iPad2 Halloween Costume- Gaping hole in torso

Mark Rober

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    A description of a relatively simple Halloween costume using 2 iPad2s to make it look like you have a huge hole in your torso. You'll also need a MiFi hotspot (if you don't have a WiFi network available where you want to use the costume). Basically you start a FaceTime chat between the iPads and then tape one to your front and one to your back. Add a little red paint and you're good to go. It's supposed to look like you have a gaping hole in your torso.
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    NOTE: The iPads were borrowed. This costume cost me $4 to buy a white shirt a Goodwill. If you spend more time than I did on the blood and the flesh part and lining up the iPads it could look pretty cool.

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    1. afker

      Thanks for Rengoku cosplay tutorial

    2. Tushar Gupta

      This guy looks the exact same in the latest video and this 9 year old video.

    3. ddwithagun

      Mark rober chapter 1

    4. ddwithagun

      Little did he know in the future he would achieve many world records and help children and the environment , and many many more things

    5. Arthur Paltis

      Its me from the future

    6. Epic Toby

      This is ur first video? It noice

    7. SnetFlipDrawz

      0:00 thus the legend was born

    8. Killer Queen The THOT Slayer

      Man : Makes Body Hole Costume* Jojo Fans : *HEY HEY*

    9. KPOP AREA

      Pou : D

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    11. Aidan Kravchuk

      00:00 a legend was born lol I know it’s stolen

    12. zzubyy

      This was ahead of its time.

    13. Aug A3ust

      Kakyoin Belike

    14. King Of dogs

      And thus a legend is born

    15. Petr Jakšík

      Guys, hes doing the Kakyoin challenge!

    16. IF 12 E S HI

      From costumes to squirrel parkour

    17. Awesome Squad

      LOL or you could just put a mirror

      1. xX-NyxNom-Xx

        Then it would be backwards

      2. RoBoDuDe


    18. ice tea

      A legend was born

    19. BreadBear19

      Hold tf I watched this like 8 1/2 years ago

    20. Yinuo Dong

      Why are most of the comments from 2020 when the vid was posted 9 years ago

    21. Rick Astley

      This is where the legend began

    22. Yash Ganar

      Well he didn't know he would casually have pizza with Bill Gates talking about the world

    23. Kotchapak Maneechote

      The Legendary guy started at 0:00

    24. Z-REX

      This is hilarious, I love it!

    25. Iglu

      I remember this video when i was like 5 and i know realize it was mark rober

    26. Pranesh Ramakrishnan

      Who else is watching in 2021

    27. Darwish Ibrahim

      Who's watching this in January 2021?

    28. Johnnythespinning dick

      Kakyoiiiin, bakana!

    29. squidward

      i came here expecting comments from a decade ago. I ended up finding a comment from 33 minutes ago.

    30. Guv King

      Thank you Mark Rober

    31. Sam is Short

      angry birds nostalgia

    32. GoudKoekje

      yes mark rober

    33. Mich Lin

      this was planned from the beggining

    34. Vishal Aggarwal

      Tone down brightness and make both ends parallel (not one top and one slightly down)

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    36. T B


    37. lemon


    38. 『Zazzyxd Ch.』


    39. master gamer

      صاخ سثث فاث رهي هى 2021

    40. yes.

      Oh wow UKup, how did you know I wanted to see this more than 9 years after release even tho I didn't know this existed, Thanks.

    41. Nimo

      todays mark would just cut a hole in himself for real

    42. boredest man in roblox

      Dio punched a hole to his torso lol

    43. poison sn1pe

      me watching this in 2021 like -_-

    44. Pixeleer

      playing angry birds on a hole in my body

    45. Peter’s Pam


    46. Channel 30

      i didnt even realize this was mark rober

    47. EHclipse

      That's a bright hole

    48. Vesna Pavlovic

      u coulduse lil mirrors

      1. man on the robloxian street


    49. maxed rice


      1. ShockNameYT

        Really epic xD I'm here to watching every single mark video til I got to this point

    50. SoggyBagel

      This would work better nowadays since camera quality has improved

    51. David Hasselhoff


    52. Coco XD

      This may be just for me but like who has two iPads laying around

    53. AnaiG

      Perfect for my kakyoin cosplay

    54. CrYpTiX_MaNiA #1610

      What if u fell over


      I CANT believe he MADE THIS VIDEO I WATCHED IT 9 years ago

    56. Braydon Wixom


    57. profile pic subTOmee


    58. Jamcof

      U should be using analog video for no latency :)

    59. Lil Rick

      Cool but the light is too high, making it not look like the nearby room lighting. Maybe there can be a program or software for that, detecting the room lighting and changing the phone screen lighting based on that.

    60. rasya azizathalla

      wow I didn't know you like cherry

    61. SpaceTimeManipulator STM

      cool idea, didnt work though.

    62. cool kid

      2 iPads? Do you think we're made of money!

    63. Daniella Nicole


    64. Later Time

      Did he just make a COVID-19 suit in 2011?

    65. The Hogswaddle

      anger birb

    66. Blue Galaxy

      He needs to remake this with the current ipads

    67. Fricken Chicken

      plot twist: it was a real hole

    68. Valkmery

      Kakyoin? KAAKYOIN?

    69. OB Caw

      Why does he look leer in this video bruh

    70. Gabe Garcia

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    71. Team Xeno


    72. Isaiahdubs

      youtube algoritham: this video from october 2011 would probably be very relavent in 2021 january

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      And a legond was born

    74. Frodo Baggins

      you gon' git robbed

    75. Andrei Visen

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      My gta character

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      kakyoin cosplay

    78. The Canadian Weeb / FishGirlyGaming

      thanks you tube i was talking about this

    79. fans _iman


    80. Index RBLX


    81. Jagadeesh Sparrow

      I gotta better idea. Why dont you turn the camera on? The back camera, that shows what is on the other side.

    82. Poster

      Imagine this guy travelling to moon one day. Oh wait...

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      So it all started from here

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      people seeing this in 2021

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      Thats to sick

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      Guys who is watching this in 2021

    92. Lioss Granda

      what if i only have 1 i pad? should i split it into two?

    93. Brandon

      What to do if you actually have a hole through your body?

    94. Lim 592

      thanks mark, very cool

    95. Car Ramrod82

      A $1200 drinking costume. What can go wrong?

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      Nobody: Jojo fan who cosplay as kakyoin:

    97. Shnub Dawg

      2 iPad2's, ahh 2011..

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