Always win at heads/tails- BEST METHOD

Mark Rober

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    A simple trick for flipping a coin that can ensure you get tails (or heads for that matter) every time. I've been using this trick for 10 years and I've never had someone catch it.
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    1. Nate unknown

      Im one of the 5-6 people!

    2. Nathan Lee

      Wow I’m looking back at marks videos in 2021 and wow they are different xD

    3. stimmo77

      0:35... most people do , don’t they?🧐

    4. Humaid Shaikh

      it actually works

    5. Humaid Shaikh

      me watching this in the pandemic saying it works

    6. zero to one

      cricket matches are not same after watching this video

    7. Ali Rashid

      Can you bring back this awkward comedy back in your new videos

    8. Lalala llamas

      omg this is 9 yeeeears ago!

    9. Lapen

      who is watching in 2021

    10. chitra jaikumar

      Someone is watching it in 2021

    11. Dhruv Sheth

      After 8yrs

    12. Avik Chatterjee

      "wHaTsUp yOuTuBe?!"

    13. Amber Black

      UKup is like my brain falling asleep: *Remember that thing from 8 years ago that everyone has forgotten except you?*

    14. •Pòtâtø. Çūps•

      Back then-

    15. Jakub Skowron

      That's the reason why in any real life situation opponent calls heads or tails when coin is already in air.

    16. koby z

      watching this in 2021 and hearing him say the five or six I got on my own lol

    17. Jackson Brown


    18. Shrike

      What do u do when both of ur friends r fighting cus they both want to flip the coin cus they have both seen this vid

    19. Justin Case

      Tss, mark rober wannabe

    20. Jieming Ou

      Watching this in 2021... a huge improvement in quality of videos!

    21. Samn Vim

      Lol this guy thinks he can be the next Mark Rober

    22. Superdude4800 A.K.A. Winged Fire

      what, does she expect them to eat the shoes?

    23. Name

      Pre dad

      1. Name


    24. 2old ladies


    25. JGJ. artz

      Cant belive this ia a guy working at nasa..

      1. lazy caps

        Was working

    26. Daniel Pearson

      this is kind of painful to watch

    27. Sanskar Lidoriya

      Anyone watching in January 2021

      1. Sanskar Lidoriya

        @chris monteith in which country you are in my country it is 2nd January

      2. chris monteith

        naw dude January 1 2021. the future!

      3. Mi Ho


    28. Tejaswanth Maram

      That high budget motion effect Tho XO

    29. Horses

      “I like to post things that are cool” Respect

    30. Lumi

      sup, Mark?

    31. Fresh Mime

      People here in 2020

    32. James Larweth

      he seems so different in his new videos

    33. Rowan

      Hi Mark! Is there a way to always win rock, paper, scissors?

    34. Bruh

      How on earth do you discover this while casually walking down the hallway? I swear physics majors are just built different

    35. yug kukadia

      Old marks a hippie 😂😂😂

    36. Neo Mojapelo

      In 2020???

    37. Bhavya Ranka

      Who is getting recomend niw

    38. RØSE DZ

      Anyone else watching this in Quarintine?

    39. Trash Panda

      Just wanna say that that costume is sick i want that as my own

    40. Benjamin Tran

      Hey Mark, like Plant Meat much? 🌿🍔

    41. LOPOL 3726

      Can this work for flipping heads everytime?

    42. mrduckman225

      That first bump 😂😂🤣🤣

    43. pilot ducky

      I’m watching this in 2020 mark is so different

    44. Cheeseman

      Instructions unclear became a level 50 mafia boss and is wanted on in 16 countries

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      Superbowl contestants: Hmmm

    46. Undefingames

      Latest atm

    47. Zeitsu Is Here!

      *So,This is How Tanjirou Cheated her!!!*

    48. krish ghimire

      hi everyone watching more than 8 years later

    49. Caleb Taten

      who hear in 2020 this made me laughed

    50. Tom Ellis

      You are so cute and entertaining. I love science and really enjoy your videos.

    51. Emily McLarty

      Who’s watching in 2020? Amazing trick I always choose tails so this is perfect.

    52. Caleb D.

      Tails Never Fails.

    53. Valor

      Weinershnitzle is better 100%

    54. Lucjan Tumidajski

      Mark Rober 2011: “Slap it down on your hand” -2011 Mark Rober

    55. bclarg

      I couldn't understand who he was referencing at 4:07. Can anybody help me?

    56. umar kaasim

      His voice is the only thing ever changed

    57. Earth Worm Sally

      Man I was 1 years old when this came out...

    58. MaddenMobile sansdm

      who is watching this in 2020

    59. Hashtag

      Man this guy is so hight tecc

    60. brian kogut


    61. Deanyb.12 3

      Who randomly got this 8 years later on their for you page (^_^)

    62. Swargwasi

      I knew this all along😂😂😂 and didnt even knew that this is a trick.

    63. Cyrille Vanoye

      "do the fair thing and flip a coin" Yes, definitely very fair

    64. Марко Шкрбић

      Little did he know he will make ninja polygons for squirrels

    65. Waylon Pierce


    66. JackTheSniper jack

      why tf are you watching this u old basterd. jk old rober is amazing. he has come so far

    67. Tayyab Sohail

      Who's here in nov 2020

    68. Freddy Fazebear

      I believed in mark from 2012 I go the feeling he will go far and see now u have reached mars

    69. Naruto Dragon balls

      This great for pokemon

    70. Jackpot Jackson

      0:57 "i high fived this random couple walking by" quarintine: noooooooo!!!!

    71. Metallus 88

      Mark: Wasssssup youtube Me: .........whaaaaaaa......

    72. Mark Golvani

      Lvl. 1 crook: win coin flip Lvl. 50 mafia boss: GLITTA BOMBA

    73. Mark Golvani

      Lvl. 1 crook: win coin flip Lvl. 50 mafia boss: GLITTA BOMBA

    74. Lily

      Why does Mark look older 8 years ago than now in 2020?

    75. ArbyGamez

      This trick helps?!

    76. Min Z

      i see youtube really pays

    77. Adventure Fighter

      He haven’t age like at all

    78. Pranav Paruchuri

      mark rober at the start of the video: GANGSTA MODE ONNNN!!!!!!!

    79. Sam Sutton

      I do declare that’s a tails -Mark Crawdaddy

    80. CraftimeArt

      Suggested to me 8 years later😂

    81. Mario Barrios Rios


    82. kdls.d

      he sorta looks like an insecure kid who is apologizing for something he did. I still think your awesome just found it funny!!!!

    83. Kind Stranger

      I always used the "Heads - I win, Tails - you lose" trick

    84. Leah Hardy

      He is so different compared to now

    85. Ryu Kuro

      Yeah, this is big brain time.

    86. Utkarsh Singh

      His voice changed a lot, no one's listening that😂

    87. Amelia O

      Omg this was 2012! Eight years!

    88. Augustt Lyte

      Who else got this suggested 8 years later?

    89. Elijah Navarro

      Who is watching this in 2020

    90. Comesume RD



      MARK ROBER!!!! i belive in you on the creator games 2!!!!!!!

    92. Jason Sears

      i just noticed that tis was posted on my cousin's birthday lol

    93. Luke Campbell

      Anyone here in october 2020???

      1. NovaRanger

        No, just you :P

    94. Zahid Abdul-Qadeer

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    95. Student Kaleb Chapman

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    97. Sub2me4happyness

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    98. TheCookieHunterz


    99. Insaneshadow Piggy

      Hi mark from the future

    100. Nutshell Explains

      Mark proves that if your good at engineering your good at everything 😂