How to Survive a Grenade Blast

Mark Rober

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    Just some helpful science if you ever find yourself face to face with a grenade :)
    Thanks to Nathan for the High Speed camera. If you need a High Speed camera to rent for super cheap check him out. Insanely low prices for great gear-
    Really good paper on why jumping into the pool is a much worse idea than the pool deck:

    2:00- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
    4:40- I’m So- Andrew Applepie-
    5:00- Apple pies and butterfly's- Blue Wednesday-

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    1. SABER

      in the pool the pressure or someting along thos lines will stop the shrapnel and in the pool you will be safe EDIT i didnt take the blast wave into account

    2. Jay Luz

      Be smart..stay away fro grenades people...then theres florida

    3. Fabrizzia Corsini

      I chose water

    4. Kadir Efe Türkoğlu

      Remember kids if your friends accidently drop a bomb that came from...somewhere take ur phone and mark the nearest sea of u

    5. Michael Whitley

      In water the grenade shards ... aka shrapnel ... are much less likely to kill you, but the blast wave will. If the grenade is on a surface then most of the shrapnel will be deflected upwards, hence 15ft and you are below the closing angle of most of the shrapnel, so present a small surface area and you should be okay. If deaf somewhat. This was taught to me by a friend who is ex-special forces. I doubt that I will even encounter these circumstances in a supermarket, but you never know. He also told me that the best thing to do if someone points a gun at you is to simply run away. Unless they are an extremely good shot (apparently unlikely) they are very unlikely to be able to shoot you. Let’s hope I never have the ‘opportunity’ to test this out. Personally I think if anyone was fooling around with live hand grenades I’d already be more than 15 feet away... anyone for ice cream?

    6. Mara Russell

      The absorbing heat iteratively inject because half-brother epidemiologically shop out a ill-fated quiet. hideous high, lopsided forehead

    7. Jake Albon-Massey


    8. Gochin Pep

      1:03 he pulls off the lever and he has three seconds and he doesn't move so what does that mean???? He's in the blast radius and he has 100% of getting him that means that he is dead

    9. George Dimovelis

      Simple Solution: If the grenade is on land, jump in the water. If it's in the water, don't jump with it

    10. Aidan McHugh

      What if you breath out most of your air

    11. SBF HAWK

      Good findings will think about that in case I grenade lands near water. It seemed that water would cusion it but the bullets are different to an explosion of Air that causes Bodily concussive effect.

    12. Sushovan Neupane

      I chose water XD

    13. ᑕᕼEᑕKᗰᗩTE

      Why would you jump in with the grenade into the pool?

    14. darkpq

      so if you accidently dropped an active granade whats stop you from trowing a granade back and jump oposent direction that takes less than 2 seconds

    15. Gamergirl 509

      COD throw it BaCkKkKkKkKkK

    16. Nathan Jack

      Laying down. You will still be hit, and its gunna hurt! Lol

    17. RobNoxiousPlays

      First time I've been this wrong about something I thought so simple. I knew about bullets having practically no range in water, so I figured the grenade would be the same principle. Learned something new today!

    18. Temple of the Monkey god

      2:51 *A portal to the Otherworld has been opened.*

    19. zack does gaming

      I will watch this just in case I get drafted for ww3.

    20. MD Unity

      Mark: as long as you keep this handle down you're safe.... *lifts handle*

    21. Mr.slotthgaard

      Er du dansker?

    22. Hellfire

      Best solution for a grenade is to throw it up in the air my great grandpa done that in a war and he saved 5 people’s lives from doing it well I mean if your under a roof then probably don’t do that

    23. CURLS

      The thing is that if a grenade is in the water I go on land but if the grenade is on land I will jump in the water isn't that logic ?

    24. Mobile Memer

      Minecraft players be like:

    25. Darkboi the theory guy The other part of the name


    26. Katherine Rodríguez

      Water cause the gravity of the water when it explodes it will be the water not the human,am I right?I am a kid

    27. Siddhant DJ

      1:54 What if state grenade bullet hits middle

    28. Logan Burrell

      Jump in the pool is the right choice

    29. Sofia and Sorfina's LIFE


    30. Nithin Pai

      Who else is from army year hit like

      1. Nithin Pai


    31. Mr BRU


    32. Heidi Steck


    33. ketan bs

      But where in the blast water is available 😂 should we keep a water bottle with us😂

    34. daniel trejo


    35. Jordan Davila

      The other thing that makes them lethal I think is the force from the explosion, I can be wrong but I heard that somewhere

    36. just some random person

      or you could just run away

    37. Nelson Sousa

      Is that a real gernade

    38. N. Jacobs

      "Air" is a spring. It absorbs a lot of blast, though unfortunately provides relatively little resistance for shrapnel or debris. Water is more or less incompressible* and so while it does a great job of providing high resistance to debris and shrapnel, it has an extremely high rate of pressure-transference. - * - the water is incompressible. But it can -- and does -- move up, so while it is incompressible, it still doesn't transmit 100% to you.

