it saids dis-count dis-count dis-count oh~ wth ;-;

    64. ALEC JONES

      Lol. You make all uncles jealous ❤️❤️❤️

    65. ItsTimeToBuild 57

      Who else want this as an uncle and not someone lazy guy

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      So satisfying

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      Achievement unlocked: Favourite Incle

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      Who is watching this in quarantine 😂😂😂😂🚑

    71. Will M

      Video idea find out the secret to UKup’s algorithm

    72. Jackie Bautch

      If they didn’t consider you the coolest uncle with all the things I’ve seen you do with them that would just be sad

    73. Tony S

      Ur coolness is almost at the level of uncle Ihro

    74. Frank Chen

      comment 1666

    75. Broccoli Boi

      What I would do to have him as my uncle 😂

    76. Maxim The Creator

      RIP to all the balloons that have been pop in this video :(

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      Achievement unlocked:best uncle ever

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      His water bill👁👄👁

    79. Super SupTaco

      I’m a 95 year old kid

    80. Camden Perry

      We love to see your son

    81. TheBestAuthor


    82. Lil Taco

      That’s a lot of plastic... so much for team trees and saving the environment.

      1. eponack

        Latex. Balloons are made of latex. Not a plastic.

    83. Anna Meikle

      Who is watching this in 2020 cause there bored

    84. James Cline

      That poor hose faucet +10,000 $ in water bills

    85. Niniquif Animations

      He is their favorite uncle till they tell him they failed their science test

    86. CitizenZ GAMES

      The other uncles it is his mission in life to complete this

    87. Void Retro

      I wish he was my uncle

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      2020 gang

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      1:18 that is a thick balloon

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      little did they know what 2020 would be like...

    93. Phoebe M

      Once, I was on a paddle board paddling far, far out when I found a little tiny water balloon. I rescued it and put it on my board and brought it back to shore, then I popped it. End of story.

      1. top pebbles

        Im sad now, it could of lived a good long life but NO

    94. Lars Laineste

      We ill be right back


      Scientific mrbeast

    96. Waoi, Michaela R.


      1. PROPLAYEN


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      The kids probably love mark more than their parents lol

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