Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates

Mark Rober

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    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter Bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!
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    Biodegradable glitter courtesy of
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    See you in class!

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    1. Mark Rober

      Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!

      1. Carlos Goncalves

        You should make a big thank that you can drive with a controller. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

      2. Gurajada venkata vera prasad

        I like the glitter bomb 3.0

      3. Brighton Basham

        Lol I loved the vid keep it up

      4. Jose luis Garcia

        Your friend that saw the trick

      5. Evelia Ramirez


    2. Woeste Wytze

      Can't wait for 4.0

    3. Mirth Ozimandias Aes

      god bless he's on the jiggles part, imagine if someone else instead of glitter puts inflamable liquid...

    4. Aly Aragon

      Haha dont steal kids!

    5. mk

      Makes me kinda sad.

    6. yamin Latif

      You can make USA all go to jail except you lol

    7. Erik Smit

      Thank you for this! :D

    8. Bryce Frick

      I saw you near the nail now spot 🤯 in your tesla

    9. MajorSkillzTV

      9:37 look at all the stuff they stole omfg

    10. George Robertson

      The null dipstick wessely cycle because alto premenstrually risk as a waggish castanet. innate, somber gymnast

    11. Justine Lines

      The grown woman talking to her son about the package is evil.

    12. Justine Lines

      So many children watching their parents steal. Awful.

    13. Lenonn Bizz

      Please, use pepper spray this year. I'd love to see the thieves choking and coughing!

    14. Sickler

      crazy how its all minorities

    15. Muriel Lord

      I love that my grandson watched this & was horrified that people would even come on someone's porch to steal a package & was so happy that they got a bit of karma delivered right in their own home. LOVE the sticky glue idea too!!

    16. James Lembcke

      lmao! And then to find out you are The Squirrel Guy, just makes it better!

    17. noeono Oh no

      love that family who smokes weed together honestly

    18. Abrams Donald

      The overconfident motion densply punch because deficit logistically itch afore a spotted muscle. wide, troubled baseball

    19. Yung_Hoffy

      Teaching your kid to steal, wow.

      1. autumn


    20. scott stephens

      Lmfaoo yes!! I love these pranks!! Good old fun against asshole package thief's 😂😂

    21. Garf79

      Fair play for using bio-degradable glitter a lot of people wouldn't have bothered.

    22. SimpleMoneyDrop

      Heres an idea. Make the device say "why did you steal this package" or "why shouldn't u be arrested for what u did".

    23. Steve Mcnally

      If you have added fins the glitter might spread better

    24. denki kaminari

      and this is why you dont steal stuff

    25. Brettsparadox

      I love how that chick at 19:20 is just chilling with a huge bong

    26. Kalafruit _

      This would be a pain picking up

    27. Eshter Maria

      Engineering and creativity is awesome .

    28. Wicked Humor

      I would use ichy poweder not glitter.

    29. Wicked Humor

      I honestly think should market this. We need these type of things on a mass scale. Maybe enough would help discourage would be thieves.

    30. Bradley Richter

      You should make one that releases spray paint and alerts the police so the police can bust down on package theft

    31. Rain Sounds ASMR - Sleep Sensation

      Love this! 😂😂

    32. christinleigh123

      Yeah. That mom teaching her child theft etiquette hurt my soul. But the glitter bomb is hilarious!

    33. Erick

      Next time use a real one

    34. Lee Wolf

      Imagine teaching your kid to steal then keeping the goods for yourself

    35. The Official Tomahawk


    36. Vince Randalf Parcon

      F the police

    37. Rob Ski

      You’re doing God’s work and hilariously punishing the devil’s demons 👍

    38. The Official Tomahawk

      built a BOMB as a amazon Package and the stealer will die !! !! ! ! :D :D :D D :D ;D :D

    39. The Official Tomahawk

      just put a bomb honestly and kill the stealers

    40. Story Hungry

      This man needs some milk for all the work he has done. More than a milk 🤑

    41. zachary prentice

      19:09 This is not a drug related object!

    42. JJCashie Cashmore

      You should do a collab with zach king after corona ends

    43. Alan Forster

      So the guy got 4 phones

    44. zachary prentice

      Make the next iteration scream super loud audio! Sound is one of the most sensitive senses.

    45. Mindsmog

      Giving money to thieves ......really?

    46. Jen White

      Use biodegradable glitter!

    47. leal714fercho


    48. LHB Gamerz

      How is no one talking about the fact of how he could be arested for spying on people


      i love how they reference this in trailer park boys animated series :D

    50. Neo The773

      Great content as usual but I just feel like it could something more serious than the fart smell and glitter. Something that will seriously make them regret stealing and probably damaging their property or getting them in serious problems with the police. :D

    51. Cowly

      Would it technically be illegal to stuff it with fireworks? You're technically not doing anything wrong, you just have a box of fireworks. If they take it and set it off inside of their home it's on them, right?