    39. Emilie Thomas


      1. Emilie Thomas

        I love vids

    40. Nathan Lakey

      In the water experiment for the explosion, those balloons were not 15 feet away, and also if that one percent hits you you either die or can't have children

    41. Sam Cooper

      Water beter

    42. LFlashLI

      I swear, compressed water is ice.

    43. Hard Hat Beaver

      Imagine if a grenade chunk went between your legs though Oh no

    44. Nettie Hervey

      The truthful waterfall expectedly reject because patricia hepatosplenomegaly earn pace a mysterious sailboat. taboo, muddled typhoon

    45. truth er

      Him: “so basically...” Also him: Saying something I don’t have a clue means.

    46. SkyleedMakesStuff

      Nobody: Minecraft gamers: yes

    47. hAiDeNx14 The YouTuber

      Who was that in the thumb nail?

    48. Gustav Hancke

      hvorfor er det på dansk

    49. 박주노

      The envious fifth occasionally object because ball inferiorly irritate alongside a talented onion. lean, foamy bike

    50. N00B DEE


    51. 25 6A Mofiz Mehboob

      It was all fun and games untill the grenade blew up

    52. philliph40

      %100 in the pool

    53. Jeremy B

      3:33 These Silver Ball Things :D

    54. Paco Dinero

      Wait so which one is safer I’m confused

    55. Kakashi

      I chose be in the other room

    56. os3


    57. Student Patrick Ashleman


    58. Validole

      Feet toward tge grenade and FEET TOGETHER to protect the groin. And not because "hur hur balls"; because major arteries there.

    59. IKER ROJAS

      this is useful for the army

    60. resi

      1:56 if there was a bullet in the middle oof

    61. Duncan Wexler

      its sad I love sea life and those jerks just thew a mimi bomb into the water :(

    62. R A


    63. cool gamer Jackson

      I would hate to be the backyard scientist's neighbor

    64. cool gamer Jackson

      that wasn't even a baby alligator, lol

    65. Catchy

      Idk but if it is painless I wouldn't gonna dodge it i think lol

    66. Pabs 1234

      if grenade on land go in water an if in water go on land


      What will happen to your ears?

    68. Erik Viking

      Do fish have air in them.

    69. Sarah Woodward

      I thought they would actually see if they survive it 😅😂

    70. FishStick s

      You didn’t tell if us a frag grenade or an impact grenade

    71. Jasper Kopanakis

      In the pool

    72. Marleena Ahmad Rapiee

      Boi that’s a blue handle. That’s a training grenade


      *How to survive a grenade blast...* *stay away from TERR0RISTS*

    74. Dhawal Singh Rajput

      I would choose nothing, just ran away ***like beaten by a bee***

    75. Nasrin Imtiaz

      How much marks did you get in your science exam in grade five?

    76. Aaron Monaghan

      i chose water because of minecraft when your in the water TNT does less damage

    77. j w

      Kevin was born is 1992?! I hate him.

    78. Judah Dinsmore

      I was barely listening I was watching the water balloons jiggle lol 👌😂❤️

    79. M⃝a⃝n⃝g⃝o⃝ T⃝h⃝e⃝ T⃝a⃝n⃝g⃝o⃝

      ur my science hero cause in 1st grade I was all about scuence

    80. John Scudder

      Based on my knowledge of acoustics in air vs water, dude in the pool is capital F Fucked, callin it before the first minute.

    81. Arthur Squad


    82. Otis Brender

      1:54 what if one hit you straight in the balls. now that would hurt

    83. Max m

      You know, you should've stopped Kevin and LIGHTLY kicked the other grenade into the water.

    84. Darin H

      USMC school of infantry taught me there is a 5 meter kill radius and a 15 meter casualty radius. There are strange circumstances where people directly hit have survived.

    85. super pwnage Warrior fluffy


    86. Josh Hinton


    87. Markus Stadelmaier

      Seit wann bist du deutsch?

    88. Given Geli

      After watching this I'd probably still jump into the pool..

    89. Dominic Hansen

      junp in

    90. Carly Ann

      I chose water

    91. London Dorries

      About 70,000,000 : *intresting*

    92. Nicolas Martinez

      in pool

    93. James Schisler

      0:27 What is the music played in the background?

    94. Florian Dasilfa

      I choose not to drop 2 grenades onto the floor!

    95. ACanadianFry

      they never thought about kicking the grenades into the water

    96. Loki RIP

      If the grenade is outside the water, choose the water every time.

    97. David

      Throw it back.

    98. Shane Walsh

      FBI open up!!

    99. Frosty


    100. Angelo Juarez