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    1. Anna Bondaruk

      Live stream translation. Part 1 (translated by Ekaterina Levicheva) The guys greet everyone and complain about the bad weather. Sasha, opening the window, shows us Gerda. Masha reads the comments in the chat about her new hairstyle. The guys talk about the weather. A significant warming is expected soon, from +8°C/46.4°F to +21°C/69.8°F. Sasha is glad that the snow will finally melt. He didn't like Masha's bangs at first. Masha shows with her finger that these bangs should be asymmetrical. Sasha says that his back is getting better. The guys discuss how the snow melts: if the paths are not cleared of snow, then the snow melts faster, because snowdrifts do not form. 4:51 Q: How was this week? Masha: This week was very active and passed very quickly. What is a professional holiday today? Sasha doesn’t know, but congratulates everyone on this holiday. Masha thanks everyone for the compliments about her new hairstyle. She read the weather forecast for this summer. They say this summer will be dry and warm. Sasha doesn't believe the weather forecasts are accurate. There is an old joke of meteorologists: we’ll know the weather for today only tomorrow! There are no packages today. 6:23 The subscriber asks the question of the day: why do male animals have testicles (balls) always outside and not inside? Sasha suggests calling the testicles not balls, but (eggs) Faberge, it's more fun. One of the testes produces sperm, the second one is a storehouse for sperm. That is, cutting off one testicle will not affect reproductive function. The testes are outside because it is genetically conditioned (by evolution). The semen temperature should be very specific. In hot weather, the testicles are farther from the body. In cold weather, they are closer to the body (they corrugate). So, the testicles are outside, not inside, because there is a refrigerator function. 8:25 Masha continues to read compliments to her hairstyle. Q: Anything new? The guys talk about how TV men from the Reuters agency came to them on Wednesday. However, there was nothing interesting. The journalists themselves from Reuters didn’t come, they hired the Penza film crew. A film crew from Germany arrives next Wednesday. It should be interesting. They wanted to shoot all day, but the guys limited the communication to four hours. The guys read comments... 10:30 Q: Are you planning to take a small tiger as a pet? No, they don't plan it. The guys talk about snow… The drainage ditches have coped with the melting snow. Sasha and Masha switch places. Masha praises Sasha for a good stream this time. Sasha gives Messi some curd cheese. Masha jokes that now she streams badly, because she crawls on the sofa. Sasha laughs. Sasha to Messi: Don't rush! Take your time! This is all yours! 12:38 Masha remembered that she wanted to show us some cool yoghurts, but threw out the packaging. The packaging is good too. The yoghurts themselves are delicious. Masha praises Sasha's jacket, today Sasha looks good too. Sasha jokes: I didn't cut my bangs. I decided I would go with my hair down! The subscriber writes that she had long hair, she cut her hair like a boy, so bangs are not so bad. A question about a video on some Instagram channel. Masha hasn’t watched it yet. A comment on the article about the guys and Messi on the website Lenta.ru. [lenta.ru/articles/2021/04/11/opasno/] The facts are wrong there. Sasha: If there are our photos, we can complain about these journalists. 14:40 Greetings from St. Petersburg. Compliments about Masha's bangs… Sasha persuades Messi to lie on his back to make it easier for him to comb Messi's fur on his tummy. Greetings from Nizhny Novgorod. [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nizhny_Novgorod] A request to show Kira. Masha: We'll show Kira later, she sleeps, as always, in the room. 16:13 Sasha reminds that the ticks are already active. The guys have already caught two ticks on Messi's fur. A commentary that Masha with her hair is similar to the heroine of the French TV series “Hélène et les Garçons”. [Everyone watched this series in the mid-1990s, Sasha and Masha also watched it]. Sasha: At the time, it was the best youth TV series. Sasha recalls the heroes of this series. Messages with compliments to Sasha. Masha reads the donation comment… Sasha recently saw a man collecting birch sap. It was during a trip to Eechal's grave. 18:06 Greetings from Magadan. [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magadan] In this city, the temperature was -25°C/ -13°F at night. Q: Have you been to the cinema lately? Have you seen the movie "Major Grom: Plague Doctor"? [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_Grom:_Plague_Doctor] The guys have not been to the cinema for a long time. The last movie they watched in the theater was "Dolittle". The guys are discussing films... Sasha asks who watched the movie "The Humpbacked Horse"? [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upon_the_Magic_Roads] Should we watch this movie? The price of this film on the Internet is high, so Sasha wants to get reviews. 19:26 Greetings from Dubai from the dolphin trainer. Masha: My dream is to swim with dolphins! Sasha: Training marine animals is very cool! Working with intelligent beings means having a set of specific knowledge. These trainers are the highest caste!

      1. tanrex3

        Thank u lovely ladies for the translations! 😄😄😄

      2. Jimbobalina1

        Anna you are so kind and talented! Thank you

      3. sampi e

        @Anna Bondaruk Ekaterina and team thanks a lot for translation 🙏🏻🙏🏻 grateful for your support

      4. Elephant seal

        Thanks for the translations. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      5. giovanna

        Thanks, Anna! Lovely translation.

