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Mark Rober

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    How to make an awesome mural... in your shower... out of human hair. It's not as gross as it sounds... oh wait, yes, yes it is.
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    1. Abigail Nuccio

      Am I the only one who is watching the intro to this video over and over again?? LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

    2. CharliShuandAlex !

      Im watching in 2021 Jan 17 UwU

    3. Chay Zheng Heng

      Nice hair art.

    4. Ethan Harvey

      the George Zimmerman thing was very... unexpected

    5. test tubes

      You've changed

    6. CloudyHi

      he don't know

    7. Garret Wadden

      The difference between this and him now is amazing

    8. Xuân Hoàng Lương

      I like what youtube has led me to this today 🤗


      Viewing a video after 8 years

    10. Jakub Skowron

      You know it's the beginnings when video title ends with .mp4 You're awesome!

    11. Sarvajit

      the intro was so creppy

    12. Maze RunnerA5

      These old Mark Rober videos. Brings back memories 😂

    13. Isa

      Oh I thought the background was just Poland

    14. Mason Markham

      It's kinda crazy seeing how much you've changed from this!

    15. Mihaela Čondić

      Hi is 2020,2021

    16. Winnie Adams

      hai! its 8 years later!! ur doing a lot better now!

    17. The Power4

      2020 gang

    18. George Alderson

      It probably helps if you are young and handsome. However on the good side I have a beard so plenty of spare hair!

    19. wood.f

      I just realized he sounds so different bc it was 8 yrs ago lol


      You the best

    21. slayer


    22. JJ vids

      Why has nobody seen his old videos?

    23. Beastly

      is this still up your shower? or did you move house XD

      1. Leah Robinson

        Im pretty sure he moved lol this was posted 8 years ago

    24. liquidly water

      Woah calm down Jamal dont pull out the 9


      MARK ROBER!!!! i belive in you on the creator games 2!!!!!!!

    26. Mathias Brehm

      Hello UKup friends... -Mark Rober, 2012 So I made a Squirrel Ninja Obstacle Course! -Mark Rober, 2020

    27. Grizzlybear2470

      .mp4 looks like mark forgot to edit the video title

    28. Javier Mandujano

      Hello from 2020

      1. George Alderson

        Hello Javier

    29. OddOCB draws stuff


    30. Veronica Reza

      1:42 if mark owned kfc

    31. [Auntie Teddy Bear]

      My mom leaves her really curly hair all of the showers she goes to, people say I’m quite the artist, so I made a picture of me and my brother!

    32. Josiah Whitehill

      if you quit NASA then you would get more time

    33. hemkant sahu8024

      watching it in 2020 lockdown

    34. AKASH9

      In my recommendation after 8 years

    35. gkp

      You've come a long way

    36. Sherry D.

      The one question I wish Mark would investigate and answer is which came first the chicken 🐤 or the egg 🥚? 🐣😁🐣

      1. Toaster


      2. Vinay Lalwani


    37. 7 ten

      That is the coolest grossest thing I've ever seen🤢😂

    38. ·Chxss Nut·

      *the reason he wears a cap is because he has almost no hair because he is to busy make hair shower painting* *Plus i don't need to cut my hair because when i get my hair wet the meme cat comes out*

    39. Jingyi Wang

      Anyone still watching this in 2020? =D Mark your voice sounds so different now haha :)

    40. dar-vetr

      Windows xp?)

    41. Mr cheese

      Hello there

    42. Asian Life

      Congratulations you found a comment that is in 2020

    43. Sandra Wong

      Do George Floyd

    44. Potatops

      shower hair


      2020,8 of June Uh this wil uh be remembered by me

    46. Nyu Penyu

      this is a chad mark

    47. Doufu

      I’m starting to get on his level I built a letter out of hair and it was very hard

    48. JOKER MAIN

      Might as well do this in quarantine

    49. da dog wit da big nose

      the .mp4 at the end lol

    50. Matheus DV

      Vaseline huh...

