7600 tons of Ocean Seawear were launched successfully

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    1. LionTheHeart

      How do they get ships to float level!

    2. Miguel De La Fuente

      Que lástima no saber hablar Inglés por que no entiendo que fue lo que paso

    3. César Jorrín

      ... and it somehow appeared in Suez Canal.

    4. Mark Ian Rieza

      Please dont send this on South philippines sea :)

    5. RealityCheck 2010

      We no longer "need a bigger boat"....

    6. José vargas j12

      Que paso?

    7. Saish Prabhudesai

      y firecrackers.... plz think ant global warming

    8. Ahmad Q

      هی خاک بر سرا⁦😂😂

    9. It's Zeyth

      "We did it, boys! Light off the cheap firecrackers!"

    10. Babacar Kane Niass

      Je suis qualifié de ce travail mais j'ai pas encore trouvé du boulot suis en Italie

    11. Cris Anthony

      Wtf was that at the end? Shitty fireworks?

    12. Uday Bagade

      I love this glide and the fireworks 🎆 too

    13. Nathan Winslow

      How's it not tip over?

    14. Артём Изосимов

      Могут когда хотять😉

    15. Frank Mez

      Then they wonder why the sea level is elevated? How many boats in the world 🌍, every year are put in the oceans? Plus all the rest of the small ones? It all adds up. Think 🤔 about. 05/11/21.

    16. Ded Panas

      Anyone else is watching them doing it from the box lifted by the forklift

    17. shuo peng


    18. James Dennis

      What about that cable still attached to it??

    19. Charles Reed


    20. Ribbs

      Half way down he turn to the other guy.. did you put the plug in?... No! I thought you did!..

    21. Nehan Nurdianasari


    22. R Dfr

      Yawn ! If your gonna post a vid make sure it’s when it goes tits up !

    23. dr. chips

      Who else thought some poor miss guided kid opened up with an AR 15 !

    24. なーたー

      やべっ、船が進んじゃった?! みんな冷静だしもう止めれないから諦めたのかと思った。 完成した船が初めて海に入るとこだったんだ

    25. みかん専門チャンネル-satsuma-

      凄い音で滑っていくなと思ったら 爆竹かよ!

    26. honey big

      Made in China 👎

    27. Kristof gamer

      If only one mand built this it will take him 5million years to finish hahah but cool

    28. Eoghan Dridl

      One of them should of just grabbed the cable if they didn't want it in the water yet

    29. mack burger

      I could hold that ship with one hand with that chain👀

    30. The Dark Lord

      Plot Twist: “ship launched sinks immediately”

    31. Chemeze uwosu

      This is my head work bro

    32. Chemeze uwosu

      Wow so beautiful

    33. Shulom Ben Ruban

      Another China fail

    34. motobrat69

      My Amazon package has ‘shipped’

    35. John Mitchell

      Dude yelled “light the fire cracker dragon”

    36. Dum Dum


    37. Paul Keller

      The guy who lights a fire cracker and welds it in something's day job.

    38. kojek zaki2


    39. 翔鶴


    40. SURANDIS

      Aya naon

    41. Jonathan Miller

      15,200,000 pounds damn.

    42. かずまん

      まだ完成してないんでしょ? 事故だよねぇ

    43. 하하하


    44. Mark Cornell

      And this is how the Great Pyramid was built. 😂

    45. Priyanshu Soni

      This scene reminds of Sherlock Holmes (only legends know)

    46. homeageify

      And stuck in wall (> ᴗ

    47. chaseyestrau

      We gunna talk about how two dudes were in a box on some forks?

    48. Даниил Маширов

      Поплыл в расию

    49. Dream Smp

      Who all thought it was the titanic 2 : ?

    50. Biim Chy

      Akhirnya kalian menemukan komentar berbahasa Indonesia

    51. Christian Partsch

      Chinese Fireworks, yeah we knwo that 😅

    52. サラリーマン


    53. Raj Kumar Singh

      They forgot to remove that connecting wire

    54. Mickey Coronado

      The guys look like little robots when there walking at end of the video, lol...

    55. Tumiko Mami


    56. ThaBrooklynFellah

      man...China is where the money at

    57. Marco de Vries

      I guess that cable will be dangling there for 40 years

    58. Suzana Rodrigues De Oliveira

      Minha nossa 😬😱

    59. Jhordygusman Rafaelramos

      El comentario en español que buscas

    60. Dora Izchi

      Seriously? That skinny cable was holding that entire ship in place? The power of science children!

    61. Tyler Anderson

      Wow lot more simplistic than I thought it would have been

    62. Jackson Bowers

      Do I see an osha violation?

    63. Boo Berry

      Umm... You left a couple danglers.

    64. David loader

      Pareciera que va comiendo galletitas cuando va sonando el hormigón

    65. Panda

      they didnt care about the fireworks lol

    66. Princeps Maximus

      Why this chinese propaganda?

    67. Ladonna Caldwell


    68. Sherry contreras

      Lol yeah man can run 🏃‍♂️😂🤣😅😆🏃‍♂️

    69. Noha Haggag

      نورماندى ٢ 😁

    70. voice lee


    71. Владимир Комаров

      Продольный спуск. Никогда не видел спуск на баллонах

    72. DROX Built


    73. Kieran Blaze

      The long rope left attached is for weekend warrior water skiers🤕🌊👣

    74. Manikandan D

      The last guy did accidentally release the ship. So he went stop the ship

    75. Why do I keep reading comments

      Finally they got my yacht in the water. Took long enough 🙄

    76. Marvin Weber

      So macht man das und nicht seitwärts

    77. rocio orozco

      Mens work, their amazing!! 👍🤗🙏🙏🙏


      Titanic😂(B ?

    79. Anthony Mitchell

      😳🧐🤔.. amazing

    80. W.S. Soap Company

      White hat: Awsome! Look at her go..So who did you end up getting to drive the boat? Yellow hat: "drive the boat" ?! I thought you were getting someone to drive. White hat: I texted you about this! Yellow hat: yeah your text says "we need to get someone to drive the boat" I was already getting the fireworks and bringing my extra long cutting torch..I assumed you would bring someone to drive the boat...IT'S YOUR BOAT!!

    81. Jeremy Runciman

      Another Chinese "research" ship

    82. Ana Van Helsing


    83. Daniel Burns

      We can afford to build/fix the ship but we cant afford a lift so y’all gotta stand in a dumpster on the forklift

    84. Bayu M



      Saudade do presidente lula no porto de suape😪

    86. Abersain Landero Jimenez

      Q rico viajar

    87. Derespektan

      He forgot to put the hand brake or what?

    88. John Scanlon

      One hell of a cable securing all that weight

    89. Ocian Boy


    90. Garrett Phillips

      They are using a dumpster and a forklift. 😂😂

    91. FTS

      Is anybody in the Boot 😂

    92. Firdaus Shared

      Fireworks disturb my view😒

    93. destinyjam cookie

      “And boat when out to sea never to be seen again” Now it’s a ghost ship

      1. Jamshiddin Avazov

        Bu havfli emasmi ?

    94. Kevin Johnson

      I thought he accidentally cut the cord, then he ran like he got left behind 😆

    95. Timothy Sands

      Looks like an oxygen lance or plasma cutter on a stick we used to sever the cable. Cool

    96. Sudhanshu Somani

      The guy in the blue jacket : Hey ship please come back to me , don't leave me alone 😂

    97. Robert Cross

      If that launch went bad, someone would get a stern talking to.

    98. Lunch Tre

      Fireworks: pop pop pop Workers:

    99. Shekar Lakshman

      Smoke pollution

    100. Albion Parrot

      F CCP