    2. elmoelbow

      You’ve gone Hollywood with the hair ... gorgeous.

    3. Артем полетаев

      сколько взлетов, столько посадок пилотам!!!

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    5. Александр Лапченко

      Вы же не охотитесь, птдхвостики себе не лижите, не урчите... Значит, вы дураки...

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    7. Julieta Paula

      Casal linndoo abençoado Por DEUS!! Apesar de não entender o idioma de vocês dois AMO MUITO vocês e seus bebês grandões!! AMO MUITO todos os vídeos do Puma!!

    8. Mark Wallace

      I love her voice

    9. Deirdre Garcia

      That mean boy, he blends in with that dead grass to try and bounce on Gerda unawares. 53:35

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    11. Татьяна Ходякова

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    13. Kh Rajia

      Can you please give English subtitled on live videos? I don't know if i asking too much...but i want to know about messi.in live you are doing qna...and i have lots of questions about messi....please considere the request 😊😊☺😊☺☺

    14. Thomas Tauscher

      She is lovely.

    15. Carrie Cree

      I wonder if Kira will make more appearances in the future. All the cats are so sweet and look so happy.

    16. Debbie Strasburger

      Masha I love your new do (hair style)! You R so beautiful ! How did Messi & Gerda take it when they first saw you ? Messi doesn’t like his new ball because it’ seems bigger than him. Love how he plays with the smaller ones especially the blue soft one ! He s a baby 😂 Would like to see Messi & Gerda learn to play with each other.... they will make great friends for each other one day . I could see Messi being very jealous thou wanting undivided attention from you two ! Sibling rivalry!, love your videos !🇺🇸😇

    17. Marisa Blezins


    18. Маруся Маруфьева

      Ребятишки, вы такие классные, и Масяня красава!!! 🤞🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏💋🌷🌷🌷

    19. Евдокия Назаркина

      У меня, знакомая для стимуляции плодоношения ананаса проливала его известковое водой.

    20. Anna Koroleva

      Люди устали от ваших распаковок. Многие уже ушли из-за этого. Жалуются на других каналах. Но вы же критику не принимаете и сразу блокируете. Зачем принимаете, если в доме у вас так с этих посылок ничего нового и не появилось

    21. Deb Seitz

      Masha I like your hair . Sweet Messi is relaxing what a good boy.♥️♥️🐱

    22. Margui622

      Thank you for the translation, Ekaterina.

    23. Dee Zak

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    24. Sem Roz

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    25. Наталья Лебедева

      Машенька,Вам с челкой очень красиво!!!!

    26. Надежда Проценко

      Саша, вы признаете эволюцию. Это значит, что вы согласны с тем, что ваш предок - обезьяна. Я считаю, что меня создал Бог по Своему образу и подобию. Поверьте, что и вас также создал Бог. Просто вы еще об этом не знаете. Удачи!

      1. Ksenia Laikina

        Поверьте, что ваш предок обезьяна. Вы просто не хотите знать об этом.

    27. Людмила Урлапова

      Давно не видела Ваших видео. Даже переживать стала. Очень рада , что всё у Вас всё хорошо. Благоденствия Вам и Вашим кошакам!

      1. Людмила Урлапова

        @Ольга Павловна спасибо Вам огромное!

      2. Людмила Урлапова

        Спасибо большое❤️

      3. Ольга Павловна

        Новые видео про Месси и Герду выходят каждый вторник, четверг и субботу после 17.00 по московскому времени, каждое воскресенье в 13.00 прямые эфиры. Не надейтесь на уведомления Ютуба.

    28. Надежда Проценко

      Аллергия - это не есть свойство растения, а свойство организма(слабый иммунитет). Иначе на какое-то растение была бы аллергия у всех. А это не так. Укрепляйте иммунитет, исчезнет аллергия.

    29. Barbara Bartleson

      Wow ❗ almost ALL the snow has melted 🖐️😄 FINALLY 🤗 lol .. Amazing because it was SO DEEP❗😲

    30. Tatjana Aleidzane

      Сколько позитива от Вас с Вашими питомцами и от коментариев.!!! Была всегда равнодушна,хоть и доброжелательна к кошкам.Пока у меня не стала,случайно,жить кошка Мэумуся(да,ее такое имя) Умнее ее из кошек я ещё не встречала.Вы ,конечно,тащитесь от внимания ТV.А я от своей дворовой умнички.

      1. Ирина Викар

        Воспитайте свою кошку уникальной и вас тоже пригласят на ТВ. В передачу "Видели видео?".

    31. Arshiya Fatima

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    36. Mike Baboosh

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    41. Salem Sadaka

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    42. Ольга Данилова

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    43. Karen Reed

      I just watched an older video where Sasha brought Messi to the vet. He changed a diaper on Messi. It was amazing!

    44. rzz9

      Польза от вегетарианства есть и очень большая. Только потому, что вы об этом не читали (или не достаточно читали), то это не значит, что пользы нет. И это не только личное желание, но это было научно доказано.

    45. candice Lee

      i believe next life they will still be father n son. but messi will be the dad to thank for sasha taking care him so much in this life.