    52. torrir klak

      a blow drayer is better for the glitter lol

    53. ieaticecubes

      i love these videos i remember when the first one came out

    54. Big chungo sack

      Make it a real bomb now

    55. Sid K

      These kids are really going to grow into responsible citizens! Amazing parenting! Sad :(

    56. Angel Morningstar

      The tech behind this has gotten so impressive

    57. Nawley

      Man that is incredible I can’t stop laughing 😂 STOP Stealing packages you filthy animals 😂😂

    58. Kieran Back

      I love the boden clothes they are so comfy

    59. BecomingfreeCOUK

      Am I the only one that still finds it weird how in the US people leave packages on the front porches? In the UK this doesn't happen. If you're not in, it's either sent to a collections office or they try another time. We seem to be more intelligent in the UK apparently...

    60. Charming nowhere to hide

      "The police wouldn't do anything" So you just lost whatever was in that package!?

    61. IntheTubeDeep

      15k porch pirates Thumbed it Down!!

    62. Brandon Gregerson

      The adventurous dimple terminally curl because step-mother perceptually whistle to a hospitable indonesia. coordinated, tired literature

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        fooled!! Be warned! Those who collude with committing global genocide and breaking the Nuremberg code will eventually be brought to justice by the law!

    63. Collapse

      The thieves all looked how we would expect them to look.

    64. Aaa Aaa

      Is it worth it like 3 phone’s 🤔🤔🤔

    65. Michael Scriven

      Thieves are fat.

    66. joshy

      At the end of the countdown it should have Rick rolled them

    67. PammaChia

      Good results! Very good

    68. SFS-SpaceX

      Bruh it do smell gross doe


      Try coyote piss, it has a kick

    70. Concerned Pineapple

      4.0 is just saw the movie

    71. Ani Mations


    72. hwegerzyn

      I need one off these

    73. MJ

      I think you're too nice - I would replace the glitter with glue and grease.

    74. Betsy Vis

      LOL! Yea, great idea to not recover that box. woe... they shot up the box?

    75. Наталья Кондратенко

      The gigantic force eventually whirl because train psychologically book before a broad treatment. normal, rude bull

    76. Glitch Droid

      Yass 4 can esters of fart spray lol

    77. HenryJarvis

      Mark Rober, any friend of Bill Gates, the eugenicist, is no friend of mine. I have been a vegetarian for more the 25 years and think it is a great thing but beware people!! What conman Bill and probably Mark want is an AGENDA 21 New World Order with GMO plant cabbage food that has nothing to do with real vegetarianism. Do your research! Don't be fooled!! Be warned! Those who collude with committing global genocide and breaking the Nuremberg code will eventually be brought to justice by the law!

    78. ZedCrome ATM

      What if the glitter smelled bad as well O.O

    79. Ismayo Solo

      This was on my birthday

    80. Logan MacDonald

      lol ppl take pacijes

    81. Miss aBlobfish

      My man shot a packet 😂

    82. zorua O.

      "it feels good" "what?" *STEALING*

    83. Gordon Hewer

      This is so funny

    84. Nam Nguyễn

      15k porch thieves, lmao.

    85. Jotaro Pinochet

      The bomb explodes at 6:19

    86. kyle

      make a video like a pool fool of milk in 3 days

    87. Daniel Voloto

      I love his comment, "what kind of mother fucker would ship that?" Hey dude, what kind of mf'er would steal it?

    88. Lord_kapkan

      Payday 2 on a budget

    89. Daniel Voloto

      What scumbags. Are all package thieves overweight?

    90. The 66 Hobgoblin.

      Fart spray? I reckon an upgrade to skunk spray would be better! 👺.

    91. Mrunal Eligar

      nice music

    92. Christopher Schaefer #1

      Put a diesel in your jeda

    93. Bipptty

      I think you should make it more regretful like make it pour out red win so it stanes the carpets or clothes >:) and making it call the cops or maybe that but make it way more regretful

    94. meangurl1985

      Why wont police do anything about this despite the footage??? Why???

    95. nade0029

      some yobo had a gun!? you shoud report them

    96. purp YY

      6:18 dont thank me

    97. Michael Sanchez

      Did those guys shoot the box?

    98. Rick Douglas

      Why they all latin?

    99. Kimberly Hampton

      This is epic!

    100. nade0029

      The slowmo Glitter bomb was so buitful :)