grandson - Dirty [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


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    grandson's official music video for the song 'Dirty' off the upcoming debut album Death of an Optimist, available now on Fueled By Ramen. Get the song / pre-order the album:
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    1. Jeffrey Simonsen

      Please for the love of God make that Jacket at 2:14 as good quality merch.

    2. Gavin Cunningham

      I like the backup dancers. Calm but very good .

    3. сашка сарин


    4. Smile Senpai

      Love u from chile 🖤

    5. Arthur Monteiro

      This song made my year !!! Thanks!!

    6. Bon-Bon

      the music video:*EPIC FIGHT SCENE* me: YOOiOs

    7. J3Z Productions

      Damn Grandson got hella old 😂

    8. Lil Granger

      I love the music video! And the music of course xD

    9. Daniel Abercrombie

      Love this guy. But Christ. The vote message is kind of a sellout move.

    10. Maggie Triantafillou


    11. Clapton Hernandez

      is this kpop?

    12. Edu Gil

      Pta que buena esta l cancion ptmre lo mejor del 2020 👍👍💜😳

    13. zuri


    14. Maria de Lourdes Fernandes

      Monark é vc???

    15. Bálint Jegyugya

      It has an absolutely weird atmosphere.. damn I love it. Keep it up man! ✖✖

    16. Adam Benedict

      arguably one of the most convincing "go vote this november 3rd" advertisement ever "is it time for pizza, is it time for violence"

    17. Daniela Perez

      me encanta

    18. Meme crusader

      3:18 man legit just went poggers after seeing a man die

    19. h

      am i the only one who thinks that X would be a really good Joker?

    20. kanalıma hoşgeldiniz

      Heeeyyy, Grandsonn! You're my new fav singer right now. Special thanx to spotify's best rock songs of 2020 list 💞💞💞

    21. d


    22. Josh -A

      minute 2:14

    23. Josh -A

      the amazing sweatshirt

    24. Axics 293

      This is a Amazing dance and head bop song love those new songs

    25. Kajsa Sentry

      "Is there anybody out there thats paying attention?" 100%

    26. highh0rse

      crazy how i discover this human on ph😃

    27. Bezo 816

      Me teaching on Zoom: is there anybody out that's paying attention?🤣🤣🤣🙄

      1. Space Cat

        That's what my social studies teacher always feels like sense everyone always has their cameras off lol

    28. XlWølfMaster

      The editing and art style of grandson's music videos are competitively unmatched.

    29. Silvia Solis

      This is sooo good

    30. its_elena_OwO

      im an your 1fan no hablo mucho ingles i dont speak inglish

    31. Amberlyn Tucker

      When you started beating the people I was like *"GO GRANDSON, BEAT THEIR ASS"*

    32. Nevaeh Rodríguez

      I love Grandson's music for multiple reasons, one of them being that if I turn up the volume all the way up with headphones I cant hear my family fighting and arguing with each other because his music is loud and is just amazing.

    33. Destiny Scroggs22

      Usually I don’t watch music videos more than once. I put the song on and set my phone aside but this one and all his others are addicting lmao. Rip to my schoolwork cuz I can’t look away.

    34. My name is BOB

      0% girls 0% alcohol 0% color 1% dirt 99% talent

    35. crxzziiee

      I can't help but dance every time I hear this song

    36. Niam O'Grady

      I think this is his best song

    37. Tessa Harris

      I am honestly so obsessed with this music video. I don't normally watch the videos, but every time this some comes on I watch the entire thing

    38. Erin C

      The death of an optimist jacket he wears in this video would make such good merch

    39. Chilling on a beach

      This has the same vibe with sub urban ngl

    40. Ata_cama

      is it just me or does that guy whos watching the TV look like kennedy

    41. ahaha idothat


    42. John Mangifico

      Love this song, and heard the rhythm during a NFL game, I'm like hey!!! That song, it was just the jazzy instruments, but immediately recognizable

    43. Yllseile

      Tá a cara do Monark do Flow Podcast

    44. _

      Hay one question is it posible to buy only the mearch without the CD (cuz i got Spotify Premium and i downloaded all grandson Tracks to Support grandson and i dont need the cd) thx :D

    45. ZINCC

      Glad tik tok hasn’t found this one

    46. Your Local Cryptid

      I need this to be a movie

    47. Destiny Scroggs22

      how are you noT MORE FAMOUS I DON’T GET IT

    48. Notorious2108

      Who else heard his song on the RADIO!!!!

      1. Jackie

        No what station!?