    46. Vatos Locos

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    47. Ольга Юркова

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    48. Алена Кудряшова

      В жизни который раз убеждаюсь, что во всем есть своя положительная и отрицательная сторона - и в продуктах питания и в образе жизни, даже в материале одежды и в прочем.

    49. Галина Павлова

      Маша,волосы у вас шикарные!!!!

    50. Ilmira Moskva

      Очистить и перезапустить ЖКТ очень полезно, но далеко не всем и сделать надо правильно.

    51. Ilmira Moskva

      У меня близкая знакомая, главврач клиники лечебного голодания. Знаю из первых рук голодать не то что вредно, а опасно без контроля врачей. Смысл в том что все время голодания в ЖКТ должна быть вода. НО это все условно все это надо делать строго под надзором врачей.

    52. Алена Кудряшова

      По поводу яйца... А что если попробовать давать отварное (если это возможно и можно)??? Отварное оно ведь поприятнее...

    53. Елена Т

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      1. Елена Т

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      2. Ольга Павловна

        Масян - Кот, Он. Когти Саша ему по мере отрастания подстригает. Ну и когтеточка есть, в прихожей. И обожаемые коробки - Саша картон бывает с работы привозит, у него же своя типография. К сожалению Ютуб теперь блокирует ссылки на видео, найдите ,,Пума Месси. История нашего знакомства,,. Масяну не дома нельзя жить - здоровье не позволяет.

    54. Алена Кудряшова

      Про весну и аллергиков - уже цветёт верба (вербная неделя помните, которая ещё не наступила)

    55. Алена Кудряшова

      Наручники так же как ошейник одевают, - чтоб 2 пальца между рукой и наручниками были (или как пишут, чтоб прокручивались и надёжно фиксировали конечность)

    56. anna pavlova

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    57. Max Nutlet

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    60. вот блицер Санёк

      Что _вы мало стали показывать видео, пожалуйста побольше показывайте. СПБ

      1. Ольга Павловна

        ??? Видео про Месси и Герду выходят каждый вторник, четверг и субботу после 17.00 по московскому времени. Прямые эфиры каждое воскресенье в 13.00.

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    67. common sense

      So handsome Alexandra. Masha and Sasha both so good looking!

      1. Ирина Викар

        @common sense, okay! 😄

      2. common sense

        @Ирина Викар Yes, I know. First I was only complimenting Alexandr saying he's handsome, then I wanted to make sure I included Masha so I said both Masha and Sasha are good looking. lol. Sorry for the confusion!

      3. Ирина Викар

        I agree). But Alexandr is the husband's name.

    68. common sense

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      why is not clean the paws of Messi today after went out play done ? wonder ?

    77. Татьяна Коротова

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    78. Татьяна Коротова

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    82. Steve Haines

      Has he ever caught a mouse 🐀

      1. Ольга Павловна

        Messi also has a channel on Instagram. There is a video of Messi catching a mouse. Unfortunately, UKup now blocks video links, so I can't share the link ☹️. Try to find. The Instagram channel has the same name as the UKup channel.

      2. Edina Edina

        @Steve Haines That must be a double fun!

      3. Steve Haines

        That's cool, but also kind of funny. My family has 5 cats and 3 kittens that was born on April's fools day. 🐈

      4. Edina Edina

        Even three of them

    83. дядя Миша

      Если животные заговорят, то мне кажеться смысл общения с ним потеряеться🤔

      1. дядя Миша

        @Das KapitaL там автора спрашивают как он смотрит на то чтобы Месси научился нажимать на кнопки чтобы с ним общаться.

      2. Das KapitaL

        Не дошло. Поясните пожалуйста

    84. power moves

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    85. power moves

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    86. power moves

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      1. Laurette Chandler

        @giovanna thanks for letting me know, I am new to the channel.

      2. giovanna

        You do know that translations will be pinned on or around Tues.

    91. Нина Канукова

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      Messi is beautiful cat. Love him so much!

    98. Dale McNamee

      Hi Sasha and Masha from Halethorpe, MD. ! 👋 I love your new hairstyle, Masha ! 👍👍 It compliments your face very nicely ! 👏❤ And Messi and Kira are looking good ! 👍👍 The garden plants survived the winter and look to be in good shape ! 👍👍 Gerda is her usual purring self as she enjoys your visit and it's good to see the grass starting to grow in her "sandbox" ! And I loved seeing Messi doing his "running visit" to Gerda's aviary to tease her... And he blends in well with the brown grass... 😂 Then, there is "Messi and Sasha soccer", last played before the long winter... 😊 Your indoor plants look to be doing fine and Messi is happy to lay down and doze, nap, and be adorable as he looks out the door, surveying his realm ❤ In also loved it when Sasha laid down on the floor with Messi ❤ The last few minutes of the video with Messi underneath the stairs and dozing and not being all that interested in his toys was cute... As was his walking out on being filmed... 😄 He just wants to relax and call it a day ! 😉😄

    99. Ana Claudia

      Messi i Love you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙌😘😘😘😘😘😘

    100. Odonna Spiteri

      Masha, love your new hairstyle