Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)


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    Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

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    1. susatom1000

      Love it so much you are the best :-)

    2. Supra

      Boring song..

    3. Mike Martin

      To all of you that havent been in Love yet, dont rush it, make sure they care about you, everyone can talk a good game, but can they stay in it

    4. Vivian Bandz

      this is bad

    5. Lorrana Silva

      Eu amo essa música 💖🇧🇷💖

    6. Coco_Bean

      This is my 10th time watching it in a row-

    7. Abdul Wahab

      "never felt this way for no one" that means you felt this way for everyone😛😛😛

    8. Tamara Ratuhaling


    9. Shy Dagger

      Don’t worry bout him he’s a jurk

    10. Leon merrin

      Icl the song is not that good but overrated

    11. Giulia Michelini


    12. TD SWEEPS 2K

      Love it

    13. Falyn Diamond

      ti makes me thank uv my puppy and I love you


      I don't know enough about the situation between her and Joshua and Sabrina, but I can say that this song reached my soul and maybe it was, and I can also say that she is a wonderful and super talented girl .... I'm sorry for your suffering.🦋 Be a strong queen🦋❤🙏

    15. Kevin Sorbo

      This song makes me gay

    16. Audrina Holcomb

      Didn't you play bizardbark

    17. Kaitlyn Agee

      yall are crying to this- just wait till you hear the "Your City Gave Me Asthma" album-

    18. nado cam

      best song ever o

    19. Jose Ivp2

      Amo essa música 💜

    20. Nyota Unicorn

      I was born in 2013

    21. arentwesame

      "People say missing someone you love is painful but they don't know missing someone who doesn't exist hurts more...."

    22. Anitta Online

      Any gabriely

    23. Girly girl 2021

      This girl is going places!! For SURE!! 😁 and I LOVE 💕 this SONG!!

    24. Isla Aldworth

      How can mranda sings not like this its stupid

    25. dann lj

      SNL anyone??

    26. Aime Flanagan

      Friend: Have you listened to Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo? Me: Ewwwww no is it by that stupid girl from bizardvark, no way I'm listening to that crap Friend: Ummm okayyy... suit yourself Me: Listens to the song Also me: Gets addicted and is still here over two months later

    27. Music New York

      Don't talk about Sabrina like that, she hasn't done anything bad to you, she's just a friend of your ex, no wonder Joshua left you, because you only think about yourself, she doesn't do bad things to you, you know you're making yourself look bad, you're too cruel and you've made fun of her, she's been insulted on a TV show because of you, you're going too far with Sabrina, you rat shit.

    28. Fernanda maradiaga

      Yo soy la unica que abla español❤❤

    29. Νικολαος Παπαθανασιου


    30. Anand

      I disliked this song.

    31. Makaylah Hurd


    32. academia beauty

      nadie absolutamente nadie wee neta nadie ya ni tu perro yo} leyendo los comentarios sin entender ni mais

    33. carmen lewin

      Love this song sooo much

    34. Russell Boyer

      Her voice though! It is amazing!! I love this song so much!!!!!!!!!!

    35. Jelly Bean

      Plot twist: what if the person singing was actually talking about their partner who died and all the memories, scars and love they felt?

    36. Dean Van Rensburg

      If I had a wish it would be to sit with her in a room and just listen to her voice all day 😂

    37. Cloverxvibes .L


    38. fa'iz naufal

      where did 130M people go?

    39. cfwee hulll

      Song : ulalalala Singer : yahaira Listen to the music

    40. Ducky Bobby

      I swear this my first time hearing this song I only search it up cuz it was first on the 100 billboard charts. I’m not hating but ion really see the hype about it . But then again this not my type of music . But congrats to her . !

    41. Christian decarmo

      She acts like billy elish

    42. Purple Princess

      Me when I’m sad: **cries Olivia when she feels sad : writes a hit song

    43. Nevenka Joan Naidoo

      Who thought she'd swear like dat 🤔👀😳

    44. Christian decarmo


    45. Kourtney

      I love this so much my fav at that love you Olivia!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    46. Wiccan

      Anyone else feel like this is perfect for WandaVision, after the last episode? :(

    47. Nevenka Joan Naidoo

      Olivia: PERIDOT 👌😎😝

    48. Mark Becker

      amazing voice, its one of those songs that you hear and fall in love with, the tone, the instruments, the clever lyrics, awesome

    49. Matías Serrador

      Primer comentario en español?

    50. Vitória Ferreira

      Amo essa música

    51. Eli Greenfield

      Bu kim lan? Serra Karan'ın şarkısını çalmış. Serra, bir an önce bu şarkıya telif atmalı.

    52. Edvaldo Mendes Braga

      ukup.info/loft/m9aSm42msaGP2ps/v-deo.html Any Gabrielly from NOW UNITED, covered this song! It is very good!

    53. Cziara Baui


      1. Edvaldo Mendes Braga

        ukup.info/loft/m9aSm42msaGP2ps/v-deo.html Any Gabrielly from NOW UNITED, covered this song! It is very good!

