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    Seriously. THANKS YOU guys. Here's a highlight reel of my favorite bits of the past 4.5 years that we've collectively shared.
    For Mum by Andrew Applepie-

    I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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    1. Peter Edwards

      what sick individuals disliked this

    2. Viv Craft

      You got 15 million subscribers in 4 years

    3. I ran out of channel name ideas


    4. March Caskine

      I am here mark😁

    5. JayMRFgaming

      Its been 4 and a half years later

    6. Offroad Outlaws Adventures

      16.1 now

    7. The_Real_ Savage

      and no one made a best of 2020 Mark Rober!?!???

    8. Paavan Bajaj

      The end tho lmao

    9. TheLifeofEricL

      Four years later and here it is in my suggestions. Congrats on 1 million and the 15 million that followed!

    10. GrAcE O'bRiEn

      he's now at 16.1 m

    11. Michael Brinton

      Now he has over 16 million!

    12. the gaming life jaxon

      This is why he's my favorite yoituber

    13. Ray Seo

      Little did he know that later in life he would make a parkour for squirrels

    14. Umar Farooq

      That's reMARKable

    15. Jett Potter

      Congratulations mate You do really good stuff and my school do some project so of all your projects is always good. Good luck for 10 million subscribers

    16. Natalia Gutierrez

      DeVonta Smith

    17. Abdullah Games

      And now I’m still 3 digits 😁

    18. davoud eslami

      Now its 8 digits

    19. Szymon's hobby workshop

      My dream is to work in Nasa or to start my own co panny with cars i olso try to make an magnetic electric generator and i heave 1 more dream to heave a yt Channel like you

    20. Sebastian Schmiederer

      No its 4.5 years later

    21. Blue Collar Men Productions

      I demoted myself at work to focus on UKup......hopefully it pays off. (Yikes)

    22. monika ky

      ok now 14mil

      1. LifeWithAUkulele


    23. NiraN Jan

      You are so much inspiring. Love your videos.

    24. Books'n3D

      Mark!, You Are Awesome

    25. Colton Ross

      The end was actually scary!!

    26. pickass1988

      why do i hear "Fickschnitzel" in there :-D

    27. Kevin Wei

      imagine being happy to get to a mil when your at 16 mil

    28. Ibrahim On mobile

      Who else started their UKup channel last year?

    29. Raazi Ahmadi

      1m seemed a lot, now 15.8!

    30. Daniel Luna

      This dude went from nasa to blowing up bags of fish blood under water

    31. Max G

      Mark Rober to 25M

    32. Zeus

      4.5 years later congrats on 15.8 Million subscribers

    33. Lili Zheng

      15M today woohoo

    34. liliana toro

      You’ll be surprised that got 14M more in 4 years

    35. jeff da wolf

      Well you waited for about 5

    36. Kent Guiller

      Yeah your right, I do suck at physics.

      1. Kent Guiller

        @Natalia what?

      2. Natalia

        I’d like to see you try

    37. Emmanuel Hernandez

      nobody Dream: Wanna lear how to make 10 mil in 1 year

    38. Southwest124

      Anyone want to tell him that he has 15x that amount

    39. Jesse's World of Random

      then at 1M now hes at 15.6M

      1. Sharul JR


    40. Hussain Ahmad

      Now 15 mil

    41. Loords


    42. chase rich

      Its hard to imagine 4 years ago he just hit 1,000,000 and now he has 15,000,000 subscribers

    43. john smith

      I learned what fmr. means so thanks for the video

    44. Meme culture


    45. Ertuğrul

      Who's here after 15 Million Subscribers?

    46. Ertuğrul

      UKup Recommendation be like......

    47. Ibtieee

      4 years in future you are one of the most viewed (per video) youtuber

    48. KermHasan

      Do people remember this. I have been subbed to him for so long and love to see how far he has come

    49. Connor Reich

      Who is here 4 years later when he has 15.2 million now?

    50. Gymgirl09

      2016: 1 Mil 2020: 15 Mil

    51. ColeyKat312

      this video should of be called "A recap of all of my awesome videos"

    52. Jean Luo

      this 7 min felt like so much

    53. Jean Luo

      mark is someone im not doing what he is but i feel proud of him

    54. Daniel Wang

      another 4.5 years later, it now takes 8 digits, and you've created some of the best content youtube has ever seen.

    55. Game7_Play

      Well Mark Rober it’s almost time for 4.5 years later

    56. Burrito5824

      Bruh you probably got 14 subscriber in 4 years!

      1. Zaxzab %


    57. Angeli Ricafort

      He makes science looks so cool and fun, which it really is...

    58. Wonderer

      2:10 . how cringe. 2:48

    59. Anmol yadav

      Guest what after 4.5 years for what he waited he's 15 times million

    60. JCua Gaming

      He has 15million in 2020

    61. Gamestormer

      Who's watching in 2020???

    62. Cooper D

      4 years later and 15 mil Ur welcome

    63. Reeva Randeri

      He deserves the “most subscribers in the world” award. Make that happen and subscribe to his videos!!!

    64. Serdar Yildiz

      14M more in 4 years. Well done 👍

    65. cryfor 3342

      The guarded starter previously fade because lip endoscopically inform plus a wasteful ring. pretty, little delete


      You ate inspiration and because of u I started my own channel afeefyt15

    67. Dumifyed

      Who is watching this about 4.5 years later

    68. Richard C

      Who's here at 15 mil?

    69. Rishita dodamani

      I love mark rober

    70. Benjamin Marin

      How to get 15 unsubscribers not posting

    71. Manzillaaa 2010

      Now in four years he got 14 million more subscribers

    72. Noah Hughes

      The ending 😅

    73. Quackyzila !

      Well, now he has 15 million

    74. Ryan Tucker Two Super

      Congrats, Mark!

    75. Li Wenwen

      🙂 now 15 million

    76. Someone's Alt

      Hey it's been another 4.5 years!

    77. DIY Explorers


    78. Jayden Xu


    79. Itz Gabby K.

      Everyone: Congrats Mark! You deserve it Me in 2020: umm you 15 mil now 😂😂👌

      1. Leviathan Ø


    80. Charlotte Retriever

      Congratulations for 15Mil

    81. ScoobyDoo459

      And now it's 15 million

    82. Jayden Xu

      can you tell me?

    83. GrouchyDrago

      I'm watching this in 2020 December and you have 15x as many subscribers you had then

    84. OhDez

      now 15 million

    85. Ewoud Tinkerboy

      I don't see the video he made for Nov.

    86. Muhammad Ayaan

      Lol he has 15 mill

    87. GALACTUS Codm

      Well now It is 4 Years after Bro...👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    88. Titiksha Babu

      Now he has 15 Million subscribers

    89. Simon Kline

      4.5 years later 15million

    90. Jayden Xu

      mark how do you get the thing that tells you how much subscribers you have?

    91. ßubbly_Møchi

      Forget five minute crafts. Mark knows what he’s doing.

    92. Schyline Cloud


    93. Kari Smith

      Now you almost have 15 mil

    94. Albert Luo

      "cant wait for the next 4.5" 2020: are you sure about that

      1. Disbade

        You're not funny

    95. The MooksMister

      couple years later 14 milloin

      1. Jack Lenik

        I know right?!?!?!?!

    96. Hussain

      0:45 thought his costume was a virus and then 19 (covid 19)

    97. Ninja Snake

      Little did he know over 4 years later he would see a 1000% increase

    98. Lucas Batt

      And now almost 15 mil

    99. morena.a.j

      Please subscribe to my channel!!

    100. Brian Austin-ojeda

      Only the og's will remember all of these