    49. robocoppola dai cappelli d oro

      I think this is better than blood in the Water really, good song

    50. Piter Grey

      It's best song after *Blood // Water*

    51. Julian Yaffe

      0:20 time for pizza

    52. Killer Kill

      It’s so much like blood // water

    53. Korek Zeus


    54. NightmarePanther

      Am I the only one who noticed he is never not in black in white in his music videos

    55. Amy H

      I do not think this was meant to make me tear up but damn. Like I'm simultaneously pumped cause of the song and also just thinking about the possibilities. I wanna go be gay and commit rebellion

    56. YaseenSlayzzX

      We need this to get more views boys let’s do it!!!!!

    57. Martin Dostál

      This song is so DOPE! The videoclip gives it the Grandson vibe🔥🤘.

    58. Thomas Imperiale

      I would love if Jordan’s Death of an Optimist jacket became a jacket we can buy and wear, I would love to own it

    59. Nasir Chol

      It’s so good

    60. Nasir Chol

      Why do people not like this

    61. Ella Vlogs


    62. iiFatDoge

      I love the touch of him picking up the paper clip and bending it in the start, so we don't question where it came from. Something that even billion dollar movie studios skip out on sometimes.

    63. rani caticat

      I love this music !!!

    64. Tu tanga mon

      X: Dies Everybody liked that Help, I can't stop coming back to this video 😓

    65. BenevolentPunkDaddy Booking

      This is like if the music of Cage The Elephant and Oliver Tree had a baby and I love it

    66. P0oka !

      0:20 ill take the pizza over violence any day

    67. M. Vegha

      A nadie más le parece que su voz se parece mucho a la de Tyler Joseph??

    68. Hell Girl

      Grandson, misso, and suberben YASSSSSSS

    69. FML

      The amount of times I have listened to this song is unbelievable 😌

    70. mindfieldproject

      Message received! Fight the apathy, do some good, even small deeds make a difference (multiplied by millions)... Great song. Great video. Power Music!

    71. o macaco

      ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh maan

    72. GAN EE ZEN Moe

      how donald trump thought how the election was going to go

    73. I'm Bearry

      dude on the tv: **dies** that person with the vr parents: *P o g*

      1. I'm Bearry

        @Martim Sousa y e s

      2. Martim Sousa

        *T H E V R P A R E N T S*

    74. George Floyd Plays

      This is the song in all the George Floyd gaming montages (besides wishing well)

    75. Max Kotten

      Yo song is a damn BANGER

    76. Denki Kaminari


    77. Kaya umut



      omg i just saw your songs and I think I have a new fav artist love your songs soooo much

    79. Blue Corn Moon

      Dude his facial impressions are so good!

    80. Kamilek

      Where can I get a jacket like one on 2:13 ? D:

    81. Mindy Edge

      I absolutely love this song & band. There’s nothing like originality❤️

    82. gar

      i heard this song on the radio and felt beyond proud

    83. Em Jay

      1:03 this part seems familiar...

    84. NotJxrz25

      Fifa 22? 👀🤣

    85. Ströhmungen des Ra

      0:11 psychedelic meanings Are incoming

    86. Margherita Verrastro

      Hi Grandson. I love you.

    87. jaeminnie

      i honestly fell inlove with grandson songs for how long?? i dont know lol

    88. Cody Scott

      The first song I heard by you was blood//water and I've been loving your music since I'm glad you're finally getting the recognition you deserve

    89. Traeh Keller


    90. Meagen McMillan


    91. Алиса Глинская

      Не знаю есть ли здесь русские комментарии, но если нет, то самое время - КЛИП ПОТРЯСАЮЩИЙ Особенно сцены, где grandson в телевизоре и где их 5 😎

      1. Lericiz White

        Чуваааак)))) тут столько было русских на премьере (особенно Riptide) Мы звали Х на стрелку, выдвигали кандидатуру Жоры в президенты и ещё всякую хрень)))))

    92. SOME KID

      I set this as my ringtone, now I don’t pickup anyone’s calls

    93. Jenuinely JonesZen

      Love you share you keep being you 🥰😘

    94. Santiago Calisaya

      Que mierda estoy viendo

    95. TheDarkNightonGacha

      A little late but I made a vid of this song for Election Day and I gotta say grandson has a badass political commentary here.

    96. jack bauer

      Grandson's character X for the next joker, who's with me?

    97. Derrik Brzezicki

      I would love to see him perform this song in concert i saw him once and I want to see him again

    98. •Retry Schleich•

      I’m glad you’re back, but from the beginning, the video made me panic... But im ok now

    99. Mateus Marques

      Eu vim aqui por causa do tiktok hshshs

    100. Elliott McConnell

      Holy shit this guy. I only dug through his music bc I wanted the full song, and now I cant get enough