    54. Rafaelia Fideoglou

      Who is eVeRyDaY here 👇

    55. Maria Jessop

      I was shocked because I know you from bizaardvark and your a good singer

    56. Redhood_PlayS

      "You said forever now i drive alone past you street..." Something i'll keep doing till the end of my days...

    57. Sophie Snel

      It's my favorite song

      1. Edvaldo Mendes Braga

        ukup.info/loft/m9aSm42msaGP2ps/v-deo.html Any Gabrielly from NOW UNITED, covered this song! It is very good!

    58. Sophie Snel

      Bizarkvark 😂🤣 where's frankie

    59. Gaming with Venom

      Experiment : u guys heard the part of “ooohh” while ur eyes closed and it feels like ur will flying to heaven🙂✨✌🏻

    60. Ankita Dagara

      2:29 ❤️🔥

    61. Sarath Kanth

      Forgive your sins. Prepare for the second coming of the jesus christ.

    62. hasanulation

      The fact that we literally owe a thank to this "blonde girl" and low budget shawn mendes

      1. subliminals xoxo


    63. iqra kabir

      This is class

    64. Edvaldo Mendes Braga

      Quem já viu o cover da Any Gabrielly?

    65. Samuel Quinonez

      Why is this #1 over lil tjay on the billboard wtf

    66. jbrunnez

      Hahaha, her loser boyfriend gets to see her make it big out of their break-up

    67. Iron Fan

      Shoutout to the perpetually heartbroken, like me. 💗

    68. B.B. Kockartz

      Very nice vocals, good job Olivia!

      1. Edvaldo Mendes Braga

        ukup.info/loft/m9aSm42msaGP2ps/v-deo.html Any Gabrielly from NOW UNITED, covered this song! It is very good!

    69. Hey grácio


    70. Louisse Tan

      omgg is she a filipina?

    71. yana pog


    72. Madalina Galatchi

      Hey you, check out "Skin" by Sabrina Carpenter. Really interesting song

    73. sweet multi

      I crying.

      1. Wolff Family


    74. 리리

      Just ignore pls. 0:04

    75. Juan Nieto


    76. Tanya Morton


    77. Kang C.R

      Whoever broke up with her, #FeelBHAD4THEM" !!!😂

    78. Søftie

      Nobody: Me:I drive "corvette" past your street

    79. zizi Berry

      I don't know you, you don't know me but we all know the title of this song is 'Divers License'

    80. Alyssa 1120

      I listened to a 4 hour loop during school, i think I addicted-

      1. Wolff Family

        Ikr! I listened to it in front of my sister and she was yelling and winning for me to turn it off :(

    81. M C

      I was sure this is Lorde 👀😳

    82. Patricia


    83. jhennife campos


      1. jhennife campos

        @Edvaldo Mendes Braga I only came here because of any, she is wonderful and beautiful. I follow a lot, a sensational star now united is lucky to have such an artist with them ... she still has a long way to go yet she will shine more. I love her work💚💛🇧🇷

      2. Edvaldo Mendes Braga

        ukup.info/loft/m9aSm42msaGP2ps/v-deo.html Any Gabrielly from NOW UNITED, covered this song! It is very good!

    84. rice_ bean

      Lmao is this like, sad music for straight people? What are yall crying for?

      1. Wolff Family

        Lol ikr

    85. Raji


    86. Bloodwolf_123

      You said forever now I drive alone past your street. That hurts.

    87. Maritza Chanca Ramos

      what sad

    88. Vanna Whittington

      This song hit home i cried so bad and still am S i type. and I feel kims pain because no how pretty or good you are the still break you at least Kim can show her feeling through a song love you Kim it will get better

      1. Madalina Galatchi

        Who's Kim?

    89. Maria

      Vim pelo cover da any Gabrielly

    90. Claudson Freitas

      Passado como a Any realmente arrasou no Cover que fez dessa música.

    91. Шукрона Охунова


    92. Jula B

      tiktok made me think I hated this song. but it's actually pretty good

    93. QXJ91058ZPA159V


    94. Starmit

      The dislikes are people who also got hurt

    95. Leah Costa

      Is it just me or does everyone keep on checking the views and likes to see how far it's gone?