    51. Creepy Baby


    52. GAS_Jayson B.Aquino


    53. Yasin Bin Zahid

      This guy was a nasa engineer wow

    54. 권성언

      Mark Your doin so well From 2020

    55. Ryan Reeves


    56. Daddicated

      Very smart way to do this. Nice work.

    57. lofised

      wait, why are you talking more british in his video?? You have totally changed...

    58. Hannah Campbell

      i'm watching this in 2020 late squad!!!!!!!!!

    59. Joshua Manasye

      2:18 I hate the cursor there

    60. Ironfoot 19

      i love the .mp4 in the title

    61. Arnav Karnati


      1. Owen Masi


    62. ECoop’s Videos

      2020 anyone?

    63. Jayesh Patel

      im watching in 2019 but almost 2020 and youre doing great

    64. Talha Ahson

      I want to know if it's still there

      1. Danuwbauy


    65. Artificial Idiot

      this is so disgustingly amazing

    66. Tyler Cash

      #8 in the binge

    67. Cody Hovland

      Guess what Mark. You made it!

    68. juna Et

      2019? Anyone?

      1. Tyler Law

        juna Et 6 hours later lmao

    69. Antonio Duran

      I love your visions

    70. SnapshotTrex Gaming

      In 2019 you sound way differently!

    71. Gongoozler I am

      Lol I love how he thinks other people will actually want to do this

    72. Fia Poy

      From the future -aka 2019

    73. Frallan

      .mp4 tho

    74. qZzyzx :D

      2019 now. 8.6M subs. You're doing great man :)

    75. Nathan Raasch

      watchin in 2019

    76. jessica leung

      2019.. look how far hes come

    77. iknowyouarebutwhatami

      We don't care about the photoshopping Mark. We want to see the hair application. Lol.

    78. WaTeR LeMoN

      Is this how kfc dood was made

    79. Cell0

      "I really should have thought that through there." says the NASA Engineer

      1. Kevin

        Cell0 haha 😂

    80. Medi

      "Hello UKup Friends."

    81. PersonMon


    82. PersonMon


    83. Sk3LE .s


    84. Alex King

      Press read more God loves you! 🖤

    85. mshane86

      I thought you were just that creepy Uncle, who knew you had a family? You were so cute! Past tense because this was forever ago...

    86. b

      ......... 2018 anyone?

    87. Joe Leen

      Wow he's so much more confident now it was a dramatic change

    88. Purple Phoenix

      2018? anyone

    89. Voice of Reason

      at least it isnt curly

    90. Sajeel Khalid aka JeeLee

      I once sat in the shower just wondering how can Mercedes have three E’s, all pronounced differently.

      1. Rayan

        All the c's in Pacific ocean

      2. Noctua MC

        Sajeel Khalid aka Jeelee lmao

      3. big bob

        Woah! You thought about that while in the shower? How original and funny and not overused!

      4. Anay Tyagi

        Woah this changed my life

      5. EternalHerooo

        Sat in the shower?

    91. WeinSim

      that video title (its possible to Change the Name on the upload screen)

    92. Infinity

      ".mp4" Why is the video format in the title

    93. cVictori

      has .... has anyone asked about the skittles george zimmerman....?

    94. david

      You look like summit1g whit the hat

    95. candela romano

      Who’s gonna do that tho

    96. Echo Smyth

      Skittles portrait of George Zimmerman....??!??! (I'm standing beside myself.)

      1. Zarek Sanders

        Echo Smyth yeah wtf was that

    97. Anthony Ingram

      You know he's a teacher because he said "first of all, im not an artist" 0:23

      1. Jared Solano

        and now he's done working with the rover at nasa and he wants too teach highschool

    98. Paul Hud

      Why is it that a Nasa employee knows how to use photoshop very well. (shia labeouf landed on the moon in 1769)

    99. Blananas2

      6 years and it's still a .mp4

    100. Simon Muller

      no the photoshop that they use gimp