    96. Mila Šonc

      Dear person whoever reads this, Hey, you, yes, I am talking right to you. I hope you will see yourself with the eyes I see you one day, because I can tell you have some awesome music taste :) You’re such a beautiful human being and worth and enough. I hope you know that you do only need yourself to be happy, I know society build up the standard that whenever you’re alone you’re not living a happy live. But in fact that is not true, if you start to realize that you actually deserve all the good things happening to you, you will treat yourself a lot nicer. I hope you let yourself rest, don’t beat yourself up over past mistakes, over regret, and over everything your mind wants to destroy you. I wish I could remove all those demons inside of your head because you deserve to feel happy. If you ever feel lonely then watch the sky, because you know, someone, at the same time is watching the sky too, maybe feeling the same way..I am glad you exist and I hope you won’t ever remove your own spot in this world, maybe you don’t feel like you belong here but, Angel, then build your home here. I don’t want you to leave this world unhappy. I want you to live every little second, I want you to feel alive, I don’t want you to see yourself just existing. You deserve it. Whatever happened, it’s not your fault, the demons in your head recognize that you have a beautiful heart, they want to take it because they have never seen such beautiful heart as yours, so why let them win over you? . You’re not selfish for isolating yourself, but you deserve to talk to someone. If you’re reading this than please never forget to breath and smile. Don’t live up to other standards! It’s your story and not theirs. Life for those who couldn’t, smile for those who forgot what a genuine smile is, love like there’s no other, hug like its your last one. I love you and send you hugs. You’re so strong, you’re still here, and I am proud of you. YOU ARE NOT USELESS. READ THAT AGAIN. YOU ARE WORTH IT. READ THAT AGAIN. YOU ARE LOVED. READ THAT AGAIN. I AM GLAD YOU EXIST. READ THAT AGAIN. YOU ARE NOT A PROBLEM. YOU ARE HUMAN AND YOUR FEELINGS ARE VALID. READ THAT AGAIN. YOU ARE NOT BEING DRAMATIC. You’re not a burden to anyone, don’t be afraid to talk, to use your voice. You’re beautiful inside out. Your body is beautiful the way it is. Please don’t starve yourself. Please eat, I know it’s hard but you deserve food. You deserve to eat and drink. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. READ THAT AGAIN. I WISH I COULD HUGH YOU RIGHT NOW, SO A VIRTUAL HUG WILL DO. It hurts me to see you’re in pain :( you deserve so much man, don’t let your emotions control you. Don’t let them get the best of you. I love u I love u I love u I love u I love u please don’t go. I am sorry that no one is hearing you, I am sorry no one is noticing that you have lost yourself. I wish I could take your pain away, it hurts me to see the pain in your eyes. I love you trough my words and I mean it. I just want you to stay, hold on a little longer okay? Please? For me.?? I hope you have an awesome day/ morning/ evening/ night. If it’s night for you, go to sleep, I know it’s hard to fall asleep right now but you deserve a good sleep. If you have nightmares, please, don’t let them fight you. If it’s day for you, don’t start it by such sad music, I know it’s impossible to have a good day with such mindset but take baby steps, start by drinking two cups of water in the morning and so on.. You will start building little healthy habits. If it’s evening for you, you’re probably overwhelmed and stressed, I want you to know it’s okay to feel the way you feel. You don’t need to be scared, of course you’re overwhelmed or stressed, I mean who wouldn’t? But it’s important to know that when you feel that way you should do a little self care, such as taking a bath for example? You deserve to feel at ease and relaxed. And if you are somewhere in between I hope you know that you’re stronger than you think, I know you will make it :) Now wipe those tears away and smile for me, you really don’t know much a smile can brighten someone’s day, do you? I hope one day yours will become a genuine one where you don’t need to fake it anymore, because I can’t say this enough, you deserve a good smile and to feel alive. You’re worth more than every fucking cent in this world. Remember crying is not weakness, let it out as much as you can but don’t let the emotion control you by giving up. It’s okay, you’re here, you’re safe, you can let it out. Did anyone asked you, how you are feeling today? If not, how are you really? I don’t think you’re doing good, but you will feel good at one point. Don’t give yourself up. I am sorry you feel misunderstood. But anyone who gets to be with you, doesn’t know how fucking lucky he/ she/ they is :). Enough with beating up yourself for today, okay?! - The stranger that cares about you more than anything. I hope this is enough for you to stay today, tomorrow will be a new day, a new start, let go now. I hope you can stay. This is your sign to stay and treat yourself with love, you deserve it. And in case no one told you today, again, I am so proud of you. I hope you will remember my words- lilyy :) Until tomorrow, my friend :)

      1. MoreMaeve!!!


    97. Giovanna Salvati

      the people that disliked are the people that don’t have their license

    98. Shauna K

      I hate that some people still think that this is about Josh

    99. Neko Chan

      Eu aqui depois do cover de any😊😉

    100. I lost my brain

      Okay I'm here to say something about myself ! Like I'm writing here cause nobody knows me and I just want to share my thoughts!!! Okay so let's go : So I met a boy online we both have fan accs! And now we know each other for almost one year !!!! And yesterday he said he has to say something to me so I said what but then he said he will tell me at the right moment! And I was so scared more like anxious like what is he going to say ! But then I put some polls In my insta story ! And one of the polls says *do you have a crush on someone? Does they know?* And he straightly replied : " I have a crush on you and I'm serious" I was so shocked ! Shocked in the way like I never thought someone would like me ! Like he is so nice !! And that's why I was shocked! And more over I just acted like a crazy bit*h cause it was something different which never happened to me so I didn't knew how to react ! But he said just "don't worry I just said what I feel about you ! And I don't need your answer and you don't have to say I love you too or anything !! What happens we're going to be besties anyway !!!!!!!!! And now he thinks he ruined everything !!! And now I'm stressed ! Also he's sick now ! Idk what gonna happen !! So yeah that's it!!!!